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Unused Engineer concept designs from Prometheus

Unused Engineer concept designs from Prometheus

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Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1173 XPMay-02-2018 8:56 AM

Some of the Engineer concept designs that didn't make its way in Prometheus (2012), these can be seen on Prometheus Blu-ray special features disc.


Some of these were used for Planet 4 Engineer clothing.

25 Responses to Unused Engineer concept designs from Prometheus


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-02-2018 9:49 AM

Indeed... it appears these Engineers were used for the Planet 4 Engineers, and they do appear very like those Engineers in Alien Covenant.

Of course we had latter Concepts that were more Prometheus Engineers that they went with for Prometheus.. they also had some Bizarre Engineer Concepts that went unused too.. (Thankfully)

I mean by Thankfully mainly in regards to i liked the Engineers we got in Prometheus.... and the concepts of the beings whos Hands are not attached to their Arms is a bit Bizarre.

I think apart from Proportions Engineer 2 and 6 are similar to what we have in Prometheus apart from the EARS  i do like the Proportions to Engineer 1, 2 and 6 as far as maybe Introduce a NEW Species that have these Proportions and make them 12ft Tall as the Height and Proportions would match the Space Jockey Proportions and Height.

But then its what Facial Features to go for the Race i was exploring in my Alien: Absolution (Part 3 of Alien Covenant) had those Proportions but the Face was kind of a Mix of Number 1 (65%) and Number 3 (35%) or something along those lines to be Revealed as the SPACE JOCKEY standing 13ft Tall.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-02-2018 9:53 AM

Here is another montage i made to post here before.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember899 XPMay-02-2018 10:03 AM

Did you notice the xenomorph type hands? Most definitely not human...

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1173 XPMay-02-2018 10:40 AM

I think the artists that worked Prometheus was given freedom when designing the Engineers, but they also worked from Ridley's comments (big, bald, pale humanoids). Carlos Huante and other artists did a bunch of early Engineer concept artworks that Ridley wasn't really satisfied with. But after awhile, it was all about that one image Carlos Huante did, which was based on the state of David. And Ridley loved it so other artists started working from that.

This was it:

In Jon Spaiht's script, they were described as 15'+ tall, pale, earless beings with black hollow eyes.

And this was the newer design (still based on Carlos' design), somewhat closer to the Engineers we've seen in the film.



DeaconMember10333 XPMay-02-2018 2:11 PM

Indeed there was a lot of Evolution to the Concept of the Engineers.

The 6 Digits designs are interesting as we could have explored a related Race with 6 Digits and having this be why the Xenomorph has the same. But as Alien Covenant gave us the route where we see Davids Xenomorph and the Neomorphs (i am sure) had 6 Digits to.  But this could be down to a different version of the Cargo compared to the Outpost in Prometheus. (If each of the 5 Temple Mounds had different versions).

I think its something interesting to explore in Future, if we get a more Not So Human Race introduced to us, that are the size of the Space Jockey

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-02-2018 3:17 PM

I think while the Alien Covenant Engineers looked a bit different, i feel the intention was for them to be similar to those in Prometheus and so a majority of the differences are a Oversight.

Here are some of David's Studies of the Male and Female Engineers and we can see the Features are more in line with Prometheus rather than what must have a been a Cost Saving Oversight for those we saw in the Bombardment Scene.

The point i am raising is Regardless of the Look, the Alien Covenant and Prometheus Engineers i feel were intended to be more similar, indeed there are some differences.  But the intention was for those Strong Bone Structures, Roman Nose etc.  Ridley Scott called the Planet 4 Engineers the Originals.

So sorry for Hijacking the Thread... ;)

I have a Question.....  IF we explore another Race related to the Engineers or above them, what kinds of previous concept designs would people on here like to see INCORPORATED for such a New Race?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1173 XPMay-02-2018 9:10 PM

I'm pretty sure there was no oversight if they wanted the Planet 4 Engineers to look like the ones from Prometheus (pale skin, black eyes etc.) they would make them like that. I think that with Planet 4 Engineers they wanted to show us that there are different races of engineers that live a different way of life, have different religion etc. If there are different human races of different appearances, living different ways of life, why can't engineers have that?

I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be explored in the original Prometheus 2 before the story was changed into what we got.

Imagine if some aliens met with these astronauts on some space station

And then those aliens landed somewhere on Earth, for example on Indian peninsula and found these humans gathered around their spaceship, welcoming them.

With LV-223 Engineers I think they wanted to show us, like you mentioned BD, that they are more enhanced beings. This was also done way before I think in other films/video games. I already mentioned somewhere the Neo-sapiens, for another example, I can think of Tyrants from Resident evil, which are bioweapons created by the umbrella corp. They are pretty much strong, bald humanoids in trench coats. And there were different models/variations of tyrants, some had greater intelligence, some were bigger, stronger etc.

This one is a bigger, enhanced version done by the Eastern Slav rep. from RE Damnation. They are 14'0".

If their bodies sustain enough damage, they will mutate into their super forms.



NeomorphMember1621 XPMay-03-2018 8:39 AM

The one with the hoodie looks like the sacrificial Engineer from Prometheus. It also reminds me a bit about the emperor in Star wars 6. Maybe the Engineers would look better without ears, that would make them more different.


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-03-2018 4:20 PM

Totally Agree Dark Nebula

IF they were a Oversight... its a real Cost Cut, as how hard would a bit more Paint/Make Up and Black Out/Darkened Sclera Contact Lenses would not have Ran the Budget up, and maybe made Make Up what a extra 30 Min per Engineer?

Then the ILLUSION is made more Real...

So if we assume RS was making No Errors... then it does open the Possibility of the Difference between the Engineers being that those Prometheus Ones had Evolved on a World where there Eyes Evolved to that.  Or if he made a Oversight he could put it down to that.. and the below...   But we can give him the benefit of the doubt and that those Engineers kind of was what he was aiming for... 

Ridley Scott mentioned regarding the Engineers that while there are many versions of Humans WHY cant the same be for THEM. He also said the Engineers are NOT a Race, but a CIVILIZATION  and so indeed they could all look different and maybe they could be a mix of different Races they have Seeded.

This does fit very well with WHAT the Source i had from February 2015 had implied..  I find it interesting when they said the Engineers (in context to Prometheus) had more in Common with David than Humans.

That certainly Fits... if those Engineers are Bio-Engineered Creations of the Planet 4 Engineers, or a Race who had Evolved themselves that way.

Ridley Scott had said the Planet 4 Engineers are the ORIGINALS and so the Prometheus Ones came latter.... Ridley Scott also mentioned when talking about AI for the Next Movie... that Roy Batty and Rachael were AI  and so Replicants are AI. 

Which could mean those Prometheus Engineers are to the Planet 4 Engineers as Replicants are to Mankind... Maybe? This would fit well with the Themes of Creation/Rebellion and Sub-Creation.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-04-2018 9:21 AM

Here are some more Concepts... some again looking a little odd.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember899 XPMay-04-2018 10:00 AM


Well isn't having completely black eyes a visual metaphor for being soulless ... you know the eyes the gateway to the soul? 

Sorry but this unused concepts are kind of crap ... But what I don't understand is that the Engineers having the same dna as humans was a latter addition? 


PraetorianMember3381 XPMay-04-2018 8:12 PM

That is an awesome example with the astronauts above Dark Nebula.

I love the Carlos Huante image...the Engineer concept art origin story. Great topic, thank you.


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-12-2018 7:04 AM


Indeed it certainly fits, and so those Prometheus Engineers were Soul-less but then why?  Ridley Scott referred to them as Fallen Angels, but i think also if these Engineers are Clones/Engineered like Replicants are then maybe they LACK a SOUL so the Eyes being Windows to our Souls Metaphor could fit for sure.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-12-2018 7:20 AM

I was going to make a New Topic but this could fit in this subject to expand it and save taking up more Topic Spaces....

While i am very disappointed with the NEW Klingons from Star Trek Discovery who look very Un-Klingon to me, they did have a more suitable appearance to something in the ALIEN Franchise to me... we see the LV-223 Engineers and their underneath Pressure Suits, and the like Gills in their Necks...  and i feel if we incorporated some Xenomorph Elements to those Engineers and some of the Concepts from Prometheus from Alternative Fifield Heads, to  the Engineers Concepts with No Ears...  and we incorporated these into the Engineers (if they was Evolved more with Xenomorph DNA) then i think we would not be FAR OFF the look of the NEW Star Trek KLINGONS

These Klingons Suits/Costumes have that Predator meets Engineer look to them too.

If we take a look at the Bottom Left Klingon with Elongated head, and imagined a LV-223 Engineer infected as some of the Fifield Concepts shown but incorporated the Xenomorph Ridges... so we have a Hybrid of the Fifield Concepts and LV-223 Engineers with elements of the Xenomorph Dome Ridges from ALIENS then i feel we would end up with a being very close to that one KLINGON

Which some of these Klingons would look more fitting to be a Race in the Alien Universe tied to a Race above the Engineers who have Xenomorph DNA.  But they just dont fit right as a Reboot Klingons.

Would something Similar had been INTERESTING if we explored a Race above the ENGINEERS?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember899 XPMay-12-2018 10:37 AM

@BigDave, look I can't care anymore. 1 year has passed since Covenant and I still hate it. Recently I've try to re-watch it and I  stopped when FastBender said that 2000 pour souls line. Cliche it the purest form.

There will be no more expanding on this topic, as RS seems more interested in the nazi rapist robot in space and the hardcore Alien fans hate the engineers even more with David creating the xenomorph. I have heard even a review (Angry Joe was it?) who said that they did not like the new Star trek because the klingons looked like the Engineers. Even the artists said that the Engineers were boring. Why should I still care about it either?



TrilobiteMember9516 XPMay-12-2018 3:20 PM

@ BigDave,

Having watched Discovery and the reboot movies I suspect the producers of Star Trek are trying to explain the different appearances of Klingons as seen throughout the franchises long life...


In the original series, Klingons looked human. But when the movies (Wrath of Khan I believe was their first appearance) came along they had developed sharp teeth and a ridged forehead, but then when the reboot came along we got a more animalistic, and hairless version of what had been introduced in the movies.


In Discovery it was revealed that security chief Tyler was in actuality the albino Klingon Voq, who has been surgically and genetically altered to appear human.

I suspect that in season 2 other Klingons will also undergo this procedure (possible to escape a virus targeting their DNA) and that it will be explained that over time their original visage will blend with what they have altered themselves into, resulting in the classic ridged forehead and long-haired Klingons we know and love.



OvomorphMember35 XPMay-12-2018 5:02 PMsome nice concepts. thanks for sharing


DeaconMember10333 XPMay-13-2018 10:04 AM


I will try and watch Discovery with a open mind and take it like the JJ Abrahams movies as a Alternative look on the Franchise as far as Aesthetically, i am a Purest who loves the Iconic Klingons we got from the 80's and JJ Abrahams ones are a bit different.

I think the NEW Klingons look interesting as far as a Race, but its hard to accept this is what the Klingons are now lol, but as a Stand Alone NEW Race they appear interesting Aesthetically.  I have seen a few Trailers and the Like and i can pick some Flaws... Such as how Sonequa Martin-Green Character seems to be able to Beat or Better a Klingon General in Hand-to-Hand Combat had got me to think are these Klingons or Ferengi even though Aesthetically they appear to be more Tougher than Klingons and more like Jem'Hadar

I think a lot appears to be about Political Correctness and Feminist Movement....

Which is not such a BAD things... so i can see the Klingons all not only having different Skin Tones, but also Aesthetically they appear to have more Cultural/Creed Diversity than the Many Races of Humans have... so it could be a attempt to show more Diversity within the Species.   Because well Ferengi all look the same, and Cardassian and Klingons did likewise compared to the Diversity of Appearance of the Human Race and other Humanoids like Bajoran and so if this is the case... i think maybe we should applaud this attempt to add some diversity.


Sadly the Attempted Expansion of the Universe beyond Eggs, Face Huggers, Xenomorphs and Ripley... with the Company and Synthetics playing a more Back Ground Role...  was a interested concept.. and Broad in how it introduced the Engineers... but it did take the Franchise a bit far from ALIEN for some.

Alien Covenant had made a bit of a mess, because the Emphasis seemed more on David, than the Company, than the Xenomorph and even the Engineers....  The Engineers brushed under the carpet and NO longer have any Godlike or Superior Species Look to them, they just came across as Slightly Taller and yet not as Advanced Humans.

Even the Xenomorphs and Neomorphs were not used well enough, they just never came across as threatening as the Monsters from the FIRST TWO movies Especially.

They can FIX it.... but i think we do need to be introduced to a NEW more Alien Species... above the Engineers, because Alien Covenant did to the Engineers what AVPR did to the Xenomorphs.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1621 XPMay-14-2018 8:32 AM

IgnorantGuy: I agree that a lot of Covenant was boring, hate is a strong word but I can say that I don't really like it. Once David got there the human characters were pushed into the background and even though the difference between David and Walter was interesting the humans were not well made.

"… as RS seems more interested in the nazi rapist robot in space …"

LMAO! Nazi rape robot, that was so fun. That is what he is being reduced to. F the themes if it does not work on the screen.

He should not be allowed to interfere with the script. If he will be allowed to interfere it will be crap since he only cares about the androids. Get rid of him and get a director that cares about the human characters.

The Engineers are interesting, I do not hate them as they could be be made interesting. Unfortunately they were not handled that well in Alien Covenant.


DeaconMember10333 XPAug-09-2018 4:36 PM

User MrSage has sent me this Photo..

It comes from this User on DevianArt

Its Titled AWAKENING  and they have other very Space Jockey/Engineer inspired Drawings etc.

Some of these, or combing aspects of them would Certainly be Pleasing for ANOTHER Race that could be introduced as our Engineers Creators.

Fantastic Work (thanks MrSage for share).... Credit to R9A on DevianArt.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10333 XPAug-09-2018 4:42 PM

I would have loved it if instead of Alien Covenant we got a Prometheus 2 that introduced us to a 10-12ft Race that looked like Image 1 or 4 but was still a Space Suit so when Suited look like Image 3.

I think it could still be done, and have them with 6  Digits/Toes  but my only Gripe (in context) with Alien Covenant is the Organisms having 6 Digits and where does this come from.... if we had seen another Race with such then we could see it came from them... Still the Black Goo could be revealed as Sourced from a New Race..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-09-2018 5:35 PM

BigDave Those pics are pretty bad ass and I hope we see that in the future!

On the lighter side, if Resident Evil can be used, I propose the following as possible inspiration for the Engineers:


OvomorphMember18 XPAug-09-2018 10:26 PM

Hi guys, maybe u gonna like my new soundtrack for Alien Awakening My Track

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1173 XPAug-12-2018 8:15 PM

It appears that Mr.X from the upcoming RE2 remake is an Engineer elder in disguise.

@MrSage Good job on the soundtrack *thumbs up* 



NeomorphMember1621 XPAug-19-2018 12:26 AM

BD: I like the picture in the middle, the nose looks like the thing that the SJ had in Alien 1979 so that is probably why. Having the SJ as a life-form that is above the Engineers would be interesting so hopefully that is what they will do but still it is the issue with scale.

MrSage: That is good, it feels very space-ish to me. Parts of it remind me of when they go into the Derelict in the first Alien movie like if they would have had music when they did that then that is probably the kind of music that they could have used.

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