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Shaw's Fate: Relation to Eggs.

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Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPApr-27-2018 6:28 AM

When we see Shaw in "Covenant", she appears to be dead, but I have a theory that says otherwise...

The crest on Shaw's head appears to be made from rib, hip, and leg bone; as well as some organs like: intestines, heart, and possibly stomach.

That means that David could have removes Shaw's organs and attached them to her head and neck to keep her alive, the question is: Why would David do this?

My theory is that he did so to make room for a growing EGG; Shaw's womb is nowhere near big enough to support a growing egg like seen in the caves, so David removed her organs and made them into a crest around her head so the growing egg doesn't crush her organs.

Why I think Shaw is still alive and in a coma; there are two reasons:

1. Evidence of multiple eggs from Shaw: we see the cut up egg that was probably dissected immediately after being removed from Shaw, but we also see the eggs in the cave and there are baby skulls, and a preserved facehugger in the lab as well, meaning David dissected a few eggs in the lab.

That also means Shaw's bodily functions of reproduction are still going.

2. Shaw's body not decomposing: in real life when somebody dies they decompose, but Shaw isn't decomposing, Remember; Shaw and David have been on the planet for years.

That means Shaw's body still has its own reactions going on and the reason Shaw isn't moving is because Shaw is in a coma.

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)

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Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPApr-27-2018 10:30 AM

Will do ;)

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)

Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPApr-27-2018 11:36 AM

oops double post.

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


PraetorianMember3381 XPApr-27-2018 2:13 PM

Excellent topic Movie fan. The growth around Dr. Shaw's head (does she still retain her doctor in this state) does look like a graph from other parts of the body.

David placed a flower on Shaw's memorial outside looking over the plaza while he was quoting Ozymandias word for word without error. David then blew it when he quoted wrong author of the poem and Walter caught the mistake. 


DeaconMember10358 XPApr-28-2018 8:40 AM

I think a lot of these Problems MAY stem from the Direction and Ideas that were in the Earlier Drafts...

If the Source i had is correct/real... then there was more of a Bio-Mechanical and Advanced Technology to the Engineers City, Certainly Internally inside the buildings.

They had suggested vaguely that Dr Shaw is incapacitated by David, Shes plays a Key Role in the Xenomorphs Re-Creation and allows David to Create his own Creation...  and that she was connected to a Bio-Mechanical Device.....

Now it appears when working on Alien Covenant, they had decided to TONE down the HR Giger Inspired Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic and if this is true and the Source had information on earlier drafts and some of these ideas had Progressed to Alien Covenant but NOW they had to get rid of Engineer Bio-Mechanical Technology then they would have to come up with other but similar ways to show Dr Shaws Fate.

So if she was intended to be connected to a HR Giger Inspired Bio-Mechanical Device/Table/Machine... then it would make more sense for her to be ALIVE but INCAPACITATED but if they was told to Totally Tone down any HR Giger Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic then i guess the Dr Shaw we got is the best they could come up with.

Matt Hatton had pondered maybe David  (some how) could Resurrect Dr Shaw and keep her Alive, so that David could Perform his Experiments over and over....     Where Hatton had this idea from is any ones guess... maybe its something those working on the Story had thrown about?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPApr-28-2018 8:54 AM

Going the Technologically NOT Advanced City/Engineers route, means David had some Primitive Tools well Tools/Technology that are say prior to the  Victorian Era so 1700's to early 1800's as far as Medical Equipment etc...

And so YES its very odd how David could Dissect those Organisms with such Precision, this is a FLAW the Writers never thought much about.

Much like how all those Experiments are well Preserved...

We can only ASSUME David Drained all the Blood, and then pumped or some other means a substance that acted like more advanced Embalming Fluid

Regarding the CRASH....

Its ambiguous and so we dont know WHEN/HOW it happened...  Wayne Haagg suggested the Juggernaught and Docking Ship had a DUST UP and so a Battle and thus both ships Crashed.

So its likely the Juggernaut Crashed after this.. and so Dr Shaw would have been in Cryo-Sleep..   But maybe the Ship Never Crashed into the Mountains at this Point?   But Latter... as some have said in the Take me Home Dr Shaw Hollogram Ship she looked in a rush/panic and so maybe she was trying to get the SHIP to take off to Escape David?  Causing it to Crash again?

Maybe She was trying to Escape with the Ship Crashed into the Mountain its one of those Subjects open to debate...

IgnorantGuy raises good points regarding how does David use her Organs connected to her Head and be able to keep her alive, with such a Environment and Tools... without discomposing..

This is again just Bad Writing really by those working on the project if this was the case.... but then the Black Goo McGuffin could play a Role in how this COULD work...

Myself i think she was ALIVE before but DEAD in Alien Covenant and David likely once he had obtained Enough Eggs, he then decided to USE a Face Hugger on Dr Shaw and then Extracted the Organism from within her.   But thats just my TWO CENTS

Hattan and Hallet had done some drawings depicting this, so i think this may have happened, but they also did some of Dr Shaw Evolving into something else... which David wanted to do.... but DID-NOT as she refuses... so those Drawings could be Davids Dreams/Thoughts and Intentions but nothing he actually carried out.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember900 XPApr-28-2018 11:38 AM

BigDave Yes but the more David does the more he becomes a reverse Gary Stu. Why would a late 21st century Android know how to embalm things? How to create embalming liquid from scratch? Did he download the Internetz before going on the Prometheus? 

And no, the Black goo is much to un-precise to do neuro-surgery with.


DeaconMember10358 XPApr-28-2018 4:49 PM

Well we dont know what kind of Funeral Rituals the Engineers had, what they do to their Dead, if not maybe the Higher Figures in their Society... were some Engineers treated with the kinds of Burial Rituals that the Egyptian Royalty were?   Where did the Egyptians learn this from in context to the Franchise (Ancient Alien Theory).

Could David not have acquired the knowledge during his maybe up to 69 years since activation?

If the Engineers Embalmed some of their kind maybe David could discover how this was done, or do we assume the Engineer City was some place David never totally explored and/or Engineers never kept any records?

I guess all we can do and all i was trying to do is look at any LOGICAL ways to maybe explain some of the Lack of Logic or Thought the Writers of Alien Covenant had ;)

The Black Goo has been given some McGuffin Qualities with the Extras for Alien Covenant, who knows what they can explain away with it NOW ;)

I think all we can do is HOPE that the Next (if there is one) Movie is more thought out... ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPApr-30-2018 8:56 AM

If Shaw is dead then she died recently because the facehuggers David brought on the Covenant were embryos.

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


DeaconMember10358 XPApr-30-2018 9:13 AM

I think it depends on how long the Embryos stay in the Eggs...  It certainly is a good point as far as those Embryos must have came from the Smaller Eggs..

We simply dont know HOW those Smaller Eggs Grow to the Size of the ones in the Egg Catacomb unless they are planted and Grow....

But we dont know how they grow, what process is involved, or how old the Smaller Eggs are compared to the Larger Ones.  David does have some Smaller Eggs in his Workshop.

The Question regarding how do these fit with the Large Eggs and how they are created is something thats very ambiguous.  So too is the whole situation with Dr Shaw as far as WHEN she was captured by David, and HOW long was she kept like this being experimented on.

Its doubtful she has been Dead for Many Years, but its open to debate for how LONG she had been dead by the time the Covenant Arrive.

Here are a few shots of Dr Shaw as far as Props where we can get a better look at what happened to her.

Of Note...  Its also likely the Head Crest is there to make a connection to the Xenomorph Queen Crest and so to Symbolise/Show that Dr Shaw is in effect the Queen to those Xenomorph Eggs... rather than actually being some construction to keep her alive..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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