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ModeratorPraetorianApr-26-2018 3:18 AM

I was going to a tribute to all that had fallen at the hands of a Xenomorph across all the films.....but that is a long damn list including a large number of unnamed henchmen, soldiers and civies.

So instead I give you a tribute to those that survived direct contact with the Xeno, but only the films.

Who deserved it, who didn't? 


JONESY (successfully sassed his way off the Nostromo and lived out his life with whomever he got dumped with after Ripley took off to LV-426 never to return) 

Hates Mondays.



The lone survivor of Fiorina-161 after the Runner Xenomorph tore through the correction facility.

Later become a critically acclaimed author of contraband 'fiction' Star Beast


Call and Ripley8

The Synthetic Sisters were last seen roaming around the ruins of Paris. Who knows what troubles an Auton and half-xeno clone would get up to in the city of love. 


Johner & Vriess

"Earth man, what a shithole. I'd rather stay here with the things"


David and/or Walter?


Daniels & Tennessee 



Survived AVP with a new tattoo. 


Kelly and Molly 


Dallas (couldn't think of a better name?)


Pizza Boy (whatever his name was)


NOSTROMO - Destroyed in nuclear explosion. No chance of survivors

Hadleys Hope - Destroyed in nuclear explosion. No chance of survivors.

Fury-161 Correction Facility. In-tact. Bishop and Andrews (never confirmed dead on-screen) may have survived and been taken into custody of W-Y.

USM Auriga Destroyed, crashed into Earth. Some marines did successfully evac. Any still alive on-board assumed died in crash.

Prometheus Destroyed collision with Juggernaut. Very little chance of survivors. Maybe Vickers?

Covenant in-tact with colonists. All other crew confirmed dead on-screen.

AVP Pyramid destroyed by Predator Self-destruct bomb.

Gunnison, Colorado....

 Meme credit. Unknown


5 Replies


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2018 3:39 AM

Sorry but by your lists principle, Newt and Hicks should also be on this list, So did Ripley 2 times. Morse and Jonesy are dead by the time of Resurrection and So is anyone from either Avp by the time of the first Alien.

David created the Alien so I don't think he should be on this list as he never was in danger and Walter never made contact with the Big Chap and hopefully did not survive. 


MemberDeaconApr-26-2018 6:57 AM

"Newt and Hicks should also be on this list"

If Blomkamp got his way they surely would have ;)

I see what you mean as they DID survive Aliens but they died in Alien 3, but then by the same Token... everyone who survived Alien Covenant would be dead by the time of Alien 3 too.

So the only Survivors of the Franchise by its END are Ripley 8 and Call, plus a few others..  This is if we are only talking about those who survived a encounter related to the Xenomorph or Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphApr-26-2018 6:59 AM

cmon, no one survived AVPR lol im sure their acting careers were in critical condition after that film


MemberPraetorianApr-26-2018 8:09 AM

Michael Bishop was certainly saved by Ripley's perfect reverse dive.

Weyland-Yutani Corp would have fed him to the xenomorph hoard to get around paying his bonus should he have been successful on Fury 161. 

This is how the Company handles most everyone in the 2100s in the novels.


MemberTrilobiteApr-26-2018 9:21 AM

"Survived direct contact" In that case I would say Ripley 8- she was wallowing in xenos and had xeno dna.

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