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Which Alien Movie Charactor is Most Like You?
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MemberTrilobiteMar-31-2018 12:12 AM

I think we can mostly relate to all characters in some ways, so it might be a loaded question. Hard pressed, I would have to say I would be a mix of Dallas, Parker and Ripley. How about you?

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MemberNeomorphMar-31-2018 1:00 AM

id say more Ash but more due to the way he looks at things. as humans we have a very bias perspective on life in regards to mankind and our place in the world. Ash can appreciate the xeno lifeform and its natural simplicity and that there is probably more to life than just the human race. I can see,as Ash can, that mankind is very flawed and that an aggressive species with just the instinct to prolong the existence of its kind above all else, which id say mankind no long follows, would be an extremely hard species to eradicate and could ultimately prevail where mankind, clouded by so many distractions of his own making, could very well fade away. even on earth species like the worm, ant, termite etc will most likely outlive mankind for these very reasons.


ModeratorPraetorianMar-31-2018 1:52 AM

If we're talking Alien only....Probably Kane....which is weird because I share the name. But if it had been me, I would most definitely have been on that Derelict expedition. Not because Im a gun-ho cowboy, but because I wouldnt have been able to sit idly by on the Nostromo while others were out there.

Also he seemed like a reliable and responsible kind of fella and a good supportive Second-in-charge. 


MemberTrilobiteMar-31-2018 2:18 AM

I guess after squeezing the rhines , it would be Dallas- there is a job to do with a crew for whom you are responsible for their safety, welfare and morale- also the mission of delivering the cargo. It would require a balanced yet adjustable mindset. 


MemberTrilobiteMar-31-2018 3:26 PM

Claire Manalo Ahh- the basement dwelling, knuckle dragging mouth breathing mud people are out and about again.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterApr-10-2018 6:50 PM

I can be a bit like Dallas.  He's just so calm and confident and believes in the rules.  He also has a little hero in him.  Sadly, he thought he knew what the alien was, but in reality, he didn't.  If he would've known what it really was, he wouldn't have gone looking for it.

I do want to say I'm like Daniels because she favors the known over the unknown.

Either one of them.  Daniels and Dallas are similar in ways.  If I had to pick between the two, though, I would pick...

Dallas.  His personality just seems similar to mine.  

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