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Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPMar-19-2018 5:20 PM

"The path to paradise begins in hell.”

From the latest installment in the ALIEN saga comes a life-size replica of the Alien creature (also known as the Xenomorph), as created by the film’s antagonistic android “David” (Michael Fassbender), the pre-curser to the H.R. Giger-designed creature from the seminal 1979 Science Fiction classic, “Alien”.

The statue stands an impressive 98” tall and includes a custom base, which lights up to douse the creature in eerie green light, evocative of the haunting tone set throughout the film. 

The Alien was created from the film’s actual production files, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, to assure maximum screen accuracy.

An intricate and amazing replica of one of cinema’s most terrifying creatures, now available to terrorize your home. 

"Don't let the bedbugs bite."

To order go to and, if you are among the first 10 to place your order, you will save 10% of the purchase price by using the coupon ALIENSOCIAL upon check-out. While supplies last!

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

9 Responses to ALIEN COVENANT - "ALIEN" STATUE (life-size)

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1206 XPMar-19-2018 5:39 PM

It's so, beautiful...

“What matters is what appears in your soul, not what your eyes see and what you can name.”- Zdzisław Beksiński

I Moon Girl

ChestbursterMember611 XPMar-19-2018 6:01 PM

They also got Big Chap

I'm not impressed with Big Chap as much as the Covenant workmanship.  Maybe it's just some bad pictures too.

I Moon Girl

ChestbursterMember611 XPMar-19-2018 6:04 PM

It's hard to believe that some people or person is trying to make a business out of massive statues!!!

They're even sold out of the 10' tall Optimus Prime!!! Who buys this stuff?!


PraetorianMember3378 XPMar-19-2018 6:28 PM

Life-size... Wow! Looks awesome.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-20-2018 7:48 AM

The better half would never allow it unless I say we can use the dorsal tubes as a coat hanger.


XenomorphMember1305 XPMar-21-2018 1:06 AM

My better half doesn't allow to display even the 7" Big Chap from Kotobukiya so a life sized is totally out of question. But I would like to come near one of them one day. With a bowl of lavender scented ointment. 

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-21-2018 1:55 AM

daliens A selfie next to one would be the most that many of us could expect imo. 


XenomorphMember1305 XPMar-21-2018 4:02 AM


You're right. 

If anyone spots this beauty in a public place please let us know, for a good selfie.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


PraetorianMember3422 XPMar-27-2018 11:56 AM

That is wild. You would have to keep a cabinet full of spare pants and underwear for house guests if they were to meet that in the dark.

You could also use the life-size statue of the xenomorph to discipline children. Just open the door a little and let them see that monster....they'll follow orders like soldiers afterward.
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