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In defence of alien covenant...

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Timmy the ultramorph

ChestbursterMember559 XPMar-18-2018 10:57 PM

I found this video recently and I think that it is a pretty good defence of alien covenant as being a good movie. enjoy:


food ain't that bad! - Parker

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DeaconMember10358 XPMay-15-2021 6:03 AM

Certainly we got the Impression that David felt that Mankind and the Engineers did-not deserve to Live.  He seemed VERY interested in his Creation, even thinking they could RULE the Galaxy.

So when he saw that the Covenant had Thousands of Good Souls, then INDEED they could be USED as Hosts for his Army of Xenomorphs

However if this was his PLAN then i am not sure he would even NEED to have a Colony Set-up.  The ONLY point in having a Colony looking like its SET-UP would be to BAIT more Humans to arrive as they would see what seems to be a Colony Set Up, as it would look STRANGE if say Origae-6 just had the Covenant landed down with NO SIGNS of any Colony Set-up that would appear Suspicious.

The Xenomorph as a Weapon is FLAWED due to HOW it requires a HOST, so Deployment would be Difficult we also dont know HOW-LONG a Xenomorph would Survive for, and IF they Lived for a LONG TIME the Problem is having say Thousands of Them on Origae-6 and then Safely getting them onto a SHIP to Transport.  However Transporting Eggs may be Easier... but then its Deploying them close to where Humans would get Infected.

A Engineer Ship would Certainly have to come into PLAY and so i dont think David would take the Covenant Directly to LV-223/LV-426 and i think it would be a MASSIVE COINCIDENCE if Origae-6 was a Engineer World or had a Engineer Ship.

So it would be LIKELY and Ridley Scott indicated as such that a ENGINEER SHIP would arrive at where David is going (have to Assume Origae-6) its a Question of HOW would they know WHERE to Find Him?

Regarding Daniels then maybe YES he has Plans for her to become his Queen of Sorts...

HOWEVER............ looking into what Ridley Scott had said at the Time after Alien Covenant he had indicated the MOVIE would NOT be about Xenomorphs, he said it would be about A.I and what KIND of a World would David Create!

He had said this a Few Times and the One Time he went on to talk about A.I and said that the Replicants from Blade Runner are A.I and so in that CONTEXT it appears that Ridley Scott is NOT looking at A.I as being ROBOTS... well Synthetic but that A.I can be Biological, and so what he is LIKELY looking at is A.I as merely a Intelligent Being/Species that are Artificially Created or Engineered.

And so it seems Implied we would be mainly looking at WHAT it is that David would WANT to Create Next. It will NOT be about Xenomorphs, and it will be some kind of Artificial Creation (so NOT a Natural Creation).  And so to me WHAT stands out is those Embryo's and i think that David may ATTEMPT to use them to Create Something or Engineer them to Evolve them into something that is NOT a Human but is NOT a Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember457 XPMay-25-2021 9:18 AM

I notice that What Culture give AV the distinction of having the worst CGI effects in a sci-fi movie. I have to take issue with that, because the big boy looks ok for the most part. It was a brave move of Ridley to feature the monster in daylight.

The got the worst part wrong. That was when the beast decided to slip down from one deck to another. It made the dorsal projections look kind of flimsy.


DeaconMember10358 XPMay-26-2021 4:34 AM

Well the CGI for me was NOT that Bad.... it looked Sub-Par with the Xenomorph on the Covenant in some SHOTS (some of them Dropped) and the Neomorph when we saw it OPEN its Mouth to Bite Roseys Head Off.

"1. He thinks he's already created perfection, in the form of his engineered creature.
2. He can't allow humanity to grasp for resurrection.

So it's clearly foremost in his mind that he wants to wipe out humans. A good way of achieving that would be through a xenomorph army."

I think Hox i will address this Comment as INDEED you are Correct, but what is a Problem is the ADVENT Message....

For David to have this Agenda then he would be FOOLISH to even Contact the Company at all, apart from the END of AC when as Walter he informs them about the Loss of All but TWO Crew due to the Solar Storm Incident and that they are Continuing with the Journey to Origae-6.

The BEST Place that David could Continue with his Experiments to MASS PRODUCE the Xenomorph would be to STAY on Planet 4..... but IF he was to LAND the Covenant on Planet 4 its UNLIKELY the Ship would be able to LEAVE and we have to ASSUME any Engineer Ships are STRANDED... so thats a NO-GO.  Also maybe the Company can Track where the Covenant is and so if they Detect down the LINE it has remained near Planet 4 they may SEND OUT a Ship to Investigate.

so for David the BEST OPTION is to go to LV-223 where he can Experiment and MASS PRODUCE the Xenomorph, the ONLY Problem he would have is IF the Company detect the Covenant has moved to the Zeta 2 System, they could SEND OUT a Ship to Intercept.  Unless David disables any Transponder and makes NO FURTHER Communications, but maybe the Company after a WHILE may find it Suspicious that the Covenant has Disappeared off the RADAR.

Maybe David knows the Companies Science Department and Military would become Curious to what David has Created?  The Advent Message would BAIT them to go to Planet 4 likely, where IF they survive any Neomorphs, and if they survive the Xenomorphs and attempt to take Samples back, then SHOULD they get to Earth then it could be BIG TROUBLE.

They Company may also investigate LV-223 where again they may NOT SURVIVE but if they did and brought back the Pathogen then a Outbreak could Happen and cause Havoc or Chaos from any Experiments the Company Conduct.

By the TIME the company get the ADVENT Message the Covenant would have a HEAD START towards Origae-6 and it could be that by the TIME that David has Landed on Origae-6 he could have 2-3 Years before anyone else ARRIVES.

This maybe could give him TIME to Produce a Army of Xenomorphs, but then its HOW does he get these to Conquer the Galaxy?

Would he BARTER with the Company saying they are Secure and Arrange them to be taken on Ships to Earth?   If he wishes to HIJACK those Ships himself they he would NOT be able to do so on his OWN.

He would likely have to Program/Influence more Synthetics, or Create some NEW Species from those Embryos and have THEM believe he is their Creator/Father and GOD and WARN them that others will come ONE DAY to Destroy them, so that DAVID can then get the AID of them to Help Hijack any Human Ships and LOAD the Deadly Cargo.

But as we are going to ALIEN then the Engineers will RETURN and somehow ONE of their Ships will have those EGGS on it and END-UP on LV-426.

Do they OBTAIN the Eggs from Planet 4 but there are NOT Thousands but they could take them to LV-223 to MASS-PRODUCE.

Do they OBTAIN them from Origae-6 but then its HOW do they know thats where David would be?

The MOST LAZY kind of Plot Convenience would be that Origae-6 is a World the Engineers either Visit or have a Outpost and so this World has Engineer Ships in a Hanger... this would be SUPER LAZY Writing though.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember457 XPMay-26-2021 3:06 PM

What better way for David to pique the interest of the Company than by telling them of the incredible advances he's been making in genetic engineering. The Advent message does give a clear warning (to the Company) that David wants his creations to rule the Galaxy. That would be like a red rag to a bull to the Company's bio-weapons division and would surely lure them to him. This is a big deal. The Company knows where he's going, with a large retinue of colonists, and they know he's intent on letting loose his creations. We, the viewers, know he wants to use Daniels to create an Alien Queen, but he says it rather cryptically, and the Company wouldn't know exactly what this means.

I think hubris would let the Company down. Despite developments being a big deal, they would be over-confident of containing the situation (a repeated theme) and send an ill-equipped fleet to sort David out. This could well be exactly what David wants: to take advantage of such a fleet, who would beat a hasty retreat, thus spreading the infection.

Of course, we know that at some point an Engineer ship complete with Engineer pilot and thousands of eggs comes to the fray. There are plenty of different ways that could come about. One possibility I entertain is that the Juggernaut ships are in a sense "alive", a form of bio-mechanical engineering, and in communication with their Engineer handlers. Thus, an Engineer outpost could easily be primed to come looking for its hijacked ship. Engineers finding Origae-6 seething with new engineered lifeforms, unfortunate colonists, a megalomaniac robot, and hopelessly out-of-depth Company die-hards could make for an incredible mix. The Engineer vigilantes would be overwhelmed and make a futile attempt at escape, ending up on LV-426.

Many other possibilities, of course.


DeaconMember10358 XPMay-27-2021 5:35 AM

Certainly i think as FAR as David goes, he must have some Confidence that he can Create a Horde of his WOLVES and that he feels that Mankind would NOT be able to Control them ONCE they are UNLEASHED....  I think that it would make sense if the Company Investigate LV-223 and Planet 4 but YES they would know that David is going to Origae-6 and they would LIKELY send a Ship to Intercept him there.

The ONLY Problem for David is that his WOLF would need to be Transported and Contained, if the Company would take say a Handful of Eggs and they GOT out of Control then the Ship would become a Drifting Space Hulk but if this is on a Auto-Pilot then the Cargo would eventually Reach the Core Systems.

Should a SHIP go and arrive at Origae-6 and Encounter the Xenomorph and be AWARE of WHY it is that David had created them, the Survivors could ESCAPE and maybe Organize a Mission to NUKE the Place.... but you have the Potential that some may think... HANG ON... just take more Precautions because we would really GAIN a LOT from having a Specimen...

Regarding the ENGINEERS and Origae-6 then i think thats more Problematic, i just cant ACCEPT they would know where David is going, what we know is that its LIKELY that Origae-6 is 7-8X Further away from Planet 4 than Earth is and so within a Radius of 7-8 Years Travel for most Earth ships, then within that ZONE there would be NOTHING to make the Covenant Stand out as Culprit.

Unless Planet 4 has some kind of Scanner/Detector that was able to detect a Certain Frequency, Warp Signature thats UNIQUE to the Covenant Ship.  Or if the Engineers are NOT that FAR away when the Covenant leaves and can detect a Ship leaving Planet 4 and are able to TRACK IT... but surely they would INTERCEPT the Covenant like WAY before it gets to Origae-6.

The more LIKELY way has to be that either.

1) The Covenant Crew have left behind something that would indicate where in Space that Origae-6 is like a Chart that was in a Back Pack (or by some Miracle Survived the Lander Explosion)

2) After David had met the Crew, (there are MANY hours they was on Planet 4 where we NEVER saw every single Moment). So maybe they Told David where they was going and he went away and Drew a Map or Marked it someway that the Engineers could maybe Find?

3) The Engineers encounter WALTER and somehow they can Discover where David is going from HIM?

I think that Number 3 is the more likely Route they would take.

However you could have the Company Send a Mission to Planet 4, if you have received the ADVENT you would Research what the Prometheus Mission was about and you would MAYBE have a Android on the Mission who would learn the same things that David did during his Journey to LV-223 so that WHEN the Engineers turn up then this ANDROID is able to Communicate with the Engineers and INFORM them of where David had gone.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember457 XPMay-27-2021 7:07 AM

We'll have to disagree about the capabilities of the Juggernaut! This is SF after all. I can't think of one good reason why a hijacked, intelligent, bio-mechanical, alien spacecraft could not communicate autonomously to its owners! I could easily see one or more being drawn to Origae-6.


DeaconMember10358 XPMay-27-2021 8:14 AM

I think that YES they could Detect and Connect with their OWN kind of Ship absolutely.  I think we can ASSUME that by the Time any Engineers would return to Planet 4 then David would be LONG GONE... and so if they could SCAN the Local Space so say within 200LY from Planet 4 then they would surely Detect a Number of Earth Ships within say that Range but i cant see HOW they would PIN POINT the Covenant.

Unless as i was saying the Engineers are on their way lets say they are 2 Years away and Detect a ALIEN Ship on their Scanners that is NEAR to Planet 4 and so they then GO TO intercept and Track that Ship (which would be the Covenant) i would assume they would INTERCEPT the Covenant like WAY before it got to Oriage-6

Apart from that it would be IF on Planet 4 they had anything that would DETECT and TRACK the Covenant and which Direction it was going (maybe even have a Visual on the Ship so they can TELL which Ship it is), but again i FIND IT like Difficult to Accept that the such a System would DETECT the Covenant heading in a Certain Direction and then Determine Exactly where it would be going.  Unless the System Detects the Ship leaving the Area of Planet 4 and can LOCK ON and Track its Entire Journey?

We maybe Cant Rule that out...

I think we have to Bare in Mind that the Covenant will arrive at Origae-6 in the Year 2112, after another 88 Months i think we can SAFELY ASSUME the Engineers Ships can get to Origae-6 in FAR LESS TIME.  And so that means that Unless they Arrive at Planet 4 when David is Nearly at Origae-6 or has been on Oriage-6 already then the Engineers would Intercept David before he gets there.

This all depends on IF they have a SYSTEM that detects and tracks any Ships that come Close and to HOW FAR they can Track the Ships and then IF these Systems are still Active.  Maybe the Scorpion Ship could have done this but that was taken OUT.

However IF we see David take a Engineer Ship from Planet 4 then YES the Engineers will know its EVERY MOVE.

Ridley Scott had indicated the SET-UP he had said...

*That David is OFF to the Planet (we have to ASSUME thats Origae-6)

*There will be incoming 3/4 Parties coming to Investigate.

*One of these Parties are the Engineers who Return every now and again and they Discover what has Happened to Planet 4 and they will be AFTER the Culprit.

Ridley Scott had further said that the Next Movie would NOT be about Xenomorphs it would be about A.I and WHAT KIND of a World would David Create?

This indicates to me that David would arrive to Origae-6 where he could USE this Place to Create but where he MAY-NOT be just Creating Xenomorphs. When talking about A.I he said that Replicants are A.I and so he is seeing that A.I can be Organic.

The Engineers will turn up in the 3rd Act, but there are another 2/3 Parties which means AT LEAST another TWO Parties where another could be SIMILAR or a Part of one of the other Factions.  Is ONE of these David and the Covenant? or does he mean that another 3/4 will Arrive?

The Engineers are ONE if they have Walter with them i guess thats 1/2 of them, but we cant be sure as to WHEN/HOW they determine where to GO but we know that they will ARRIVE at Oriage-6 at some point after First going to Planet 4.

It is LIKELY that another ONE of the Parties has to be a Weyland-Yutani ship that is Military/Science that is going to Origae-6 in DIRECT response to the Advent.

So we have Engineers and a W-Y Ship, i think they WONT arrive until David has been on Origae-6 for 1-3 Years where he is Creating whatever kind of World he wants.  There is another PARTY that i would assume is another HUMAN SHIP and maybe ONE that has NO IDEA about David or the Advent and so would assume they would be arriving at  Origae-6 where the Covenant Mission has started to SET-UP their Colony.

Then it would seem another PARTY has to be SOMEONE or a Group that is Connected and/or maybe Traveling with ONE of the other THREE Parties.

Seems a LOT to Cram into a Single Movie and its LIKELY the Derelict comes into Play either from the Returning Engineers, or from LV-223 after the Engineers have FIRST been to Oriage-6

I assume that the FINAL Connection will be that

a) Engineer Ship leaves Origae-6 with the Eggs and is going to LV-223 but ONLY gets as far as LV-426.

b) A Engineer Ship arrives at LV-223 having been to Origae-6, and has some Eggs/Specimens that they then MASS PRODUCE on LV-223 and a Ship leaves LV-223 with those EGGS but only gets as far as LV-426

So i think we Certainly  would have NEEDED like TWO Movies.

Again this is ONLY going by what the SET-UP is and what RS had indicated about the Direction of the Prequels, this does-not mean this is HOW we could see it Continued.  Just seems this is likely what RS had intended.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember457 XPMay-27-2021 10:47 AM

Yes. Sorry, I had a brain fart. It's an Earth ship on its way to Origae-6, so of course no fellow juggernaut would have a ready means of tracking that.


DeaconMember10358 XPMay-27-2021 9:12 PM

Ha Ha we all have Brain Farts now and again ;)

Really makes you WONDER to HOW they would have Continued as i cant see them having the Movie set on the Covenant for much, i would assume David would get to Origae-6 and Masquerade as Walter and have some kind of Colony Set Up then i think its BYE to the Few Colonist and then i suspect he would have PLANS for those Embryos.

The Engineers must come to Planet 4 but who knows if or how much we will see of that before they Determine where David has gone and they will be on their way to Origae-6

I would assume at least ONE Human Ship arrives to Origae-6 before the Engineers and who knows WHEN the other Human Ship arrives.

It will be interesting to see HOW all those Factions would Interact, i am sure it would be Carnage...  This does seem like a LOT to FIT into ONE Movie, and then we have to get to Thousands of Eggs and them ENDING up on a Engineer Ship and then END UP on LV-426

So yeah i can see it Needing at least TWO more Movies with that kind of Plot/Set-up...   who knows HOW FAR they had got with it as RS had said it was being Written but then the DISNEY talks began.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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