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Alien: Covenant flashback sequence VFX breakdown

Alien: Covenant flashback sequence VFX breakdown

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Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1168 XPFeb-25-2018 2:51 PM


Cropped and increased from the screenshot

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DeaconMember10244 XPFeb-26-2018 4:22 PM

Its actually a pretty Good use of CGI, this whole Scene seems to look very good, seems to done it Justice, its a shame some of the Xenomorph and Neomorph CGI appeared to be lacking...   It had the same kind of look like THE THING 2011 where towards the end of the movie the CGI just appeared more inferior compared to early on.

Certainly also gives us a good look into the Black Goo, it now appears the Substance Invades a Host and then Replicates/Mutates inside some of the Cells of the Engineers, Cells as in Fluid Cells so like Blood etc...  and then inside the Pathogen just keeps reproducing over and over until it escapes from the Engineers.

You could certainly imagine this kind of Reaction inside of a Engineers Space Jockey Suit, would eventually try and explode out of the Suit, and thus cause those Holes we saw in the Engineer Suits in Prometheus.

The Problem is the Prometheus Engineer Suits appeared to be Hollow, as though the Engineers just broke down to nothing, like the Sacrificial Engineer (apart from the Head of the one Engineer)

While in Alien Covenant the remains of the Engineers look like Stone Statues, Pompeii like in appearance.

Which is why i Pondered could a SAFETY device had been activated to release a Engineer Blast that Destroyed all Organic Mater within a Radius including the Black Goo, as a means to prevent it from spreading by in effect turning all ORGANIC matter to Solid Crystallized Stone.

Looking at this Video of what the Bombardment was doing, i now think this THEORY i had prior to seeing the movie could actually be plausible because i fail to see from this Scene in the movie when looking at the break down video.... i cant see how this leads to those Engineer Bodies ending up how they was discovered.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPFeb-26-2018 10:08 PM

It makes me appreciate the work that goes into CGI and the video is a great post. That adult neomorph just didn't seem to receive the same treatment as this video.


PraetorianStaff2414 XPFeb-26-2018 10:27 PM

While we're at it, lets look at The Thing (2011) VFX breakdown :) 


PraetorianStaff2414 XPFeb-26-2018 10:48 PM




TrilobiteMember8212 XPFeb-26-2018 10:52 PM

The 2011 Thing looked good to me except for that helicopter scene. That transformation looked fake but it was also predictable so I was expecting it to happen.


PraetorianMember3381 XPFeb-27-2018 8:49 AM

Wow Dark Nebula. Thank you for the stills and wonderful topic.

I love the engineering that goes into scenes like this. This image below reminds me of the concept art for Alien: Covenant.

That does make sense regarding the response to David's arrival on Planet 4 BigDave. It appears that there is some sort of attempt at protecting those below from David's urns and that protection could certainly include a mutagen/organic neutralizer that produced the effects seen.


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