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MemberOvomorphFeb-11-2018 12:26 PM

Preface:  I sometimes read, but rarely contribute.  That said, I've read that movie people, even Scott himself, does from time to time check out the forums.  And although the story for the next installment is likely etched in stone, I have an idea for one of the final scenes that might make for a cool full-circle tie-in with the original.  Forgive me if this idea has been had by a dozen others, but here goes...

To start, I assume that to pilot the ship that he and Shaw escaped with at the end of Prometheus, David may well have had to assume some type of pilot's position inside the cockpit suit that the Engineers sat in, so...

David is looking to do to Earth what he did to the Engineer homeworld.  He decides that the using the Covenant for this task would take too long.  He takes the Covenant to another Engineer military installation (LV-426) to get another ship and it's new cargo (the Covenant's human cargo which he converts to eggs, a process eluded to in Alien's deleted scenes) with which to attack Earth.  Our survivors, released from stasis so that David can show-off his plan to them, make attempt(s) to thwart that plan. 

Assuming also that David has a fair amount of biological material in his make-up, I would like to see him become a host to a chest burster.  Maybe he his tricked or cornered or held captive in a situation devised by the others where he is the only potential host when a face hugger is loosed.  The face hugger attaches, plants the embryo, and there is just enough biological content in him to minimally get the gestation process going.

Realizing that he has a limited amount of time to set his attack plan in motion before he bursts, he makes his way to the "stellar navigation" room, and dons the pilot's suit/seat (as I mentioned that he likely did at the end of Prometheus) to plot in an auto-pilot course to Earth.  But before the automated mission lifts-off the surface, he is chest-bursted, and is rendered inoperable and/or trapped inside the suit.  There he remains until and beyond when those Nostromo crew members find him in Alien

Imagine, inside the suit that Dallas and his crewmates  so closely examine, that the camera closes in on at the end of that scene, is David.  

Now, I know that David would be too small to fully wear the pilot's suit, but he probably managed it at the end of Prometheus. Maybe he kneels or stands on the seat inside the suit.  Also, based on what we see in Prometheus, maybe the Engineers aren't quite as tall as Alien led us to believe.  I think David could make it work; it's not the first time he's done it.

A good-riddance moment for David and all his treachery. There it is.  Have at it.

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MemberDeaconFeb-11-2018 4:24 PM

Some have indeed speculated that David could end up being the Space Jockey, even going back to prior to Prometheus, i even pondered that Weyland would Evolve David and transfer his Soul to David and so Weyland in Davids Evolved Body becomes the Space Jockey (this was based of the Trailer of the Engineer standing over Dr Shaw were we could see this being was clearly not tall) it ended up indeed just being the Engineer though in that scene.

You certainly have picked up on a few missing elements to get to ALIEN.

*Engineer Ship

*Thousands of Eggs

*Mechanical Elements of the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph

Can we RULE out David being the Space Jockey?  i think its something we cant, and it would be a Huge Hubris for David in light of playing GOD.... but then this would also maybe imply David realizes the Error of his ways and attempts to Redeem himself?  But falls victim to his own Creation.

I am thinking the idea you propose would be that the Bio-Mechanical Beast Birthed from David Lays the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph Eggs on the Derelict?

I think for sure David would be able to Pilot the Ship, we was not sure what the need for the Pilot Chair was in Prometheus as it appears the Ship can Fly itself once a Destination is placed, but maybe the Pilot Chair is some Guidance/Targeting System, this would work if we assume the Juggernaught could get to Earth in a short time.

Then we see in AC David is in the Cargo Hold when the Bombardment Starts, so maybe the Pilot Seat is not a Targeting System, it could be needed for take off and landing?  Who knows.

I think there is a good potential for the Bio-Mechanical Atheistic of the Xenomorph to come from Synthetic Material,   HOWEVER David is not Organic at all..... not in Prometheus but we dont know how much they have tinkered with his design for Covenant because the Prometheus Marketing Site was replaced.

But we can see WALTER appears to have some kind of Organic Components.. to a degree, and the Fire and Stone Comics introduced us to ELDEN a Synthetic Construct..... part Synthetic, part Organic and he became infected with the BLACK GOO and so maybe Walter is a SYNTHETIC CONSTRUCT or one could come into play in the next movie and be how the Xenomorph gains its Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic.

I cant see Fassbender playing a One Armed Android, and Walter Models have some Advancements.. and i think the Covenant Ship would have Spare Parts.. I think a Logical Plot Device has to show David Build a Walter and Transfer his SOUL to it..  If this WALTER is a Synthetic Construct, then indeed it would leave David maybe open to be infected by his own Creation.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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