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Patrick Explains ALIEN: COVENANT - And Why It's Great

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MemberPraetorianJan-20-2018 5:10 PM


MemberTrilobiteJan-20-2018 9:05 PM

LOL! Patrick pretty much nailed everything for me. Jameson and a back up flask helps cut through the crap it seems!


MemberXenomorphJan-21-2018 5:56 AM

I agree with this video. Good stuff.

Thanks for posting this.


MemberPraetorianJan-21-2018 9:50 AM

Ha Ati. Patrick has skills. 

"see 8 more", yes. And the barn, love it.


AdminPraetorianJan-21-2018 9:56 AM

Just watched this yesterday and linked it in the mods room, really liked his video. Thanks for posting, Ati!


MemberNeomorphJan-21-2018 11:27 AM

My first laugh came from him saying that it was the best since 1986. :D

I immediately thought: this will be fun

I think that he has some interesting point about Prometheus but I disagree that the Engineers are boring. Sure you can put you spin on it but that doesn't mean that it will be good.

"Some crew members being a bit underdeveloped" (about 4:50-4:55)

Those some could be extended to about 95% of them, the only crew member that was somewhat well written was Walter since Scott only cared about the robots but Oram was also good. The rest had no distinctive personality traits although they were far from as annoying as those in Prometheus.

Yes they made it about David and that was the huge disappointment. The review guy seems to like it but I do not. I disagree with him about the movie but if you like robot movies you might like this one.


MemberPraetorianJan-21-2018 1:58 PM

My pleasure, Svanya, glad you like it, and thank you!


MemberPraetorianJan-21-2018 2:03 PM

Thx everybody, Patrick is full of love, beyond doubt. 8)

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