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MemberNeomorphDec-28-2017 5:07 PM

It seems there has been some hot debate on the forum about recent reports on a rumored cancellation of a sequel to Alien Covenant. I wish I could read what Mr H had to say, but unfortunately he seems to have withdrawn his comments (he is known for having a very bad temper before his morning coffee!). Anyway, what I have to say is that, even though I have made myself a reputation of jumping the gun when reporting the news, I found the reports on Alien Covenant 2 alleged cacellation to be a bit confusing and contradictory, thus I haven't created any topics about it. And I don't want to point my finger at any editors from this forum, since they have included enough disclaimers, using expressions like "rumor" and "to be taken with a grain of salt". To begin with, I always compare the editorials from and Avpgalaxy, then I go to the source. In this case, I didn't find any similar article posted on Avpgalaxy; however, the "humanmedia" user name and the information about the project cancellation and the auction sounded familiar. Now, after watching Mr H's youtube video, I was reminded that those were just a footnote in Avpgalaxy's previous report about Ridley Scott's latest coments. So, I would say Mr H has a point there: it seems that Screenrant and other outlets have made a news article solely based on that footnote. I tried to make some research myself on the user humanmedia on the forum, and I found out that he is listed as an "expert" member of the forum, seems to be based in Australia and to have worked as a crew member in the production of "Alien Covenant" (or so he claims on his posts). So my guess is: maybe he was referring to a cancellation of a deal with the aussie contractors to make a sequel right after Alien Covenant, provided it was a box office success. That didn't happen, so the deal was off. I would conclude that the project most likely has not been cancelled by Fox yet. It will probably try to find different production channels, and will get a different schedule.

@Gavin I dont think John Campea is the only Screenrant collaborator. And by the way, he discredited the rumors on his podcast. He said this is a "non-story" and his advice was to "follow the source"

3 Replies


MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 5:33 PM

On other threads yesterday, there were some including myself, who pointed out suspicion and I like to think most know about official news and also know how to read a thread that openly admits it is a rumor. It is unfortunate the comments were deleted- that appears to be an admission of being wrong or saving face. It was frankly outright rude.

Just my two cents.


MemberNeomorphDec-28-2017 5:46 PM

I have just emailed humanmedia on in order o research some more.


AdminEngineerDec-28-2017 6:03 PM

This really did not need it's own topic. Mr. H is attempting to stir the pot and I'm done allowing him to use this site as a platform for his own gain. This topic has been discussed to death and should remain in the original topic containing his video if anything. I'm locking this.

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