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Engineers on laptop

Engineers on laptop

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Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPNov-25-2017 10:29 AM

Just for fun.

A short compilation of images I created, of the Engineers using a human piece of technology and discover new facts.

More coming soon.

31 Responses to Engineers on laptop


Member293 XPNov-25-2017 3:57 PM

@Dark Nebula, lol! and looks like a classic photo bomb by a ghost or alien entity or time traveler? in the grand canyon pic, there are multitudes of strange anomalies popping up on film after the shot was taken and people swear there was no one else at that spot when the photo was taken.


Member9757 XPNov-27-2017 9:46 AM

Ha Ha Love it ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member3378 XPNov-28-2017 4:03 AM

Dark Nebula

That Canyon image is very scary. Is that a real photo?

Nice images. :)

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPDec-16-2017 1:17 PM

Thank you very much, everyone.

@Ati Who knows if its real. From what I've heard (I just heard) that image was checked by many experts and they all came to a conclusion that it wasn't in any ways photo manipulated. If it was fake, then I only wonder where would they get an albino the size of a basketball player in a black robe. 

When I first saw the photo I thought of the sacrificial Engineer.

Heres one image that I forgot to upload here, I already showcased it in one of my threads

And when Disney bought fox I made this image of the new Disney princess.



Member516 XPDec-16-2017 2:51 PM

he works on the ice cream van nearby. summer months only though  if you want to catch him ;)

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-09-2018 12:18 PM

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-09-2018 12:31 PM


Member357 XPJan-09-2018 12:51 PM

Ha Ha!. The porg ones my favourite.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-09-2018 2:16 PM

From one of my threads


@Batchpool I'm glad you like it.


Staff2414 XPJan-09-2018 10:36 PM

Hahaha love them all Dark Nebula!!! Good job


Member8207 XPJan-10-2018 12:33 AM

The crown wearing Engineer- LMAO!

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-10-2018 5:46 PM

@IRaptus Thank you very much.

@dk If I may ask, was the LMAO something like this?


Member8207 XPJan-10-2018 7:50 PM

Dark Nebula My LMOA reference was to the pic/Disney connection. I have no idea what that link means. It was funny, but  I did not have the experience the guys in the video link had.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-11-2018 6:42 AM




Member1468 XPJan-11-2018 9:22 AM

LMAO! There are so many good ones, I can't pick a favorite.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-13-2018 6:51 PM

Star wars meets Prometheus

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-13-2018 6:53 PM

And I almost ran out of ideas. Any suggestions?

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-13-2018 7:03 PM

Based on one of my threads.


Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-13-2018 7:25 PM

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-14-2018 12:29 PM

Name of the fish: Viper dogfish shark.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-16-2018 6:46 PM


Member3381 XPJan-18-2018 7:35 AM

When you run out of ideas just re-post The New Disney princess above Dark Nebula. That is a scream.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-26-2018 12:52 AM


Member3381 XPJan-26-2018 12:02 PM

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-27-2018 1:11 PM


Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPJan-27-2018 1:20 PM

David the troll.


Member3381 XPJan-27-2018 2:51 PM

Then he deserved it Dark Nebula. There are some things that you just don't do.

Good stuff.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPFeb-04-2018 2:01 PM

Some folks who played the Engineers on AC shared their photos on some FB group. I decided to make something out of them. Might as well share them on my other topic.

Many thanks to Steve Dibble Doyle for these 2 photos (especially the second one).

My first reaction when I heard the rumour about AC 2's cancellation.


Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPFeb-11-2018 11:05 AM

Selfie created using photos that were shared on FB group by people that played the Engineers.

Dark Nebula

Staff1144 XPFeb-11-2018 11:17 AM

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