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Feedback: New Forum and Article Layout

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EngineerAdmin21458 XPNov-08-2017 9:31 AM

Hey everyone,

As you will have noticed, the forums here on have been going through some changes. I am in the process of optimizing the website to better serve the increasing traffic we continue to receive.

To better serve you and to increase page load times, I have stripped a lot of the "extra" content surrounding both forum topics and news articles. The righthand sidebar is completely gone now on those specific pages, as with the forum index page. Basically, the goal of this upgrade is to emphasis what you're really looking for and not waste time or space showing things which you might only periodically glance at.

With this update however will come better organization. So, I would like to hear from YOU - tell me what you visit most when you come to Example:

- Do you go straight to the homepage to check the news articles?

- Do you check the sidebar to see what new topics are posted?

- Do you go straight to the forum page?

- Is the "Fandom Activity" block a common spot you check?

I want to better gauge how and what to prioritize with this redesign and since the Alien forums are one of the most active (next to Godzilla which lately has been taking over), I figured you folks would be a good testing audience for the changes.

Please leave your feedback below! Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

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ChestbursterMember666 XPNov-08-2017 10:05 AM

Well, on I go to forums, because I see all news in main page. And I checked sidebar, occasionally.



EngineerAdmin21458 XPNov-08-2017 10:08 AM

Great, thanks for that Leto! What in the sidebar was the main draw for you? Was it the movie info, the latest topics, Fandom activity or latest images?


TrilobiteMember8212 XPNov-08-2017 10:39 AM

I have this and another forum saved as favorites. I didn't use the side bar much except to see the newest posts. The news headline link at the top of the page is nice.

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PraetorianMember4115 XPNov-08-2017 11:20 AM

Can you increase the font size for text in topics on the main site?

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PraetorianModerator2414 XPNov-08-2017 12:07 PM

I typically navigate straight between the main pages (Alien, Pred, JW etc) via the Network tab in the top bar.

I use the sidebar and fandom activity a lot but mostly to scroll through forum topics. I mostly use the Scified home page to keep an eye on latest activity



ChestbursterMember666 XPNov-08-2017 12:31 PM



I just search something interesting, but in the first place - it's latest topics and fandom activity.


ChestbursterMember839 XPNov-08-2017 2:42 PM

Working hard as always, good job Chris! I almost always hop on and when I do, I scan for any new articles and go to the sidebar to see what latest topics are!

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DeaconMember10333 XPNov-08-2017 3:41 PM

The Side Bar is what i relied on the most, i will have to get used to how to navigate and find Recent Topics and Recent replies etc

But i am thankful for all the effort that you Chris and the Team put into the Website and what ever layout seems to be the best for the Sites needs.

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NeomorphMember1823 XPNov-09-2017 7:08 AM

agreed bigdave, it could do with parts of the side bar back imo. some people who hadn't been on for a few days got the list of new topics and threads raised which helped, for me anyway, and I didn't need to go scrolling about to see whats new.


XenomorphMember1303 XPNov-09-2017 2:33 PM


On the mobile some posts appear cropped on the right side, like when the text is not wrapped. I noticed this issue after the last update. Thanks!

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EngineerAdmin21458 XPNov-09-2017 2:47 PM

Great feedback everyone, thank you!

So from what I gather, seeing latest topics and fandom activity seem to be top priorities. I will improve the site's main navigation to emphasize these pages for you so loading up the respective info is only a click away.

Regarding text size yes I will be increasing it slightly.

As for mobile, I am still working on things and should have all the kinks ironed out shortly!

Thanks again for comments!


TrilobiteMember8212 XPNov-10-2017 3:24 PM

I can get used to it, but I sort of miss the bottom portion listing who was online and the member count. 


EngineerAdmin21458 XPNov-10-2017 4:50 PM

I can probably bring that back, dk. I'm gonna try to work it back into the new design.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPNov-10-2017 8:01 PM

Chris It is a nit pick really. I would think it would be helpful to give a heads up if the site will go dark though. Sorry if you did and I missed it.

In the mean time, here is a funny way to view what you are doing with our member complaints. You are the manager and we are Nigel Tuffnel!



FacehuggerMember137 XPNov-11-2017 7:58 AM

Not sure if this is completely on topic, but the thing I find the most lacking about this site is a 'new posts since last visit' option. A close second is the apparent lack of being able to quote other posters' posts.

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