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Is it possible to have Awakening with no Xeno? $ vs art

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MemberTrilobiteOct-24-2017 9:45 PM

Imagine the next movie (Awakening) with no Xeno at all. Can it be done and bring fans to theaters for even a modest financial return to FOX? 

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MemberNeomorphOct-24-2017 10:25 PM

I don't think that would be feasible, specially if that movie is going to connect directly to the first Alien. AC is the one installment that could have managed without the xenomorph, but they did what they did already.


MemberNeomorphOct-24-2017 10:35 PM

too many people want to see the xeno or some form of it as shown by the bad feedback for Prometheus.personally I think they made the right choice where Prometheus was concerned as it gave us a more in depth alien universe and Prometheus opened doors a classic 'alien' movie couldn't. we need a xeno vs engineer vs marine movie with flash backs to give us the engineer backstory into their connection to the xeno, why they chose humanity to be wiped out and whether they serve a higher power or not.


MemberChestbursterOct-24-2017 11:29 PM

After Covenant it is impossible. And yet they changed the direction for $ and for what? 


MemberXenomorphOct-24-2017 11:44 PM

I think the birth of the Deacon at the end of Prometheus set the direction for Covenant. Same thing with the facehugger embryos at the end of Covenant. There will be xenos in the next film but as Ridley Scott said it will not be centered on xenos.

"I think the evolution of the Alien himself is nearly over, but what I was trying to do was transcend and move to another story, which would be taken over by A.I.’s. The world that the AI might create as a leader if he finds himself on a new planet. We have actually quite a big layout for the next one.” (RS)

Evolution of the Alien is not over, nearly over. We'll see how David will use his new toys. It should be groundbreaking. 

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberChestbursterOct-25-2017 12:09 AM


 "It should be groundbreaking." That is just wishful thinking. It will be just some nazi inspired stupidity.


MemberTrilobiteOct-25-2017 12:12 AM

ali81 and joylitt It seems the Xeno has to be present by default in some form since it is called Alien imo. The franchise seems to be headed toward David's story arch though. So I see three major things the focus is on: Xeno, AI and Engineers. Somehow, there needs to be a balance. I don't have an answer- just throwing it out there hoping we can chew on something!


MemberDeaconOct-25-2017 5:29 AM

I think this is the big problem the Franchise Faces.... Prometheus may have tried to break new ground, but for a lot of Alien Fans and those expecting a Prequel to Answer some Questions... The movie just did not do enough to lay out the ground work and clues that gave us enough answers regarding the Xenomorph Origins and the Space Jockey Questions... Despite  Prometheus actually holding a lot of clues to both but they was answers not quite in plane sight.

Then you had some fans who felt a Alien Universe movie can not be a Alien Universe movie without having any actual ALIENS in it.  Prometheus had none of that really, the Trilobite, that leads to the Deacon are the closest connection to Alien, but Fans would be expecting more but with Prometheus all we got was a Xeno-ish Organism  that just Chest Bursted...

It would be like if AC was a long winded movie, no Neomorphs and we see Oram Face Hugged and taken to the Covenant and then we see him get Chest Busted and the movie ended.....

Alien Engineers, the earlier Prometheus draft well draft which Prometheus was a re-write from would have maybe been accepted more by those who disliked Prometheus, because not only did it offer more clues to the Space Jockey/Xeno connection, it actually had battle/death scenes between various Xenomorph like Monsters and the Crew and Engineer.  If Prometheus had the Fifield as a more Xeno-Hybrid  and if we saw a Scene where Dr Shaw had a encounter with the Deacon... then maybe Prometheus would have pleased fans.

So FOX had taken this on board and when they realized the anticipation for Blomkamps Alien 5, FOX had saw that the Fans wanted to see the Xenomorphs back... the Eggs, Face Huggers, Chest Busters and Big Guys...  Just as RS had said..  "the fans want Aliens, i will give the Fricken Aliens"

So thats why we got Alien Covenant... the Plan was instead of steering further from Alien in a Prometheus Prequel, they now decided they needed to steer it closer and on a path that Finally Connects and Explains the Events that lead to the Derelict/Space Jockey.

Part of this was to Prefix the Movies with ALIEN so for Marketing reasons there can be no Mistake this is a ALIEN movie and not a Prometheus one, and that the aim is to go the route to lead right into ALIEN 1979

ULTIMATELY the Problem with this is that any ALIEN: Prefix movie, the Fans are going to expect the Xenomorphs and while the ALIEN Universe can stand for more than just Xenomorphs... as the Engineers are a ALIEN Race, their Black Goo creates various ALIEN Monsters, a lot of Fans would only expect that a ALIEN Franchise movie would have to contain some form of the Classic Xenomorph.

If Alien Covenant did not bring in the Xenomorph, but at the end only showed some Eggs.... i think for a number of Fans they would be pissed that there was again no ALIEN connection of Xenomorphs.

If the movies only Xenomorph connection was the Eggs and revealed David snook two of the tiny ones and then got the two Face Huggers out of it and put them in the Capsules and with the Embryos, again i feel this would not have been enough for many fans.

If we saw Oram Face Hugged but we only see him at the end Chest Bursting and then we get the Credits like we did with the Deacon, i think even that would not have been enough.

Only having the Xenomorph would seem to do for many fans... and for some the limited time we saw them in Alien Covenant was not enough.

So to ANSWER the Question?

Honestly i think the Next movies would have to have a few Xenomorphs and even show how David could obtain a Xeno-Egg from just those TWO Face Huggers, i think by not having any Xenomorphs will affect the potential Box Office, and also i think a lot of Fans especially Fanboys would want to see even more Xeno Action than AC had...

I know a number are hoping it will show that David did not create them too

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MemberChestbursterOct-25-2017 6:14 AM

I think - no. Because us, finally, should see the appearance of a biomechanical xenomorph.

RS says what AA will focus on David and AI, but I think, it just means that David will be a main character in movie, not other new hero. This doesn't exclude the appearance of xeno in movie.


MemberFacehuggerOct-25-2017 3:03 PM

I don’t really see Ridley doing any more Alien movies after AA, however time will tell. Since Ridley took to the helm of this project, it was laid out to be a trilogy originally and so we are now waiting for act3 (AA). I can’t see there not being a xeno in this third act. I think there could be some budget limitations because of Covenants performance, but other than that, Ridley, I feel will do whatever he feels like. There will be no pressure to have a film that HAS TO perform well in order to secure more movies. Obviously Fox will want to see a decent return on their investment, but it has certainly been the case that previous Scott films having taken time to gain decent traction with fans. If AA is the grand finale that leads back in some way to the original Alien, then I think there will have to be more than a hint of xeno about it. How much screen time would be dedicated to xeno precence I think could be limited because of Ridley’s desire to explore his AI storyline.

Looking at the overall performances of each movie up to now I would evaluate them as such.(This is just my opinion)


Act 1 Prometheus

Provides a background story to work from. It introduced the black goo and the Engineers. The origin of the xeno was touched on, but no real specifics given. No xeno’s pissed off the fans, but the film did not really need one. We are made aware that the black goo can form the basis for a variety of different alien species/lifeforms and that what can emerge could be used as a weapon.


Act2 Alien Covenant

We are introduced to a planet where there is an Engineer culture present. We get a xeno, but it does not really define the storyline and is eye candy for fanboys. We do see how the black goo urns are used as a weapon and the effects it has when deployed. Somehow a rogue AI element has discovered how to get a xeno, but still needs more trials to perfect the creation. Having human hosts could be the key. Still some mystery left to uncover.


Act 3 Alien Awakening

This has to tie into the 1979 Alien, but because of the performance from the previous two acts fans are divided and so Engineers and xenos will have to be shown. This act could be a grand finale, so many mysteries need to be rounded up. ALL previous acts have come up with something new in terms of offering new creatures and concepts. The biggest mystery would be, where exactly do eggs come from?


Ridley has hinted that he was looking at a war scenario, which makes may wonder if we could get a battle scene between a traditional xeno army and David’s xeno army (if there is one). The outcome being that the most perfect xeno wins.

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterOct-25-2017 3:21 PM

"I think the evolution of the Alien himself is nearly over, but what I was trying to do was transcend and move to another story, which would be taken over by A.I.’s. The world that the AI might create as a leader if he finds himself on a new planet."

I agree with daliens assessment. He said the evolution was nearly over, meaning they will be perfected into the traditional Xeno along with a Queen and the ability to exist as a species complete with a planet of their very own. No where did I read that there wouldn't be any Xenos or that they won't be integral to the story but that they aren't the focus per se as he's trying to transcend the Alien narrative to an AI one so we can have fresher stories instead of the same old same old. Plus, the whole point of Covenant was to re-introduce the Xenomorph so they can be used for further stories. With the Accelerant being a form of radical AI the Xenos themselves can be referred to as an AI of sorts and that's probably what he means. Ridley said that if an AI is perfect then they will try to replicate another which I believe is what David is doing with the Xenomorphs.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


MemberXenomorphOct-25-2017 4:04 PM

Lawrence of Arabia in the way you put it I can accept David created the xenomorph. It's an exciting thought to see David releasing the xenomorphs as a self sustained species, as David himself always wanted to be, it reminds me of the Desert Kings by George R.R. Martin. They can rule the galaxy not as David's army of eunuchs, but as his children, carrying on his legacy.

It's so open to a lot of possibilities the next film. 

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberTrilobiteOct-25-2017 5:37 PM

I think they need to address the Engineers. The Xeno could have less of a role since it received a decent amount of face time. David's arc needs to wrap up- possibly with the Engineers. I think the Space Jockey should remain a mystery sort of like this guy:


MemberFacehuggerOct-26-2017 1:01 AM

Title just confirmed by Fox:

ALIEN AWAKENING - Prometheus 2: David vs. Engineers (Xeno Free)  



MemberPraetorianOct-27-2017 8:59 AM

I don't believe so.

The Alien: Covenant Origins novelization has no clear description of a xenomorph in the book. The story was still great in regards to explaining what what happening on Earth right before the crew left for the Covenant mission. The weapons hidden inside synthetic animals in the novelization could be ridiculous on screen.

I can imagine that Alien: Awakening would be comprised of the content in the Origins novelization and the Engineer story Ridley Scott has spoke of. If the Engineers are disappointed in David's actions on Paradise then I can only assume that they will unleash something biological on David (and the humans) to shred him or use some sort of Engineer weapon we have yet to see.

Or, they could make David run a gauntlet made up of Engineers (that lost their cousin on Paradise) and beat him with sharp instruments, hammer-like objects, or with Walter's head.

I'm sure there will be some screen time showing someone chewed up by a xenomorph in Alien: Awakening.
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