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Best and worst characters of the Alien: Franchise?

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Rick D

MemberOvomorphOct-21-2017 7:42 PM

My opinion:

The best... in no particular order...

1. Ripley - almost everyone's number one pick and rightly so.

2. Brett - right!

3. David - total sociopath but somehow extremely likable.

4. Ash - Ian Holm does such a damn good job playing Ash.

5. Bishop - "I prefer the term artificial person myself..."

6. Burke - the most punchable but still a great character. 

7. Hudson - "I am the ultimate badass!"

8. Parker - "The food ain't that bad baby..."

9. Tennessee - Danny McBride in an Alien film... who doesn't love that? 

10. Janek - sacrificing himself to save Earth makes him an even more lovable character. 


The worst... in no particular order...

1. Vickers - extremely narcissistic and always pissed off for no reason. 

2. Daniels - boring and dull.

3. Fifield - total jerk.

4. Holloway - dumbass

5. Millburn - dumbass

Whats your opinion? Who do you think is the best and who is the worst?

14 Replies


MemberNeomorphOct-22-2017 12:57 AM


1) Ripley 2) Dallas 3) Big Chap 4) Ash 5) Hudson 6) David (from Prometheus) 7) Shaw 8) The Queen 9) Engineers 10) Hicks 11) Burke (favorite scoundrel)


1) Daniels 2) Oram 3) David (Alien Covenant) 4) Xenomorph (Alien Covenant) 5) The Runner (Alien 3) 6) Newborn

I am kinda indifferent to Bishop, Weyland and Walter


MemberNeomorphOct-22-2017 3:27 AM


1-everyone in alien...cmon, there isn't a bad character in the whole movie

joint 2-hicks-hudson


5-earth,what a shithole (for the life of me cant remember characters name)

6-call, she is extremely f******e isn't she





4-engineers in AC (not their fault but more to do with the way they were used in the film)



MemberNeomorphOct-22-2017 6:57 AM


Here are some that I like, just a random list


  • Ripley in Alien 3: She has been through a lot and has changed compared to the previous movies. Alien 3 is the only movie where I think that she has that something special about her.

  • Vasquez: I like that attitude that she has. She isn't afraid to fight when it is needed and she doesn't take any shit. Take the scene when they are told that the can not take any ammo with them and she pulls out some shells or what ever it is, it says something about her.

  • Bishop (Aliens): He just seems to be there to help and is a nice guy. “I prefer the term artificial person myself.” Sorry for stealing the quote Rick D, I just think that it says a lot about him as a character. It is kind of sad when he gets ripped apart by the queen, he didn't deserve that.

  • Janek: Smart (he figured out about the alien installation), down to earth kind of character (“I am just flying the ship”) while others had the most weird ideas and seemed unlikable

  • Call: Cute, the only reason why I watch Alien R at times even though the movie is kind of a joke


Disliked in no particular order


  • Shaw: Extremely naive and with no common sense (“no guns”).

  • The Newborn: What the F were they thinking?

  • Fifield and Milburn: Fucking idiots, they just came off as dumb


MemberChestbursterOct-22-2017 9:34 AM

Another fun topic! I assume we are sticking with movie characters only? I think I'll stick to a top 5 for each category, myself!

Also here are some runner-ups for favorite (in no particular order): Parker, Brett, Ash, Hicks, Frost, Golic, Christie, Branson,Perez, and Walter. Bonus: Amand Ripley (from Alien: Isolation)! 

Top 5 FAVORITE Characters: 

1) David; He is part of a changing (at least for now) Alien franchise that some may not like, but he was the best part of Prometheus and I loved the delve into his madness in Covenant. 

2) Ripley; One of cinema's greatest heroines!

3) Shaw; Wasn't written too super well, but Rapace made it a captivating role for me

4) Ripley 8; A super interesting (albeit, odd) spin on a beloved character

5) Oram; Once again, writing needed more work, but I relate to Oram in one way and think that Billy Crudup was awesome!

Top 3 LEAST favorite characters: 

1) Milburn; Didn't get enough of his character to think he is anything but lonely and dumb.

2) Holloway; I sort of liked him, but the writing left him mostly one-dimensional

3) Vickers; Was pretty uninteresting despite the concept and the amazing actress

Wow... I can't really think of any characters I dislike THAT much! So, just three. 

Not a map, an invitation

Rick D

MemberOvomorphOct-22-2017 10:59 AM

I agree that Oram and Shaw had some bad writing behind them. They had the potential especially Oram because he got the worst of the bad writing. He's stupid. He saw David rage at him for killing the Neomorph and the he just follows David to his lair and puts his face near the egg. That's some dumb writing. It's as dumb as Millburn and Fifield playing around with the hammerpede.


MemberTrilobiteOct-22-2017 11:11 AM

I will make it simple. I liked pretty much everyone except Shaw, Milburn,  Fifield and Vickers- all from Prometheus. Hmmm...


MemberChestbursterOct-22-2017 11:32 AM

Rick D, It seems that Ridley Scott isn't worrying enough about the characters, more the plot. I mean, we don't need character driven pieces from him, but he seems too worried about the big picture and, at this point, the spectacle of it. 

Not a map, an invitation

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterOct-22-2017 12:08 PM

Rick D The reason Oram followed David to his lair was because he demanded answers now that he had his faith restored and took it upon himself as the leader/shepard to protect his flock. He felt his creators would protect him from evil, which is what the basis for most of his decisions stems from. Remember, before David tried to tame the Neomorph, he saved the Covenant crew from the wheatfield attack and brought them to safety in the Hall of Heads showing no signs of ill-will. Just as he treated Walter earlier in the film as nothing but a tool, Oram did the same to David believing he would do no harm their masters. He has never seen an ovomorph either so it's not unheard of to be fascinated by a new organism that seems harmless. Shaw and Oram serve as those with unflinching faith that the universe is a welcoming place but the reality is that it is dark and indifferent.

Milburn and Fifield were just sorely under-qualified for the job they were hired for and it shows lol There negligence is representative of one of the many reasons the Engineers and David hates us as a species.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


MemberNeomorphOct-22-2017 1:00 PM

ali81 Just like you, I like everybody in Alien. I would say if i really had to narrow down my dislikes it would be Daniels/Oram.

Rick D

MemberOvomorphOct-22-2017 6:50 PM

Lawrence of Arabia... that makes more sense now. Thanks for that explanation. As for Fiffield and Millburn you sure are right. Fiffield especially was unqualified. 

Rick D

MemberOvomorphOct-22-2017 6:50 PM

Lawrence of Arabia... that makes more sense now. Thanks for that explanation. As for Fiffield and Millburn you sure are right. Fiffield especially was unqualified. 


MemberOvomorphOct-23-2017 1:35 PM


Shaw – I adore this character and I hate, how she was ruined in AC. She had this strange composition of vulnerability and dark aggressive energy. I think her intention to find the truth is very attractive.

Ripley – One of the most inspiring female character

David (in Prometheus) – I don’t like, how his character was represented in AC. This contradictory guy deserved more than just to be psycho robot.

Vasquez - Love this badass baby

Clemens – Pleasant man played by gorgeous Charles Dance

Vickers – I really like her, she reminds me Ripley in some way. But cold environment and difficult circumstances made her figure look bitchy.

Janek – Secret genius

Call – She’s just a cute nice android


Newt – She just annoys me. I think her line with Ripley was absolutely unnecessary.

Holloway – He got what he deserved.

Burke – An archetype of greedy miserable person.

Daniels – Poorly developed mock on Ripley badly played by Waterston.


MemberXenomorphOct-23-2017 2:58 PM

Best characters are in Alien, Alien : Covenant and Alien3.

The most annoying ones are in Aliens, Prometheus and Alien Resurrection.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"

Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterOct-23-2017 6:15 PM












everyone in alien ressurection including ripley 8

food ain't that bad! - Parker

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