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How would Shaw have actually birthed the Trilobite?

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OvomorphMember20 XPSep-24-2017 10:58 AM

I assume she surgically removed the baby Trilobite prior to its natural birth because it was causing her so much pain. David had said it wasn't a "traditional fetus," which, along with its lack of any sharp appendages at its time of birth, meant Shaw would've probably birthed it the same way as a human baby. Seeing as she wasn't impregnated via the implantation of an Alien egg via a facehugger, one can assume the baby Trilobite wouldn't have burst through her abdomen to birth itself.


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I Moon Girl

ChestbursterMember611 XPSep-24-2017 12:14 PM

I assume she would've birthed a human birth.  The alien was in a placenta, like a human as well.  I'm not sure what triggers contractions in child birth nor to I know much about child birth.  Still, the fetus was similar to a humans except that there was an alien involved instead of a human.

I did some very quick research and couldn't find a direct answer on what starts contractions, but it is started by a chemical that gets released.  How the body knows to release that chemical, I am not sure.

Shaw's Trilobite was very large when she took it out of her, so I would assume the body would treat it like a regular baby.  So I would also expect her contractions would start soon.  It was very smart for her to remove that baby.  There would be no telling how big it could get before being pushed out of Shaw's body.  I would assume, though, that the alien would only get as big as a normal human baby before the body starts its contractions.


OvomorphMember20 XPSep-24-2017 1:13 PM

Yeah, if it grew any larger than it did, Shaw probably would've had internal bleeding.


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-24-2017 4:55 PM

I agree with I Moon Girl to a point...

It was grown to a degree the same as a Mammal Birth, and so Birth would have maybe been something im sure HR Giger would have been proud of ;)

But i think the Trilobite started to grow at a very fast rate, even appearing to be pushing upon her Tummy/Stomach as she was in the Med-Pod.

so i would assume the Organism would have Grown to such a size that normal birth would maybe not have happened and instead her Womb would simply had ended up not being big enough to contain the size of the growing Trilobite prior to its natural Birth.

And so we would have got a Belly Burster which would have been Horrific...

Its one thing i think they should have done with Alien Covenant, i would have had it that Karine (Orams Wife) was the one infected with the Spore or even Black Goo, while she was Pregnant and then have her accompanied to the Med-Bay by Ledwood only for her to then Belly Burst a Hybrid...

That would have been much more gruesome.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianModerator2414 XPSep-24-2017 5:02 PM

Hi BigDave!!!

That would've been a truly gruesome death worthy of an Alien film! 


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-24-2017 6:20 PM

Very True...

while i felt the way they dealt the Covenant and the Black Goo was disappointing.. The Black Goo has so much Potential.

Now all we shall have is TWO Face Hugger Embryos that somehow will lead to THOUSANDS of Eggs.

Lets hope David also snuck some Black Goo with him and Pulls another Holloway Experiment on some unsuspecting Crew. I would certainly had liked to see a Full Term Trilobite Belly Burster Birth... then Resulting Face Hug on a Human Host to give us a Human Birthed Deacon ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember198 XPSep-25-2017 9:43 AM

I always assumed the trilobite was going to burst out of her abdomen, but perhaps it was deemed too gruesome? lol


PraetorianMember3422 XPSep-25-2017 10:54 AM

I have to agree with you AdamPD regarding the bursting of the below organism from Dr. Shaw's abdomen. This would be advanced applications horror viewing.

I still believe that David 8 brought the ship down to the surface of Paradise so black goo may be in ample supply BigDave.


DeaconMember10416 XPSep-25-2017 2:52 PM

Indeed that last shot Ingeniero is something from one of the TV Spots where we first saw the Take Me Home Song, and it left many wondering how this plays into the Movie.

I assumed the only Logical Explanation that leads to No Plot Holes etc, would be that Daniels would be in her Room Playing the Song, looking out her Window into the Stars... and then thinking of her Loss of Jacob, and then we get the Flash Back Dream in New York and then we go back to her on the Covenant where the view out of her Window is now across a Lake...  I.E the view in question in the last image, before the Lake Fades into Stars..

This to me would feel like it would have fitted, and while yes the Location actually appears to be on Planet 4,  this could just be a coincidence... well something thats not meant to connect.. much like the Mountain and Lake in the Opening Scene of the Movie in the White Room is the same Lake/Mountain at the Start of Prometheus.

But this... does not mean that Weyland etc had been to the place or had knowledge of the Place where the opening of Prometheus took place or indeed if it is Paradise/Planet 4 that the company had knowledge or had been there at that point in the movie (Year 2025).

And so this shot is maybe the same... its just there its not playing no important part or significance, but it does not Stop Speculation of how it could... i think Prometheus and Alien Covenant are Poorly worked on for such things they add like these, and the Mural and Fresco, and things in Davids Lab if they are all there without any thought to how they actually are LITERALLY connected...

But again this does not stop Speculation on any of these, even if speculating on things that are not meant to be as significant leads on down the wrong path... its still fun...

And indeed a explanation could be that David goes back to the Surface..

I mean we have to look at it Logically, what would David do? What would he need?

Once he has the Covenant Crew Tucked up nicely in Bed... well Daniels and Teneseee, then David is Free to do what ever he wants.. he can head to Origae-6, or any place..

With maybe just Two Face Huggers we have to speculate what options he has apart from infect TWO Hosts and then rely on the Procreation Methods of the Xenomorphs to Produce more Eggs.

Any would be Scientist who has spent time experimenting on the Life of a Planet, that now has no Life, or not much... would surely want to take some of the Tools (Black Goo) that no doubt played a big role in his experiments.. and take this Substance with him to Origae-6 so he can potentially experiment with what ever Life (if any) that World has.

And also allow him to evolve and cross-breed his Face Hugger Results on the Covenant.

So indeed IF David has no BLACK GOO at the end of Covenant, it would make sense for him to go and get some, HOWEVER.. the Shot in the last image is of a Room Module on the Covenant and looking how the Ship looks, to me it looks like it was not suited to Land on the Surface as One Whole Ship.

I assume the Lander used to rescue the Crew would be used to load individual Modules that are connected and make up the Covenant, and Transport them down to the Surface to Assemble them.

Once all Modules are down on a Surface then maybe the Ships Reduced Size could then Land?

But if David was to go back to Planet 4, i would assume all he would need would be the Lander... but then thats not to say the Lander is the only one of its kind or if so, that the Lander would not have a Module loaded onto it prior to departing to the Surface.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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