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Fox signals search for new stories, end of David's reign
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MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 1:44 PM

Acknowledging Alien Covenant was a disappointment, Fox CEO Stacey Snider signaled in a statement that the studios will prioritize originality for the sequel, for which Ridley Scott is still onboard. These are the two most important takeaways from his statement:

"I trust Ridley [Scott] and Emma [Watts] to know the right story when they find it". This likely means Logan's 3 page draft for a sequel has already been scrapped, and that new writers will be hired.

And most importantly:

"..they can also find a planet or a storyline or a villain that also lives in that universe that can be groundbreaking." This is a clear sign that David storyline will be downplayed or dropped altogether in the sequel.

I am ecstatic and we should all be, because this is great news!

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ModeratorPraetorianSep-20-2017 2:06 PM

Here is the story they are looking for, it's just about done according to Blackwinter-witch

;-) ;-) #FOX

ALIEN: Manticore **Excerpts & Advice Points**


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 2:12 PM

'I am ecstatic and we should all be, because this is great news!'

:D :D :D :D :D :D

So it's time to do some fluting! :D


MemberChestbursterSep-20-2017 2:15 PM

Anything but him being killed by his own creation cliche or a rewriting of the Tannhauser opera (Wagner yet again), which curiously has a Elizabeth character in it). For me they could:

1. Ret-con the fact that these 2 movies are prequels and make David wipe out life in the universe (too Carpenter like?).

2. Make him be punished (by the gods) like the mythological Prometheus, to live forever but be chained (dismembered) and tortured for his transgressions.

 3. Make Covenant Shaw's hyper-sleep nightmare (how can you dream in in that is a mystery), so David's reign of terror never begun.

Anything not so predictable as Covenant's twist ending would be highly appreciated.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 2:45 PM

Lol Ati Ridley is fantasising about that flute being a Cuban Cohiba!



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 3:18 PM

Lone - :D -- And look at his hands, he is an expert. :)

Sometimes I feel joylitt lives in a parallel universe since every line is interpreted in a different way in her comments and topics.

no prioritize/not for the sequel/uses still onboard/3 page draft??? insider info? in May Scott said it was being written!/of course there will be new writers - no surprise/why is it a clear sign?/downplayed-dropped - Of course! We know it will be the last David chapter./etc.

Look at Chris' version (using plurals) from the main page:

'The trick going forward, as Snider explains, will be finding ways to break new ground and explore new stories and new villains within this highly expansive and relatively unexplored cinematic universe:'

Beyond doubt, joylitt's information repacking skills should be taught at university. :)


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 3:46 PM

Ati Oh so it seems you cannot read the source? The source does not mention "villains" it mentions a new "villain". But if you prefer, so you get the picture more clearly:

Old villain = David = Box office poison

New villain who can be groundbreaking = ? = Hope for something new


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 4:18 PM


Let's look at the original text:

'It was a disappointment, but I trust Ridley [Scott] and Emma [Watts] to know the right story when they find it. When universes are as rich as “Alien,” they can stay in a too familiar groove — in which case you’re in trouble — but they can also find a planet or a storyline or a villain that also lives in that universe that can be groundbreaking.'

There is no focus on the word 'villain', David is not mentioned. She says: ...a planet or a storyline or a villain...

Chris uses plurals since he understands (well) that Snider is speaking about the future Alien movies as well.

But it's not so important - the important thing is that we are happy because you are ecstatic. :D :D


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 4:19 PM


Thank-you for the mention!!

Also, just to say, ALIEN: Manticore is done. The story and epilogue are complete.
Now, the Final Editing pass then it's getting published.

If FOX wants to use/borrow my ideas, well, they know where to find me. :D






MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 4:22 PM

Ati Yeah I know. Now imagine that I had used the word "villains", you would be accusing me of "repackaging" the news in a misleading way.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 4:24 PM

Blackwinter-witch - Awesome! Congratulations! :)


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 4:27 PM


Thank-you!! :D

Man, I am really excited about the new from FOX about continuing on with the franchise as well as the Short Fils discussed in another thread!!! :D






MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 4:29 PM

And what if i covered the news in a similar way to the AVP website, whose article includes the following:

"Talking about the situation and potential future films, Fred Baron recently told the Sydney Morning Herald: “It got great reviews and was everything we set out for it to be, it just didn’t hit the note at the box office. It will be a profitable film for the studio but whether there’s another one [is uncertain].”


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 4:32 PM

Blackwinter-witch - :D - Yes, great news! I was so sure that they would say something after the Japanese first weekend.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 4:42 PM

joylitt - :D :D :D

Those lines are from an article from JULY 2017! :D To be more precise: 8th July. :D

Here you are, the link:

Your comments are a little bit tiring but I understand your bitterness. :)


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 4:54 PM

Ati You are wrong. That was posted today by Corporal Hicks. Obviously you would have problems with him too.

And yes, it is tiresome to reply to your nonsense. You are just too narrow minded.


ModeratorPraetorianSep-20-2017 5:18 PM

Blackwinter-witch Congratulations on finishing a full novel, that is an achievement in itself!!! Well done

 it may be the perfect time for Manticore to be released with the current state of things.

FOX and co seem to be looking around for fresh ideas and visions.......

On that note, I'd better get cracking myself ;-)


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 5:19 PM


I have no problems with Corporal Hicks but I'm sure you did not read the avpgalaxy article by him carefully enough. :)

That article contains a link which leads you to another internet article written months ago in July. In my previous comment I added the direct link to that source. :) In other words, Fred Baron's words were said and published in July.

It's September now. :D

You should relax a little bit. :)


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 5:24 PM

IRaptus - Please help joylitt. :) You are from Australia. The link added by me leads to an Australian site. The article in question with Fred Baron's words is from July. Please visit the link and after that please tell me that I am right. :)

The link again:

I would be grateful if you could find this section in the article:

While Ridley Scott has previously said he wants to shoot two more Alien movies, Alien Covenant struggled to sell enough tickets to ensure another instalment.

"It got great reviews and was everything we set out for it to be, it just didn't hit the note at the box office," says Fred Baron, the 20th Century Fox executive on the movie: "It will be a profitable film for the studio but whether there's another one [is uncertain]."


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 5:34 PM

Ati Again you are wrong. I don't understand why you make up stuff that is so easy to debunk. I don't care when that article was originally posted. My point was Corporal Hicks decided to quote it on his article published today. I understand it is his way to take the news with a grain of salt.

And BTW I didn't noticed there is another thread where that bit was highlighted by Daszkowski

I advise that you go pestering and trolling in that thread too because what Corporal Hicks says there is going to really bother you. A preview just for you:

"I made this comment earlier, before this post was made, that the executives at Fox are not going to be quick to finance another Alien movie.  What he is saying to Ridley is, "back to the drawing board". And Ridley is no spring chicken."


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 5:43 PM


'My point was Corporal Hicks decided to quote it on his article published today.'

No, it wasn't. It was not your point. You used that piece of information to confuse people similarly to your whole comment above.

Everybody knows here that you are the troll. :D

I should repeat myself: Relax a little bit, joylitt. :)


MemberOvomorphSep-20-2017 5:45 PM

This is my opinion of the movie and what could fix it.

The idea of this silly David character(a bad copy of Lore from Star Trek. Cliche!) being the creator of the xenomorphs is just stupid. It takes away the mystique of the whole thing. I saw more flaws as well. One of the main ones is David being the creator(which was a dumb idea) when the xenomorphs were clearly around thousands of years before, indicated on Predator 2 and Alien vs predator.

The only way that can be fixed is to make it that the xenomorphs were not his creation but the genetics were already in the "black goo", and he just followed the instructions he would have gotten from the ship and the engineers base since he and the man who built him already knew their language, he could have gotten it from there. This would make sense since, David was just a fancy computer, and doesn't have a living brain which can change as it learns, making a living brain more advanced and adaptable, his mind would be more like a child even though he has information, he still wouldn't be able to think in the way we do. He would not be able to differentiate between a gardener planting an avocado seed and it growing into a tree and the gardener actually creating the tree. He could have just been planting the seed, but thinking that what came out was his creation. But they shouldn't have done it this way in the first place. 


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 6:15 PM

Ati Dude I didn't use any piece of information. I was just giving an example of how you take anything I say the wrong way. You are the one who needs to relax. I understand how difficult it must be for you to see your David/Walter soap opera crumble into oblivion. What did you expect? Just suck it up, man.


MemberOvomorphSep-20-2017 6:29 PM

Fatheredcat Ridley Scott is ignoring the predator tie-ins (and for good reason). They don't factor into the story one bit.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 6:36 PM


:D :D

'I understand how difficult it must be for you to see your David/Walter soap opera crumble into oblivion.'

Are you talking about one of your copyrighted Alien short stories? :D

I understand how difficult it can be for you to face the fact that your Alien scripts are not wanted by Fox. :)

'What did you expect?'

Exactly the pieces of information revealed by Snider.

'Just suck it up, man.'

No comment. :D



MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 6:53 PM

Ati I'm currently not looking for a job at Fox. What are you talking about :-)


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 7:05 PM

Fatheredcat Yes, I agree they have to modify this notion that David is almighty. Actually in the prologue to Covenant Weyland should have turned him off the instant he said "You will die, I will not". That is simply false because he is matter and matter wears off and crumbles. He should know better that the universal truth of Ozymandias applies to him as well. And as you said he did not invent anything neither, he just played with Gods' toys.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2017 7:07 PM


Thank-you!! I admit, I had my doubts at times if I'd get it finished, but I bulled on ahead and just powered through the times when the Muse seemed to have wandered off. :)

Well, if FOX wants new ideas, this is the site they should be following, there's a lot of great writers here!

Best advice I can give, is try to get at least a little writing in each day. It doesn't matter if it's good, or whatever, that can all be fixed in editing, right?
The trick, Mr. IRaptus, is in the accumulation of small efforts into an aggregate whole. ;)






AdminPraetorianSep-20-2017 7:23 PM

Are they going to drop David/Walter now, just like the Shaw storyline was dropped too? This is mighty frustrating. :(

@Ati and @joylitt, play nice you two. Seriously...


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2017 7:25 PM

Lilly (Svanya) I don't think they are dropping David altogether. But I don't see Walter coming back. We will see less Fassbender for sure.


MemberOvomorphSep-21-2017 5:23 AM

"They can also..."

Dont worry at all

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