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Matt Hatton Concept Artist Speaks about Elizabeth Shaw and David in Alien: Covenant

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PraetorianMember3378 XPSep-19-2017 5:35 PM

'Matt Hatton Concept Artist answers some questions on instagram about Elizabeth Shaw and David in Alien Covenant.'

For the Noomi Rapace fans from the movie The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009):

5 Responses to Matt Hatton Concept Artist Speaks about Elizabeth Shaw and David in Alien: Covenant

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPSep-19-2017 5:40 PM

That's intriguing and insightful :D I knew he loved Shaw but he's a soul less robot. His development for love was never gonna be healthy.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


EngineerAdmin22767 XPSep-19-2017 6:14 PM

Very true, David being an unnatural being seems to possess unnatural emotional capacities. He can love and adore and despise and hate all at the same time. David is basically rapant emotions without a grounded attachment to reality or other beings of his caliber. For lack of a better word, he's purely insane.

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FacehuggerMember240 XPSep-20-2017 7:27 AM

Excellent post!  Matthatt0n is very vocal via social media and very kind to always answer fan questions.  We need a book of just his sketches for the film!!

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPSep-20-2017 8:02 AM

@Ati - Great post!  It is good to have Matthatt0n affirm what we thought was going on with David!  I hope to hear 'The real story' about the bombing of the Engineers from someone other than David, soon!


PraetorianMember3378 XPSep-20-2017 9:02 AM

Thank you for the comments, I'm glad you like the post.

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