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Weyland-Yutani Corporate Security
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MemberPraetorianSep-01-2017 1:25 PM

Weyland-Yutani Corporate Security 

The Yutani Commandos are shown for a short period of time following Michael Bishop and the scientists in their attempt to capture the xenomorph they learned was on Fiorina 161.
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ModeratorPraetorianSep-01-2017 3:07 PM

In the expanded universe Morse went on to write a contraband novel called Space Beast, homage to O'Bannons original Star Beast script for Alien.

Nice Touch


MemberPraetorianSep-01-2017 9:46 PM

I didn't know about that regarding the O'Bannon script and Robert Morse's publication. Thank you IRaptus.

Robert Morse describes the attack on Andrews above in the cafeteria so well in Space Beast.


MemberPraetorianSep-03-2017 6:32 PM

No pain Bishop... I like the version suggesting that he is an android.


MemberPraetorianSep-25-2017 10:22 AM

I think it can be said in all versions Ati that Michael Bishop was very much a hybrid...and hard to say where cybernetics stopped and humanity began with the work he had done to his body.


MemberPraetorianSep-25-2017 3:50 PM

So many secrets... :D


MemberDeaconSep-25-2017 3:57 PM

I will have to read this Space Beast ;)

Indeed Morse was interrogated, and it would have been nice to maybe got some insight to what happened to him...  But it appears maybe the Company realized after the loss of Ripley that its just a BUST...

Until a much latter date United Systems Military successfully clone a Ripley from her DNA

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianOct-21-2017 6:16 AM

Ingeniero - 'humanity began with the work he had done to his body'

It would be good to see (more) cyborg-like creatures in the Alien Universe. And it would be awesome to see real robot-like robots in the next alien movie.

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