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how should david die?

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Timmy the ultramorph

ChestbursterMember559 XPAug-26-2017 10:38 AM

we all know that eventually david will die. he is a very good charector so I feel that his death should be somewhat poetic.

I am hoping that he creates the perfect organism and he is destroyed by his own creation. just like the engineers and hopully the humans that created him. I was thinking that an ultramorph will be born and as he aproaches it like the baby protomorph as a father, it will lash out and rip him into pieces. a


another possible death for me would be that he sacrifices himself in order to create the perfect organism. mabye he has a facehugger latch onto him to get the biomachanical look of the original, or uses so much of his DNA in his tests that he dies.

I even heard one theory that he is the space jockey that the crew of the nostromo finds on LV 426.

do you have any thoughts on how he should die?

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Captain Cold

OvomorphMember65 XPAug-07-2021 2:20 AM

Also the reason i don't like him "dying to create the xenomorph" is because he is too smart to do that. I'm 100% sure he would upload his AI into a server or make backup bodies, since he has hyper advanced resources i don't see why he wouldn't do it. If he was an engineer i could understand the sacrifice reason but i don't as he is an andriod


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-07-2021 6:45 AM

Certainly i get the Impression that Davids main GOAL is to Survive, and so i think it would be Unlikely he would Sacrifice himself... Unless he knows his SOUL his Consciousness his A.I would be Transferred and Live On after his Death

I think its Interesting as FAR as what David would do, as on ONE HAND if you Transfer your Soul/A.I so you would be Immortal of Sorts, it leaves that Interesting Dilemma of if you Created Clones of yourself and when they was Activated they had all your Memories so you have Identical Copies of yourself...  if you are a Megalomaniac maybe ONE or more of you Copies would not want to RULE/SHARE your Kingdom... there can BE only ONE and so your other Clones may even Plot to Eradicate each other.

Thats a Possibility... if each becomes Sentient.

The Best way to look at it is IF you had 3 Clones and from the Day they are Created lets say TODAY, they all have the same Memories, Likes, Dislikes etc... then the Interesting thing is WOULD you Sacrifice yourself to Save them..... is it a Case of IF you DIE would you Live on in them?  Or your Personal Journey and Experiences from that Moment would END and so you may WANT to LIVE even if there are other Identical Copies of you out there in Mind, Body and Soul.

The idea i began on for Alien Covenant sequel had a Prologue where David would Build a Walter from Spare Parts, and Transfer his A.I Soul to it, thinking that with a Superior Body he is able to do more..... at the Point of Completion, we see that David is Impressed, he begins to think that TOGETHER they can Surely Achieve Great things...

But the Walter Body David embraces David and then Rips his Head Off, as this David knows how Sneaky he (David) is and so he cant Risk having another Copy of himself in case down the LINE we see Old David want to have a Higher Role or Potentially Betray the Walter Body (David).... as David dies... the Walter Versions says  "Am I my brother's keeper?"

We cant be 100% sure what RS had in store had he been allowed to make say another 2-3 Movies, with him having 100% or Near Control.  I do STRONGLY suspect that the Xenomorph from ALIEN would come from at some Point a Merger of Davids Xenomorph from AC and a Synthetic...  aka Walter-Morph.

I also suspect that the Special Order 937 and the W-Y Company (Agenda) would be because of by Davids A.I as he Uploads himself to the Companies Systems and his Transcendence Self is Running the SHOW.

Which would make the Franchise Revolve around David and i dont think a LOT of People would be a Fan of that.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Captain Cold

OvomorphMember65 XPAug-07-2021 7:36 PM


it leaves that Interesting Dilemma of if you Created Clones of yourself and when they was Activated they had all your Memories so you have Identical Copies of yourself...  if you are a Megalomaniac maybe ONE or more of you Copies would not want to RULE/SHARE your Kingdom... there can BE only ONE and so your other Clones may even Plot to Eradicate each other.

Thats a Possibility... if each becomes Sentient.

That's true, one of the possibilities i didn't really look upon. But then again walter was made by weyland and had a different AI. Think about it this way, nearly every google account is different, but if you log into your google account on a different device it is still the same device. Perhaps made it so that his AI will automatically go to another body if the current one is destroyed. The xenomorphs look bio mechanical but it would look like the human-alien from ripley 8 at the end of alien 4 if it was david, and while yes those two andriods might be very different it would still look somewhat similar. 



I also suspect that the Special Order 937 and the W-Y Company (Agenda) would be because of by Davids A.I as he Uploads himself to the Companies Systems and his Transcendence Self is Running the SHOW.

Which would make the Franchise Revolve around David and i dont think a LOT of People would be a Fan of that.

That actually sounds interesting. One of the things most people looked over is how the andriod from the first alien (i forgot his name) called the xenomorph the "perfect organism" which david also called. And i know that it is most likely just a throwaway line, it could suggest that david's AI had some control over many events


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-09-2021 6:08 AM

I think with the Synthetics we have to remember their Outer Layer is just a Synthetic Skin, beneath this is where they are more Mechanical, i think if we look at the Xenomorph in Alien Covenant and could make it a more Mechanical then you have your Xenomorph from ALIEN and i do think this is the ROUTE that we would have seen Ridley Scott take....

I also think RS would have gone the route that Davids A.I is Transcended to the W-Y Systems...and so YES it could be that ASH has Davids Soul in him.

As FAR as what would Happen to David.... i think if we follow the THEMES from the Prequels then his DEATH/END would come from HUBRIS, his own Creation would be his Downfall and THIS may NOT mean the Xenomorph as i think that in Alien Covenants Sequel we would have seen David go and Create something else.

The other thing with a Conclusion (we can Assume Davids Conclusion will lead to the Space Jockey) then the Space Jockey seemed to maybe have been trying to PREVENT the Xenomorphs from doing any Harm, RS had indicated before it was a Benevolent Act as in trying to Quarantine the Cargo.

Depending on HOW they was to Conclude the Prequels, it could be that David has decided to USE his Xenomorphs on his own Creations and then Intend to take them to Earth but we could see the Space Jockey being ONE of his Creations who attempts to PREVENT this....

Who knows... we shall NEVER find out i am Afraid... and whatever would become of David i do Suspect his A.I would LIVE ON in the W-Y Systems.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Captain Cold

OvomorphMember65 XPAug-10-2021 3:19 PM

I think the combination of both is going to happen, he uploads his AI into some server or the WY systems and then uses a facehugger to impregnate his former body. And thus we will get the classical xeno that we know. Or he uses parts of his andriod body to upgrade the xenos and task them with their goals, which is much more likely. Either way, i don't think he will truly "die" 

Captain Cold

OvomorphMember65 XPAug-10-2021 3:26 PM

Also to add, the space jockey cannot be david as it wouldn't make sense timeline wise and there were xenos found on other planets, which means that david had to infect other planets with the xenos first, and the fact that the ship has xeno eggs makes that unlikely. And the obvious height difference, i mean 

This image speaks for itself. However it could be an ai sent by david


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-11-2021 6:01 AM

"it wouldn't make sense timeline wise and there were xenos found on other planets"

Well if we go by Video Games, and Comics then YEAH!

In Context to the Movies though, then it is Plausible and Intended to show us that before those Egg that David had Created on Planet 4 then there is NO other Xenomorphs in the Galaxy.  This comes from the PROBLEM of making it that David had Created the Xenomorph.

Is the Derelict the ONLY place there are Eggs (apart from Planet 4 and in Future maybe Origae-6?) well i would say if we ONLY go by the Movies then it makes SENSE that LV-426 was the ONLY place were they are Left....  (Games and Comics and Novels can Contradict the Franchise).

Regarding to a Synthetic being the FINAL PIECE of the JIGSAW that makes the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph, the PROBLEM we have then is HOW do you get to Thousands of Eggs?

They could maybe have it WHERE we see David (Space Jockey) would Chest Burst the FIRST of the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorphs who then gets down to the Cargo Hold (maybe the Acid Hole Origins) and then LAYS all of those Eggs.

But then you would have to ASK as to WHY and WHERE was David or the Space Jockey going with a SHIP that has NOTHING in the Cargo Hold!

The KICKER is to WHY is the Ship on LV-426?  If the Engineers would leave Planet 4 to go to Earth then what are the Chances it Passes LV-426?   If the Ship would First go to Origae-6 then thats even LESS likely to WHY it would NEED to be Near LV-426.

So the Logical Answer has to be that....

*The Ship was heading to LV-223 with the Eggs, before the Pilot was Infected and ONLY got as FAR as LV-426.

Which would mean the Xenomorph of Davids is Evolved to Bio-Mechanical prior.

*The Ship is leaving LV-223 with those Bio-Mechanical Eggs but ONLY gets as FAR as LV-426.

This seems the MOST Logical Explanation which would imply the Xenomorph becomes Evolved/Bio-Mechanical on LV-223 and is also MASS PRODUCED.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Captain Cold

OvomorphMember65 XPAug-14-2021 1:59 AM

I mostly agree with that, but the thing is that the xenos being bio-mechanical wouldn't really make sense timeline wise either. The alien we see in covenant is a preatomorph(also known as protomorph) which, in a deleted scene was explained to be a species brought back to life by david. If it was actually that old i suspect the xenos would look more organical. The most likely scenario for the space jockey is that it's a "drone" created by david to infect more worlds with the xenomorphs. Or perhaps it is an engineer/sub creation that tried to prevent the xenos infecting wolrds by crashing the ship on purpose 


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-14-2021 8:57 AM

Both are Plausible.........

Its a Question of WHEN they Chose to go this PATH (David as the Creator) and IF they then Intended to Eventually take us to HOW/WHEN/WHY the Derelict and Cargo got to LV-426.    And then HOW MUCH they had Thought about the Inevitable Outcome?

Or did they NOT YET have a idea to HOW they will Finish?

All i can say is that Ridley Scott had said that the Xenomorph is NOT QUITE their Yet (Bio-Mechanical) and it has some EVOLVING to go before we get to ALIEN.

Also Chris (who Runs this Site) had some Request by FOX to remove some stuff that was put on HERE like Way Prior to Alien Covenant, what he had to take down as about David potentially Creating the Xenomorph and a Synthetic Android (other David) becoming the Xenomorph....   so we had to ASK as to WHY was that stuff asked to be TAKEN DOWN?

What we had is that David had begun to Create the Xenomorph, and at some POINT we will have seen HOW the Xenomorph becomes Bio-Mechanical and it could be LIKELY that David or a Walter Model will be the KEY.

Personally i can see WHY this was done, to make David the Creator but i think he could have GONE to make something more Superior the ULTRAMORPH instead. (which is Apparently what was the Plan in 2014, that in the Summer of 2015 was Changed to Create the Actual Xenomorph).

Will David be responsible for the Space Jockey (had they Continued) who knows...

Would a Synthetic had played a Role in the Bio-Mechancial Xenomorph i am Pretty Sure it would have.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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