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NeomorphMember1823 XPAug-24-2017 3:49 PM

at my work and watching alien directors cut, its been said so often but I just thought id say it again. it is by far the best of the lot. even today, after having seen it 100 plus times, having seen films that scare, shock and entertain of all genres, it is a masterpiece. still have to pause certain bits. we have to accept nothing will ever rival it in the franchise imo. it blows the rest out the water.

though saying that, watching it I have to wonder, why have the prequels lost their edge? this film is 40 years old. with the technology of today, Ridley should have given us 2 masterpieces in Prometheus and AC. though I love Prometheus, alien is way way ahead of it

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XenomorphMember1305 XPAug-26-2017 2:48 PM

Cerulean Blue I would remove Aliens from the Alien franchise. I know this would infuriate a lot of people, but Aliens turned the xenomorph into a bug. Better no sequels than such lame one.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


NeomorphMember1823 XPSep-04-2017 6:56 AM

vivisected, I work as a signaller for the railway


NeomorphMember1681 XPSep-09-2017 2:43 AM

. . . why have the prequels lost their edge?”


To me it is because they try to explain too much and they also have mostly lame characters. I like to have some mystery in the movies but if they would have made the characters better it would have saved a lot.


It has to be in the writing, maybe egos at the studio or finding that talented writer is just too difficult.”


I agree in a way, they got to find writers that are good at writing interesting characters. Alien works because the characters are believable in who they are, sure they mess up but they are afraid and fear tend to mess up the judgement. Brett, Vasques, for example get my sympathies because they feel like real persons. Prometheus failed in this aspect and even though AC was better it also failed because the characters were not really fleshed out. They have failed with that part mostly this far. Scott seems to have too much of an influence in the story (I listened to a podcast on AVP-galaxy). Let him do the visuals but keep him far away from the script.


Which many of that is kosher I just diabolically rage hate most of his characters and their dialogue.”


I try not to over-react but there are many things in the prequels that are bad either because of bad writing or messed up editing. To me they are just movies, I try to keep this in perspective. There are some things that are not worthy of that much emotional investment, movies are one example. Sure there are many things to get upset about in this world but I don’t think that this is one of these things.


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