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what sci fi creature/villain would you want the xenomorph to fight the most?

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Timmy the ultramorph

ChestbursterMember559 XPAug-23-2017 4:21 AM

This dose not include the predator.

also this wouldent be a movie, it would just be watching a fight scene between the two.

my choice would be a t-1000 vs a hive of xenomorphs or...

a full on war between those weird hive creatures in starship troopers vs an alien hive.

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7 Responses to what sci fi creature/villain would you want the xenomorph to fight the most?

Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPAug-23-2017 5:10 AM

What about the Thing V.S. Xenomorph ;)

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


ChestbursterMember900 XPAug-23-2017 5:13 AM

Some Screamers, there could be a Xenomorph screamer, with it's head opening revealing a hacksaw or something.

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPAug-23-2017 7:52 AM

Straight up slasher fight:  Jason Voorhees, Freddy & Michael Myers!!

SciFi:  Kylo Ren!!


OvomorphMember49 XPAug-23-2017 9:21 AM

'Movie fan' got there first - the shape-shifting, f**ked up mess that is The Thing (John Carpenter) - now that would be one weird, gloopy smack down! I have a feeling The Thing would win, because it can take any form it's used before, and it's not dead until every cell in its body is burned, so the Xeno would be worn down eventually, and never be able to eradicate it....


thoughts of murnau


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-23-2017 11:15 AM

The only thing that might save the Xeno is if it were biomechanical. The Thing could only overtake biological material- the meat. 

Lawrence of Arabia

ChestbursterMember936 XPAug-23-2017 12:53 PM

Rick Sanchez vs a hive of Xenomorphs.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

The Hooded Figure

ChestbursterMember854 XPAug-23-2017 12:58 PM


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