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What Happened to Monday starring Noomi Rapace- loose review

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22 Responses to What Happened to Monday starring Noomi Rapace- loose review


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 2:23 PM

5 minutes in, this looks GREAT! 


NeomorphMember1823 XPAug-18-2017 2:32 PM

whats the film called with rapace, hardy and gandolfini?


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 2:41 PM

The Drop. Haven't seen it.


NeomorphMember1823 XPAug-18-2017 2:52 PM

good film. wont spoil it for u if u plan to watch it dk. she was good in it


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 2:57 PM

I will look it up- thanks. Meanwhile, I need snacks and beverage and wait for the dark to watch this movie. AC two nights in a row and then this- very exciting week!


ChestbursterMember839 XPAug-18-2017 4:09 PM

I liked the movie, but mainly only Rapace's perofrmance... The whole film itself felt like it was lacking something. I feel like this could have been treated as, like, bigger. You know? It fell below or right around the level of the Hunger Games, Mazrunner, and all that stuff when it comes to dystopian future films. There were some scenes, concepts and performance moments that showed the potential that this story had, but the whole project did not live up to that (in my opinion only, of course)

I mean, I am sure that if I watched it a few more times I would appreicate it more, but I don't want to rewatch it haha! It just doesn't have much replay value. Still though, I can't stress how well Rapace performed! I am also excited for Unlocked, which stars Rapace and Orlando Bloom! It unfortunately looks as if it is a pretty run-of-the-mill action type flick, but it might rise above that! I'll find out!

Hopefully "Unlocked," doesn't detract from her growing star power IF it is just a meh action film. "What Happened To Monday?," was a great example of Rapace's skill.  

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 4:22 PM

cuponator3000 Do you mean Monday or The Drop? I sort of wonder if some made for Netflix movies are a bit like you describe- not quite theater worthy? Not that it's bad- viewing habits seem headed in this direction.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 4:51 PM

cuponator3000 I have a Soilent Green DVD buried around somewhere- maybe I will have to dig that up again.


FacehuggerMember399 XPAug-18-2017 6:05 PM

I have watched 40 mins of it and so far it is pretty good. I am surprised how great they are able to make 7 Noomi appeared in a single shot. Just amazing. And Noomi is such a great actress, made me feel sad she is not on Covenant. 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 6:14 PM

Jonesy Thanks- good to hear. I am still farting around waiting for darkness!


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-18-2017 8:52 PM

The Darkness has arrived. dk will watch the Precious and 7 versions of the Noomi now.


FacehuggerMember399 XPAug-18-2017 11:35 PM

LOL dk, enjoy the movie. I will watch the remaining tonight as well. 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-19-2017 12:29 AM

Just watched- HOLY F'in HAPPY SCI FI DANCE!

It's all there- A complete story with no need for a prequel or sequel. Background and character development. Twists and turns. A balance of both thought provoking  concepts and straight up action. There is a reason everything happens without need for trailers. There is an ambiguous question at the end- is the antagonist really wrong? Answer seems obvious but there is enough to ponder. Good nods to movies past such as Matrix, Running Man, Equilibrium and Forum members could probably cite others- but I think it stands on its own.

I have to admit shedding a tear or two at the end.

If you can, spend a couple hours and watch!


Thanks again to joylitt for the early tip and Starlogger for talking me into getting Netflix just to see this exclusive!


ChestbursterMember839 XPAug-19-2017 9:24 AM

dk, I meant Monday :) I am glad you like it as much as you do though! I honestly gasped and almost cried at that one part near the end!! I didn't love the film, but it did manage to keep me interested throughout. I think I'll post a really short review in the scified review section!

As to your mention of movies from Netflix not being worthy of theater release (some of them), I think there is a handful of outstanding movies that debut on netflix or are made by Netflix teams that could do VERY well in theaters, but I think most of the content is not at that level. 

Like, there are a lot of terrible films, a good amount of films that have some great concepts or aspects; but aren't realized very well (which I think "What Happened To Monday?" inhabits), and others that are just lazy or meh. 

I think those tiers are the result of Netflix being a great platform for trying new things. Whether it is new concepts and on-screen stuff, or relatively new filmmakers, there is more risk-taking and it doesn't always work out amazingly. Sometimes, though, I think it becomes a game of quantity over quality because there is a lot of trash on Netflix (not that I could make anything better lol).

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ChestbursterMember839 XPAug-19-2017 9:26 AM

Well, I won't write a short review because I can't review that movie on the forum... I don't see an option to enter a new title... Whatever :)

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FacehuggerMember399 XPAug-19-2017 12:51 PM

Just finished watching it. In my opinion I think this is a well made action film, good pacing, and most of all Noomi Rapace's performance is top notch. It's almost 90% screen time belong to her, she must feel exhausted after filming this movie lol. But she was really really great. I am proud of this actress.

However I feel the storyline is a little bit weak. Maybe I was expecting a deeper exploration of dystopia, multiple identities, sisters relationship, etc. I like the finger cutting scene which is hard to watch but also emotional and powerful. I feel the movie tends to focus too much on the action pace, maybe I was expecting a stronger narrative. 

Overall I enjoy watching this movie. Very amazing cinematography and Noomi Rapace's kick ass performance. I wonder if she got septuple pay. :D


TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-19-2017 1:20 PM

cuponator3000 I dropped a very quick review on this thread. I figure if it stays on this thread it might be ok- Noomi is a big reason for this forum's presence after all.


ChestbursterMember839 XPAug-20-2017 9:12 PM

dk, whoop there it is!

One thing I noticed about this film is that the locations and sets were boring. I forget what year it is set in, but it seems pretty far into the future do to some of the technology, but it looks as if it is all present day locations. It doesn't have to be friggin Bladerunner desgin wise, but come on, man! Maybe that comes with limited special effetcs budgets (building a city digitally, or changing it, is expensive) AND I suppose the goal was to show that the planet was just packed FULL, so there wasn't room to futurize everything. Either way, I think it hurt the movie. 

With everything in mind, I would say 2.5/5 for me. The high points being Noomi Rapace, the concept (although it isn't realized fully), and soem good action pieces. 

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPAug-20-2017 9:35 PM

The reasons you saw weaknesses were where I saw strengths. It is an overcrowded dystopian world. Overpopulation was shown and it is tough to have a futuristic or modern infrastructure when the populace is struggling to feed itself and survive imo.

If not seen, I would respectfully recommend 1984, Equilibrium and Soilent Green


ChestbursterMember902 XPAug-20-2017 10:57 PM

Sorry you all, but this was a pretty low budget movie. It was not produced by Netflix, they only stepped in as distributor in countries where was not already bought for cinema shows.

It was almost entirely filmed in Bucharest (with a few scene in the port of Constanta), Romania. I was very interesting how even communist buildings were made "dystonian" using cgi. The vehicles and equipment looked not very convincing but i get the budget limitations. Do you know how many cheap action movies are produced in my country? Many pieces of s*** with undeads like Van Dame, Seagal or the like. For example

And I bet Rapace was cheaper to hire than Close and Defoe (combined). Further more she appeared in The Rupture, which for all intents and proposes was a straight to video movie. And the script writers were, sorry for hurting any one, more or less amateurs.

It was very ironic from someone in Romania where abortions were illegal (and were done illegally in ****ty conditions) in the '70s and '80s to see that after 100 years births would be done in the same conditions. Ok that was not intentional and this takes place in an unspecified future.

I was found ironic that in this one that did not kill the Cooper haired one. 

Taking all of this into account for me this was a solid 4 out of 5


ChestbursterMember907 XPAug-21-2017 11:58 AM

Thanks for the review dk, will have to watch it. Just finished "The Transfiguration"---a really good flick!


FacehuggerMember140 XPAug-21-2017 2:12 PM

I liked this movie, and Rapace was great playing 7 of herselves.  The setting seemed a little hard to believe though.  Didn't China already do something like this in limiting the number of children you can have, in real life? 

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