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once the prequels are done, what movies would you want to see in the franchise?

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Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterAug-17-2017 9:21 PM

I think a timeline following amanda ripley would be nice, a trilogy of after alien resurrection could be quite cool as well or something that happens right after alien 3. the after alien 3 trilogy would be about the corporation struggling to get a new specimen and they send a bunch of scientists to this planet witch they think might have them so they can collect it. they go explore but then get trapped in a cave system with xenomorph creatures. they try to avoid being killed and they are slowly running out of air in there suits. I was also thinking that a face hugger would somehow get on an android and create a wierd mutant xenomrohp android thing.

the after alien ressurection one would pretty much be ripley and call on earht witch is completely destroyed and somehow has xenomrohps on it. sort of a post apocolipse movie with xenos. i was also thinking that the after alien 3 movies would eventually connect alien 3 and ressurection so ressurection wouldent be so alienated from the timeline. 

the amanda ripley one is pretty simple. the first movie is an adaptation of isolation and the second and third ones are about her getting picked up by a group of rebels who are working against the corperation by raiding there ships and such. They would then attempt to raid a giant weyland war craft  but get caught by the corperation and they discover that the weyland yutani is weaponizing xenomorphs in different ways on the ship.

what are some concepts or timlines would you like to have done.

also give me some suggestions for mine please. ( remember, its only a rough draft).

food ain't that bad! - Parker

11 Replies


MemberTrilobiteAug-17-2017 9:35 PM

I have thought for a long time a facehugger impregnating an android would be cool. There were some threads dedicated to just that debating how that could happen.

Having Xenos on Earth post Resurrection- the only way I could think of is if the new born's vacuumed body parts somehow entered the Earth's atmosphere and got in that way- somewhat like how David unleashed the black goo.

The problem with A3 is how that egg got on the ship. Again, hotly debated here but essentially a plot hole.

Continuing with Amanda seems a very obvious choice since Isolation ended in such a way to pretty much do just as you suggest.

Lots of possibilities!

Barf The Mog

MemberFacehuggerAug-17-2017 11:23 PM

The franchise needs to return to its true grit. 

CGI needs to used sparingly unless WETA is doing the CG. 

They also need to bring back low-tech space ships and NEVER reference John Denver or music from the past, being that it takes place in the distant future.



Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterAug-17-2017 11:27 PM


food ain't that bad! - Parker


MemberFacehuggerAug-17-2017 11:41 PM

Definitely hope there will be an Alien Isolation movie soon. It would be pretty awesome if they keep the 70s setting/mood as appeared in the game. And I suggest Rebecca Hall to play Amanda. 

Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterAug-18-2017 12:04 AM

alot of people would probably find this really boring but i would like to see a completely company based movie with very few xenomorph things. would pretty much put you through a day in an average weyland yutani worker. mabyr a scientist who is studying the xenos or something.

food ain't that bad! - Parker


MemberFacehuggerAug-18-2017 1:17 AM

I think a TV series which tells a background/story about Weyland would be fantastic.  

Space JOC

MemberOvomorphAug-18-2017 1:21 AM

I never thought of it but would love to see a series on the company, sounds good to me!


MemberOvomorphAug-18-2017 1:38 AM

I dont think Alien needs sequels.I`d like to see 6 movies Ridley was planning.


MemberDeaconAug-18-2017 6:42 AM

With the Prequels done in a way that likely connects and concludes the Xenomorph Creation as far as the LV-426 Eggs and the Space Jockey/Derelict and how the company knew about LV-426 as far as Special Order 937.

Then it does leave a few things to explore... as far as other movies, that are Prequels to the Prequel, Side Plots or Future movies or even distantly related.  Here are a few Examples.

*What becomes of LV-223, Planet 4 and Origae-6 by the Time of Alien?  As all of these are avenues of Engineer Tech, the Black Goo and Xenomorph connected Organisms.   If these are all Null/Void Avenues by the Time of Aliens.. hence the pursuit of Hadleys Hope, and then Ripley for the Xenomorph.

Then maybe a movie can explore why/when these places no longer Yield anything of use. (If the Prequels do not conclude this).

*The Weyland-Yutani History as far as Rivalry, maybe even leading to the Merger, as these TWO companies were competitors and no doubt had their own History/Agenda and Goals... and then at the time of Alien Covenant they are entwined together.

A Parallel Prequels could cover aspects of the Companies that are not related to chasing after Xenomorphs...  (i think the ADF Alien Covenant Prequel Book could cover this a little).

*A Alien Resurrection Sequel... directly after the events of Alien R which would imply on Earth, but then Miss Weaver is very Aged now.. but i can think of ways around this ;)  But a Alien 5 that follows this Time-Line would not be anything New or Fresh...   Ripley and the Xenomorph have been done a bit.

*Engineers History, this one is very Vast in Scope, because exploring the Engineers does not have to revolve around Creation on Earth, or even Planet 4..  If these Engineers and their Creators are a Ancient Race who have seeded/created life within the whole Galaxy or even other Galaxies... then the scope to do stories based on Engineers and other Creations in other parts of the Universe is near Limitless.

*Parallel Alien Stories within the whole Alien Covenant to Alien Resurrection Time-line..  By the time we get to Aliens in the year 2179 is the only Engineer Technology/Black Goo and Xenomorph Related Organisms only available from the Derelict on LV-426?

How many worlds did the Engineers and that Black Goo manage to infect, or attempt to?  Are all Technology/Black Goo or Xenomorph related Organisms totally eradicated by the time of Aliens?

If so there are other ways to bring Xeno related Organisms back in a fresh way...

I had been working a few years ago on TWO Such Plots/Stories..

One Connects to Alien R as a Failed Ripley 7 Queen is sent to another outpost for experiments.

The other a Mining Colony discovers a Burried Cave System with Cocoon like Organisms that contain a Xeno-strain related Organism, and then revealed a Engineer Ship is also buried and these Engineers had came across these Cocoons and attempting to take them off this world.

So one was a way to bring back a more fresh and different Xenomorph related threat... the other a hint at maybe Events that lead to the Engineers Experiments on LV-223

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-18-2017 11:13 AM

We need Alien 5 and it should be Force Awakens/Jurassic World style

Cleaner than Earth Actually


MemberFacehuggerAug-18-2017 11:13 AM

We need Alien 5 and it should be Force Awakens/Jurassic World style

Cleaner than Earth Actually

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