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Queen Confirmed inAlien awakening?

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Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterAug-07-2017 7:30 PM

in the blue ray release of alien covenant, there is a special feature that strongly hints at daniells becoming the queen.

my personal thoughts on this are very mixed. for one, daniells is a compelling charechter and i dont really want her to die so soon. another problem I have is that this would probably create a more acction packed enviorment then a horror movie setting. 

What I sort of hope happens is that near the very end she is made into the queen but it is not the same creature as in aliens but a more fresh and new creature similar to it. it would then kill david.

what are your thoughts? do you think this is good or bad for the future movies. let me know in the comments

food ain't that bad! - Parker

5 Replies


MemberOvomorphAug-08-2017 3:14 AM

I will accept queen in case it won't be the queen from Aliens. Aliens is good movie. But Alien and Prometheus are completely different, these movies are about Creators and AI as creations of creations of creators. And xenomorphs are creations of AI. They have biomechanical nature, they do not need to be insects. I mean the queen should have nothing in common with xenomorphs, it shouldn't just look like fixed huge xenomorph


MemberDeaconAug-08-2017 9:07 AM

Covered this the other day and so i dont want to try and make a big reply... or as detailed.

But we need to look in context to what a QUEEN means and some may think it has to mean Xenomorph Queen, but i am not sure if RS wants to go the whole Cameron Queen Route. Having Daniels infected with a Face Hugger that Produces a Xenomorph that has Egg Laying Capabilities would be a bit Lazy and just too connected to Aliens at present.

But FOX seemed to want to get a Prometheus 2 back to being a more Alien movie and FOX may feel the General Fanbase is more of a Aliens kind of Fan and so we cant rule this out.

HOWEVER.... referring to a Queen could just be that David needs a Female Humanoid in-order to obtain/create more Eggs.

If we IGNORE Alien Covenant... and go back to Prometheus.

We see the closest we got to a Xenomorph was the Deacon as the Trilobite was in effect a kind of Face Huger it performed the same function.   The Trilobite would have came from one of these 3 outcomes.

1) Infected Human Sperm, passed onto Females Reproductive System and Fertilizes a Egg with a Hybrid Sperm. This causes the Females Egg Cell to Produce a Hybrid.

2) The Black Goo Parasitic Pathogen, passes to a Female from a infected male like a Sexually Transmitted Disease and infects a Female Egg Cell to Evolve it into a Hybrid.

These are the TWO most likely outcomes for the Trilobite.

Option ONE in order to Replicate would require a Male Sperm Cell.

Option TWO is more convenient as all that is needed is a Female and Black Goo.

In Effect using a Female with such Infections and then removing the early stage Hybrid Embryo and having some place this can be grown would in essence be Harvesting a Female to essentially act as a Queen.

If the Trilobite needed Infected Male Sperm Cell.. Then the QUESTION is what happens when Black Goo directly infects a Female Egg Cell?

What ever process and experiments David was conducting it appears he Harvested Dr Shaws Reproductive Organs and thus Egg Cells to conduct and Evolve his Experiments.

And so using Daniels for the same, would indeed in effect use her as a Queen of sorts as her Human Egg Cells are Harvested, however in Alien Covenant it appears Dr Shaw was the Specimen that leads to his eventual Greatest Creation those Eggs and we have to ask WHY did he not use her from the Start?  And was using her a simple task to get what he wanted?  Or did he have to incorporate many of his previous Experiments to get to those Eggs.

If this is the case the Process is very complex and Long and again it would require David to have access to Black Goo.

The other Question is Fifields infection and the Hammerpedes, and other Fifield Concepts he was more Xenomorph DNA and so if the Black Goo under certain circumstances can Evolve a Female Humanoid into a HYBRID Human/Xenomorph type Organism we then have to ASK.... how does this effect the Females Reproductive System and how would a Hybrid Human Procreate?

And so Again a Hybrid Black Goo DNA/Human Female would be some kind of QUEEN.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-08-2017 9:11 AM


We see David only has TWO Face Huggers... the Question now is does David go and get some Black Goo from Planet 4? surely he would not go to LV-223 if he has some close by?

Or did David sneak some in his Clothing? who knows..

If David only has those TWO Face Huggers then unless David can use equipment etc on the Covenant to obtain the DNA from one of these and experiment with it and use this DNA to infect Daniels DNA or her Eggs...

Then the only way those Face Huggers could procreate is via a Xenomorph which is when we come up with these TWO methods.

1) The Egg Morph....

2) Queen, where we have to ask where does a Queen come from? Its it merely as Easy as a Female Host = Queen?

Could a Egg Morph lead to a Queen?

Regardless we then have to wonder in Aliens why we only see One Queen, which Logically must be that once a Queen is established some Pheromones are released that maintain that any Eggs within close proximity to the Hive will only Produce Warrior Xenomorphs.


If RS goes the Route that its a simple case of Daniels + Face Hugger Produces a Egg Laying Xenomorph, this may please Aliens fans.. but i dont think it would give us anything new or Horrific but just a Lazy Shoe Horned Xenomorph Mass Eggs Explanation.

I think seeing a Mutated Daniels Hybrid or her being chained down and have David Manipulate and Harvest her Eggs would be a much much more disturbing and Horrific thing to show.

Its a case of the plans for the Franchise... do they explore something different like Prometheus Xeno DNA links and AC Xeno DNA Links did...  Thus connected to how Dr Shaw managed to lead to those Eggs.

Do they explore the Egg Morph route..

Or simply Popcorn Fanboy Straight Forwards not so Horrific seen it all before.... Face Hugger + Female becomes a Queen Xenomorph route?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-08-2017 10:35 AM

Have any females in any of the Alien movies been facehugged?  I remember seeing something about RS wanting the movies to scare men with rapy type scenes, so only men got facehugged.  Except for Ripley when she killed herself because she knew she had a queen embryo in her.  That sounds pretty safe to assume that maybe it only takes a female host of a facehugger to make a queen.

Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterAug-08-2017 10:02 PM

that lady in aliens had a chestburster come out of her. intresting idea though. we never see the chestburster in aliens long enough to tell if it is a queen face hugger

food ain't that bad! - Parker

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