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OvomorphMember27 XPAug-06-2017 2:04 PM

So after watching Alien Covenant I Decided to write my own story a few backs simply based on the facts we have and some simple logic. im no world class writer and some of the grammer etc is not exactly amazing either however I just wanted to quickly get down on paper what id like to see happen in the next film. its kind obvious how its all going to pan out however have a little read for story and let me know what you think. there`s naff all dialogue however ive put a bit in with a few characters as well - if any of you have any good bits to add to this i may keep adding re edits etc to it and see how it all comes together over the next year or so.

thanks for reading xxx

Aliens: Morpheus

(Morpheus is the name of the new colonial ship)

New main key character – Captain Eric’s


An engineer ship comes into view its crew on route to their home world they land amidst the ruins, they emerge wearing bio suits, and they see their entire race exterminated... they’re armed and walk through the sea dead bodies... they go to the main hall of records (Giant Heads) and activate a console... the others explore the of the engineers speaks to the console in his ancient tongue

“Show me”

A hologram appears, he sees David and Shaw….the Xenomorph….Daniels...during this one of the engineers walk through into a room and sees Shaw’s rotting body, another at David's drawings and his experiments. The final member of the group walks into the egg cave. An egg opens and a face hugger jumps up at him

Fade in title

The USMC Morpheus - the deep space marine core vessel cuts into view , 5000 tons of heavy armour, 20 marines and 5 high ranking officers , pilots and deck crew in cryogenic sleep on a return mission to earth.

They're woken and sent orders to stop in on a colony that hasn't been responding to communications on Orgaie 6. When they arrive the colony looks half built, the covenant is in tatters on the planet’s surface lifeless....

(Eerie reminiscent scene from jaws feeling.... Ben gardener’s boat) the weather is grim and cold – almost like winter
Captain Eric’s – ''what has happened here? ''

A satellite scan shows the whole area seems dead and abandoned…

Communications specialist Barrel -‘’All communications are dead, nothing but static...’’

A team prepares to investigate both the vessel and the colony structures, fantastic scene of a drop ship being prepared and all the marines being drilled on the mission, a rag tag team of eager marines feeling confident in their mission(super homage to aliens here).

The senior staff speculate that for ‘reasons unknown’ the colony isn't responding and we believe that due to strong solar activity in the area they may have lost all power due to a solar flare or potential seismic activity.

Eric’s ''All we know is we can’t establish any contact so we`re going down to check in and see how we can help- this is a rescue mission – no rush hour Rambo’s okay?’

Remember we're here to check in on these people - not to spook them - they may have been without power for a while however readings are currently inconclusive due to the interference in the planets ionosphere.

Eric’s - ‘We'll be sending two teams - one to the covenant and one to colony - The major will go with the ground troops and ill go with the team to the covenant ...

The drop ship goes to the planet

Both the colony site and the covenant are derelict.

Livestock cages lay empty (variety of different alien possibilities here) – the place looks like a ghost town…Both marine teams examine the colony and the derelict covenant

Inside the place is dirty – bits of torn clothing and the odd child’s toy litters the floor. The colony team makes it first discovery

A badly damaged and deactivated synthetic - David.

A marine engineer Pvt Deeks - works to reactivate him...
Deeks - ‘’this is first generation synthetic- how the hell did this end up here – do you know how many of these got recalled…probably blew the whole place up…these things went nuts…’’

While repairing him he a tags a tracking device into the synthetic...

Deke’s to Eric’s – ‘this should keep him order in case it freaks out (exploding shocking/tracking device) and hopefully it can give us some answers’

David wakes, he looks at the marine

David – "thank you – my name is – (he pauses) Walter - may I ask how you came to be here’’

Deeks looks confused as he identifies himself as Walter,

David rubs his neck he knows what they've done.....

Deeks asks – your first generation – I have a degree in robotics – you’re not Walter series?’

David – I had my protocols updated and changed – I apparently disturbed people….

Deeks - "disturbed its the word – I was part of seal team that had to put one of you guys down… it took five guys nearly an hour to put a rogue A1 down…so tell us what happened here….Walter?"

he goes onto explains the colony came to grief due to an aggressive life-form native to the planet –  ‘’quite violent’’ and the survivors relocated to a safe place

‘ communication may be difficult due the location…however their are survivors scattered here and there..

He explains he was deactivated whilst undergoing repairs,

David goes on to describe where most of the survivors would be...

David ‘I can show you if you’d like’

The marines investigate the derelict colony, acid burns and blood stains cover the walls of the facility,

Marine Hendriks – using a tracking device ‘Nothing not a god damn thing....’

Deeks "Eric’s- the synthetic says he can guide us to a location where there may be survivors , permission to conduct a recon of the area – location looks pretty isolated an open – short trip in the APC"

Eric’s ‘we’ll meet you there – take the APC and well rendezvous in the dropship’

Epic scene of the marines travelling in the APC over some rough terrain – visible in the distance – a structure – what looks like a pyramid –

Dekes "what the hell is that"
David "someone’s been busy it would seem"
Meanwhile the group on board the covenant are making discoveries of their own...Whilst there is no one on board and barely any power they attempt to bring the computer and power back online they meet a very haggard and very battered Tennessee.

He explains when they arrived David had vanished

we learn Daniels is dead...

David's first victim.... During the very beginnings of the colonies construction David made a secret lab in cave and brought his alien embryos to maturity...he lures the colonist to the cave and the chaos ensues...

David created a command protocol override that cuts all power to the facility.... He sabotages all their weapons...
(Epic flash back of aliens killing the colonist and dragging them off whilst David walks calmly through the carnage)

He explains he escaped using an esacape pod that launched him miles away from the site and has been in hiding for nearly 5 years. he freaks out when he learns the android has been reactivated..

Tennessee – we need to leave this planet now - How many people do you have here

Eric’s – ten here and ten at a rescue site – (his blood runs cold)

Tennessee "get your team out now – they’re all going to die"

The marines contact the ground crew... they cannot get through…

Communications are barely legible –

Inside the pyramid

The marines explore the epic bio-mechanical structure
It’s dark and full of moisture – almost like fog -

Deeks answers his radio and a looming David over hears his order – he grabs deeks by the neck and snaps it– taking his weapon he firs on one of the marines – his armor protects him ..David despairs into the shadows

Capt. Eric’s and his team await the arrival of fly in the drop ship
David appears on a monitor on the covenant... his image flickers – they all gather round

He has a dialogue with Tennessee and tells him how he's left a few surprises on board the covenant.

David - ‘A few friend to play with you – I assure you they must be quite hungry by now’

Meanwhile a small group of marines check the cargo bay of the covenant, as the main doors rise, the entire interior is an alien nest.

David explains further...his reasons for doing what he's done....and closes by saying (smiling) - ‘I won't lie to you about your chances, however, you have my sympathies...’

The aliens come.

Gunfire echoes through the covenant. Marines fight a drove of the creatures now tearing through the group one at time, picking them off by dragging them into vents through the ceilings and floors, as aliens die acid rips through the armor of some of the marines injuring them severely but still they fight on, a lone marine struggles for survival... his face and arm slightly melted by acid – a one man army - he manages to
seal the cargo bay doors....aliens pound on the other side, he runs to the bridge and meets up with his team – he an Eric’s fight through the covenant to escape – once outside they all get onto the fire blade (dropship) only 4 of them make it out of ten ….(;lots of nice death scenes to fit in here)

Back to the Pyramid

The marines decide to track David down... They use the tracking device planted on him to follow him...the location leads deep with the structure. Colonist’s bodies decorate the walls, again the aliens come

(huge fight scene) the marines are all but wiped out bar two who escape and make it back to the entrance aliens in tow... Back at the hive one of the marines suddenly wakes up secreted to wall, his arms and legs locked in place...he sees hundreds of eggs and in the center of everything the large mass of an alien
queen... David stands in the middle of the room also, aliens thrive around him, a face hunger crawls out of its egg...

In orbit the engineer ship arrives

Enormous in size it -The ship fires at the Morpheus and it’s destroyed....

The juggernaut then heads down toward down towards the planet...

Over a stolen radio david hears the distress they're in... He walks outside the pyramid – aliens surround him almost protectively - and he sees the juggernaut land.... he looks angry 

Back at the colony - three engineers walk out and progress towards the colony, they are armed...

They look up to the sky and see the drop ship flying in from the pyramid – one of them fires at the ship – its come crashing to the ground… two more marines die in the crash – Eric’s and few of them left scrabble out of the wreckage

(Huge part to fill in here – huge battle with aliens marines, alien queen – engineers -not written in progress – everyone dies but David)

after climatic battle – the colony is destroyed by Eric’s detonating the covenants nuclear core – he dies setting it off – hundreds of aliens try to get at him. All the engineers die and David steals the juggernaut ……..his alien queen in the cargo hold. In one of the other chamber lies another engineer – a face hugger attached to his face …

David takes the ship to lv223 to pick up more of the pathogen. And return to earth - The engineer wakes up and kills David, during their struggle the ship crashes on lv246 the engineer loses control of the ship and an alien explodes from his chest

David’s crumpled body lies on the floor

His last words … you decide…

5 Responses to ALIENS: MORPHEUS

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1216 XPAug-06-2017 2:48 PM

Very interesting. I like it!

Splendid work.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."


PraetorianModerator2414 XPAug-06-2017 2:53 PM

Diesektor great work! Love it. I'll have it added to our fanfic thread so everyone can see it :)


ChestbursterMember725 XPAug-06-2017 9:55 PM


Nice work! I love it! Man, it's sort of difficult to picture David having last words...

He's pretty enamored with himself. Do you think he'd panic or lament at the prospect of his imminent non-existence?

Or, would he eerily keep his composure, like Ash? Perhaps he'd find solace in considering the continued existence of his creations a form of immortality.


OvomorphMember27 XPAug-07-2017 6:24 AM

that's a really good point VE - i think thats def a good direction to go with - one of my goals with this is to try and flesh something out and see how close its ends up being to the final alien film well get. ill write something up 


OvomorphMember27 XPAug-07-2017 6:26 AM

just a reminder if anyone has any ideas ill add it to the story 

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