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what happened to the mother juggernaut?

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Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterJul-20-2017 11:49 PM

you may recall in the flashback scene of alien covenant, that there was a mother juggernaut in the very center of the engineer village. you know, the one that david docked onto. now after the attack/ bombing, when the covenant gets trapped on the planet, the mother juggernaut is nowere to be seen. there must have been at least one piolit in that ship. sinse the ship didnt chrash, i am only to assume that at least one engineer escaped on the craft. I will go further to say that if My whole village just got bombed and all my friends just got killed I would be pretty mad. i might even follow whoever did this to me so I could kill them. thats what i think the next film will be about possibly. the few engineers follow the covenant to origea 6 were they will attack them. ( this would probably give us some more information n the engineers) one of the engineers gets face hugged creating an ultramorph. everyone gets hunted down by ultramorph.

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4 Replies


MemberOvomorphJul-21-2017 12:53 AM

It crashed, located in the valley behind the city


MemberChestbursterJul-21-2017 1:06 AM

Yes you can see it if you look closely nearing the end of the film.

There is nothing in the novel that covers it either. We have very little information on it but it is defo on the ground before the valley

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Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterJul-21-2017 1:32 AM


food ain't that bad! - Parker

Timmy the ultramorph

MemberChestbursterJul-21-2017 2:19 AM

it would be nice to get some scenes exploring the mother juggernaut.

this is a really strange question: if the jaugernauts were organically grown, dose that mean they could be weaponized by the black goo? just a really random thing that I just thought of.

food ain't that bad! - Parker

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