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The Crucified Engineer Emissary?

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Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPJul-20-2017 8:24 AM

If my memory is correct, Sir Ridley once said that 2000 years ago, the Engineers sent an emissary to try to show us the errors in our ways, and we crucified him!  That was one of the many reasons the LV223 Engineers were pissed at us.  Sir Ridley then said he did not necessarily mean to imply that Jesus Christ was an Engineer.  I think what is being implied is this emissary was not Jesus, but a representative of the over-seeing class of the Engineers, who also watched over the humanoids on Planet 4.  The Planet 4 humanoids were allowed to avoid judgement so long as they continued to live in a way the over-seeing Engineers approved of.  Crucifixion was just the punishment of choice 2000 years ago.  What do you guys think?

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NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-20-2017 8:31 AM

it would be an interesting tie into human history and the reasoning behind their anger towards humanity. im sure this is what RS is going for as it cant be coincidence in the timeline. would then stand to reason why the last engineer in Prometheus is so angry. once he realises where weyland is from and that we have played god ourselves, he is more intent on carrying out his mission.

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPJul-20-2017 8:42 AM

@ali81 - I think Sir Ridley could be trying to convey the idea that there may have been many different 'visitors' vying for control of our planet long, long ago?


NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-20-2017 8:52 AM

if u look at Christianity, their all very much similar. its like a group of people at a party and an incident happens. though all those people see the same thing, u can have multiple variations of the same event. I believe RS is saying they sent/ chose a voice in jesus to try and get us to change our ways or the gods would punish us. early forms of Christianity depict jesus as the son of the sky god, which would then fit the engineers. did the engineers truly want control of earth or did they just want their creations to live a just and peaceful existence?


ChestbursterMember516 XPJul-20-2017 10:09 AM

One of the reasons i love Prometheus so much is that it not only opened up the universe but it also tied us into the mix.

Which made it even more interesting. Im not against it was an Engineer Jesus or Engineer / Humanoid. It was all fair game until A:C landed and shut the universe back up.

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-20-2017 10:19 AM

totally agree sherries. Prometheus was a very good movie and a great jump off point for the franchise. it opened so many doors for the series to take yet AC has slammed a lot of those doors firmly shut. I think in time fox and to a degree RS will realise what a missed opportunity they had here.

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPJul-20-2017 10:24 AM

@ ali81 & sherris - Maybe it will not be too late to get another movie done that will address these great concepts?


NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-20-2017 10:32 AM

I can only hope. the engineer backstory itself could have 2 movies done about it and if its going to be shown in a way that benefits them and their roll in all this, RS and fox r running out of time. there is only 2 more films I believe to follow and for me, id like to see what happened to the facility on lv223, the engineers motives for creating live, why they deemed humanity a doomed species, did they find a species that was the original form of xeno or was it engineered and where did the black goo come from and in what condition their civilization is in now. a lot I know but those were the questions I came away from Prometheus with


ChestbursterMember516 XPJul-20-2017 11:52 AM

I think we will get something although it wont be enough.

If they do a Engineers movie it will be slammed as soon as it is announced. Purely because of Fox and their delivery of the concept.

The YT "Experts" will destroy it saying if Prometheus wasnt bad enough, now those hopeless Engineers get their own movie. It will be killed.

I think the only chance is an 8 part TV mini series. Even like cert.18 like Legion is. To explore all of what Ali81 mentions and i think the YT & Social Media audience which is massive would give a TV series a pass and wait to see how it turns out.  Levelling the playing field so we can go into it with an open mind.

That is the best i think we can hope for. And it would be amazing i think ?

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-20-2017 12:00 PM

I loved Prometheus. I think most haters jumped on it due to its change in direction from what was originally announced and less 'alien' but if people just looked at it as a jump off point for a trilogy then it is an excellent start. it opened so many doors of possibility and I think more people r starting to appreciate it and what it could have done for the series. sherries, I agree, giving the engineers their own 'spinoff' would only invite negativity from the very start but for me, they need to be put on screen for a lengthy period of time to explore their culture, motives and whats become of them. I would love it to be cert 18 as I hate this pg13 BS. would a mini series be the way to go though? like everything I suppose if done right then itl work, given a good budget, good writers and directors


OvomorphMember86 XPJul-20-2017 12:07 PM

Ridley Scott and his team had thought about it, but ended up sort of scrapping that idea and putting in place the idea that the fall of the Romans. The Roman Republic was very successful and conquered  almost all of Europe and North Africa, but when they became an Empire in 27 BC-- around the time they sent Jesus, yes-- things went totally downhill. 

The Persians and the Arabic territory were still going strong, but still very violent. This goes for the Chinese as well. Perhaps the only people in the world, at the time, that was "peaceful" were the uncontacted tribes in Africa, India, and North America. 


FacehuggerMember139 XPJul-20-2017 1:34 PM

Not really. Judjing by the difference in the metabolism and pure body strength /height.

It's more likely that a human directly influenced (or advised) by the Engineers got killed which not amused them 2k years ago.


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-20-2017 3:49 PM


Indeed i think this is a good point, it really is down to if FOX feel a interest in the Engineers is needed,  when they was working on the Prequels, the TWO Main Questions was....

*The EGGS.... Where did they come from?, what was the purpose? how/why did the Space Jockey have them?

Extending on this would be the very Origin to the Xenomorph.

*The Space Jockey... Why was he carrying that Cargo?, where was he going? Where did he come from?

Extending on this would be to explore the Space Jockey Race and their purpose.

A Prequel would have to answer these more in terms of what the Cargo was for/where it was from and the purpose and intention and then how the Space Jockey ended up there.

The ideas then evolved into Alien: Engineers, but FOX felt that the back ground story to the Space Jockeys AKA Engineers was interesting and maybe they did not need to give us a movie that Spoon Fed the Xenomorphs or covered the Actual Space Jockey Event,  but they could give us hints to the purpose.

This however did not go down well with a number of fans... and hence maybe one reason for the Direction they took with Alien Covenant.

So is this the last we will see of the Engineers in detail?

Maybe it could have been, but with AC doing Worse than Prometheus i am sure FOX will be looking at WHY, and one side of the Coin would be  there was not enough Alien (Xenomorph) Screen Time and maybe no Queens and Ripley....  but the other side is some fans was disappointed that the movie did not continue or do justice to the LARGE PLOT surrounding these Would Be GODS

And so i think we could maybe see a bit more about them, a lot depends on how the next Movie does.... IF Alien Awakening does not do well then i think the Franchise will be Sealed Shut... and only down the line if they resurrect it they may opt for a Re-boot.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-20-2017 3:55 PM


Indeed as i touched upon a bit in previous post, the whole PLOT they gave as far as who the Space Jockey Race was... is HUGE and very BOLD... but also a bit of a Poisoned Chalice.  Its hard to get Right, and getting it right could be EPIC.

Again a lot depends how much FOX are commited to the Franchise, this was a ALIEN Franchise afterall, and they appeared to realize that Prometheus was stepping a bit away from this as far as the Events that lead to Alien and the Xenomorph are concerned.  Yet when they decided to change Alien Engineers, they felt the these connections could be toned down and ignored to explore the Engineers more.

With AC only getting like $97M Budget which would have been like $144M if it was the same as Prometheus (with inflation) it seems that FOX Financially was about 40% Less Commited to that Project and if they Felt the Alien Connections and Xenomorphs was more important than the Engineers and yet they backed AC less than Prometheus, this is a concern as far as getting any real deep explanations or movie based on the Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-20-2017 4:11 PM

Now i can answer the OT... which will bring me to comments made by Gralen and K-Theory

Indeed RS had hinted they was going the Space Jesus Route by it was a bit on the nose, but we need to remember the Franchise as far as Prometheus goes, was not showing us GOD, Jesus, Adam and Eve etc... it was showing us that all Ancient Mankinds Stories/Mythos and Religions are all based of our interactions with these Engineers and maybe other beings connected to their Hierarchy.

A Bold Plot, but one where it appears they keep changing their mind regarding how it all connects...  a lot of mistakes and oversights had occurred and right now, it appears the intended Space Jockey/Engineers who were to be 15ft Tall, then redesigned for 12ft... Ultimately are only portrayed as being about 7-8ft Tall.

So indeed the Space Jesus does not fit... as there are no descriptions of Jesus being 8ft and Bald ;)  But we need to remember we are not seeing this from this point of view, there is and never was any JESUS.. he was as far as the Franchise, a Emissary on behalf of the Engineers who had tried to teach us the ways that would make us accepted by the Engineers, and this BEING had some Special Abilities compared to Humans.

The Emissary could therefore be a Chosen Humanoid to represent the Engineers, maybe and most likely Genetically Modified a bit, and given great knowledge and maybe Technology.   The Emissary could also be a Hybrid, or even the Original Race above or connected to the Engineers, as we dont know what kind of Changes they are going for as far as how the Engineers fit within the whole Hierarchy of Creation.

So what happened 2000 years ago?  Mankind was Evolving, the various kinds of Ancient Worship was changing, Mankind had started to behave in ways that offended the Engineers, they maybe did not worship the Engineers as intended.  The Morality and Dedication to Worship and Sacrifice of many Cultures had changed over the years..... we was becoming a BAD APPLE.

They had sent down Emmisaries to try and guide us, and we must have killed most of them... this was the Last Straw and they decided to wipe us out, and start again as while they could Spare some of us, they would Fear the Influence of this more Corrupt and Immoral Mankind could spread Globally, and this has been the case...  If we look at how Mankind Act now, in General (not saying its bad) but how we are now, a lot of us would been deemed Sinners and Outcasts, we would be Punished Burnt, Stoned etc for how Modern Mankind now in general would be seen 500, 1000, 2000 etc years ago.

Some cultures remain more true to the Ancient Ways, and are not influenced by the Growing Modern Changes to Culture, these are many Tribal Peoples who still live for the most part as they did many hundreds of years ago and who's architecture and technology is even more ancient than the Roman Times.

If we consider 2000 years ago, such Tribes then would include the Native Indians, the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans and other Tribal Cultures.

What if these guys had kept to a more Ancient Culture, and not displeased the Engineers, what if these Cultures had reacted to their Emissaries well. 

This could explain the FEW Starmaps post 2000 years ago.

So i would suspect there was not ONE Emissary but a number of them sent down to various cultures.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPJul-21-2017 8:15 AM

@BigDave - Maybe the Aztecs & the Incas, etc did not die off as we thought, but were taken by the Engineers to another planet?  Good stuff!



PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-21-2017 9:57 AM

That is a great point BigDave.

"If we consider 2000 years ago, such Tribes then would include the Native Indians, the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans and other Tribal Cultures.

What if these guys had kept to a more Ancient Culture, and not displeased the Engineers, what if these Cultures had reacted to their Emissaries well. 

This could explain the FEW Starmaps post 2000 years ago.

So i would suspect there was not ONE Emissary but a number of them sent down to various cultures."

Dr. Shaw's notes from her and Dr. Holloway's studies seems to cite many "Emissaries" embedded in different cultures.

Yes, Cerulean Blue, there has to have been an "event" that wiped the Engineers from Earth and some of the associated human cultures/population away as well.


FacehuggerMember140 XPAug-22-2017 9:29 AM

Ingeniero, I just noticed this which has probably been covered plenty elsewhere, so thanks.  Did Shaw actually find glyphs that translate to "MEET YOUR MAKER?"

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPAug-22-2017 9:35 AM



FacehuggerMember137 XPAug-22-2017 9:06 PM

drucea, thanks for sharing that.


PraetorianMember3422 XPAug-23-2017 7:31 PM

I don't think I've seen that translation before drucea...absolutely amazing.

Yes, if that's the translation, then Dr. Shaw had reason to believe she was traveling to "meet her maker".

Thank you so much drucea.
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