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what are the symptoms of the bloodburster

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the xenoburster

OvomorphMember17 XPJul-09-2017 6:34 PM

hi im new to this fourm. what do you think are the symptoms of the bloodburster.

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NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-09-2017 11:05 PM

are u meaning the neomorph?


PraetorianStaff2414 XPJul-10-2017 1:39 AM

Welcome the xenoburster!!

In a nutshell, the infection stage resulting in the birth of a Bloodburster follows a rapid gestation progression.  

Those who have had read the novelisation may have more to offer but my understanding is that after the initial mote infection the host's health deteriorates pretty rapidly with them sweating, vomiting (including blood) and convulsions.

Convulsing increases, host becomes withdrawn and unresponsive. Convulsion and vomiting blood may be a result of their cells and DNA be broken down by the black pathogen and their organs failing.

Bloodburster then escapes violently from the host.       


DeaconMember10324 XPJul-10-2017 5:00 AM

I think IRaptus gives a good summary of symptoms

The Motes seem to enter the blood stream where what happens next is a bit uncertain i would assume while they may effect the Host and cause symptoms as IRaptus had explained, i would assume those Motes (well most) all gather together and start to bond to form the basis for the Organism, these Parasitic Building Blocks if you would... would then start to take on board the Hosts DNA so that these Motes combine and use the Hosts DNA to create a Organism that rabidly grows and then this Organism breaks out of the nearest part of the body to where the Organism had started to grow.

I assume this because i wonder why if these Motes contain a number of them and they invade and enter the Blood Stream then why was only One Organism the result, when some Parasitic infections like types of Worms passed on via Mosquitoes infect someone, the person ends up with more than One Worm growing inside of them. 

But maybe the Extras for Alien Covenant and Do***entaries will give a more clear answer to the effects of the Spores.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember725 XPJul-10-2017 8:03 AM

Ledward also had blood streaming from his eye, like a tear!


It's described in the book, and it's also included in the movie but you have to look closely because it's very brief and the camera is on Karine with Ledward in the background and only partially in the shot.


NeomorphMember1984 XPJul-10-2017 10:14 AM

Back pain.


ChestbursterMember725 XPJul-10-2017 1:13 PM




PraetorianStaff2414 XPJul-10-2017 3:26 PM

mild man-flu symptoms really ;p  hahaha

the xenoburster

OvomorphMember17 XPJul-15-2017 1:03 PM


the xenoburster

OvomorphMember17 XPJul-15-2017 1:03 PM

i actually made a small explanation right here of the symptoms

loss of breath. the neomorph when it's layed though the spores grows inside one of the lungs. when it gets too big to fit the lungs one of the lungs will collapse leading to the person not being able to breathe.

pale skin. in order for the neomorph to grow it most need blood cells. so in order to get the cells it absorbs the cells inside of the infected. since the neomorph is so big it takes half of the blood cells leading to pale skin.

loss of balance. since the infected dosen't have many blood cells due to the neomorph it dosen't have that many oxygen to the brain. remember how when you donated blood and you felt woozy. same goes to the victims too since they don't have alot of blood in there brain

vomiting up blood, when the neomorph gets too big in the back it crushes the kidney, resulting for the person to vomit up there own blood

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