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Egg Morph Scene - Not What It Seems

Egg Morph Scene - Not What It Seems

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Member838 XPJul-05-2017 6:05 PM

This famous scene, albeit it deleted in the original theatrical version of Alien, has been the catalyst of many debates about the Alien franchise. I stumbled upon this video a while back and the gentleman in it has something very different to say about this scene. The whole video is pretty cool, but the bit about egg morphing starts at 2:40 (although my link should jump right to that.) 

This isn't the Alien morphing Brett and/or Dallas into eggs, but they are food for already laid eggs.

I have to log off at the moment, so I need to keep this short. The gentleman puts up a couple of quotes from Ridley stating that the crew members in that area are just food. **Edit** One issue I thought of (and dk pointed out) is: There were no eggs on the Nostromo. At the very lest, we were not shown any. There is no footage of the Alien laying any eggs

So, go ahead and take a quick look at it and let me know what you guys think! Also, does anyone know of any direct quotes from Ridley or higher up creatives from that film that contrdict this?

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Member15 XPApr-01-2021 2:32 PM

I always thought the eggs in the derelict were the Eggmorphed space jockeys, and those from the nostromo would have resulted in a different creature, maybe a slightly different facehugger but not a queen. I like aliens but don’t really care for the queen concept itself.  I would love to see Ridley make a sequel similar to Halloween 2018 that discounts the sequels and see his vision for Alien 2.


Member9757 XPApr-07-2021 6:37 AM

Indeed the RESULT we have is from a Changing of Concept/Idea from the Inception by Dan O'Bannon to the Changes that gave us ALIEN.

By Virtue of the Theatrical Cut having NO EGG MORPH it allowed for James Cameron to think OK we have Eggs, and WELL we see that Eggs are LAID and so the Queen Concept was BORN.

The Original Concept being more ALIEN and more Parasitical

Before we had ALIENS we had those Eggs as something Ambiguous but Ridley Scott saw them as some kind of Bio-Weapon that the Space Jockey was using.

But it was NEVER really explained as to HOW/WHERE/WHEN the Space Jockey had got those Eggs... so all we could Speculate was...

1) They are a Pre-Existing Organism the Space Jockey would take to USE as a Weapon.

2) There was a Pre-Existing Organism the Space Jockey would take to Experiment/Evolve into what became those Eggs.

3) The Space Jockey had Created those Eggs from basically Scratch.

Ridley Scott had a FEW ideas of where he was going to take us back before ALIENS... he had proposed that the Xenomorph could become something Intelligent and KILL all the Crew of the Nostromo and then Mimic the Voice of Ripley to LURE in a Rescue Team.  But this Change/Ending was NOT what FOX and Walter/Hill wanted.

He had wanted to do a Prequel that would look at the Connection of the Space Jockey to the Xenomorph and saw those Eggs being he Remnants of a Once Alien Civilization,( Warlike and Self-Destructive) and he would Explain as to WHO they was and WHY the Space Jockey had them.

Ridley Scott had also wanted to go back to ALIEN after ALIENS but it seemed that he was more interested in Evolving/Exploring the Space Jockey....

James Cameron would have wanted to go to a Xenmomorph Hive World and Evolve on his HIVE Concept more.

with the Movies that followed and the AVP Franchise then it had became kind of a Accepted Fact that the Xenomorph Eggs are LAID by a Queen and so the Space Jockey would have either been a Species who had either.

a) Came Across the Xenomorph and saw their USE as a Weapon.

b) Came Across the Xenomorph and had intended to STUDY them and maybe Experiment with them.  (This seems the Story behind the Giant Race Discovered in STARBEAST).

But as it stood it was LEFT open to Interpretation by the Fans, the Prequels came along and attempted to STEER AWAY from the Idea/Origins but then also Changed Plan to give us a Different Origin Story.

So we DONT know what the Plans would have been to Explain those Eggs on the Derelict... i am NOT 100% that Ridley Scott would have based his NEXT TWO Movies around the Queen from ALIENS... and i would Suspect that the Egg Morph may have been USED to some extent had he been able to Continue.

Steering away from Ridley Scott one of the Concepts by Blomkamp for his ALIEN 5 Project did seem to look like maybe HE would also have Explored the Egg Morph but if thats the Case and to what Context we just dont know.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member9757 XPApr-08-2021 5:39 AM

I will add that WHILE you Ponder are those Eggs the remains of Egg-Morphed Engineers i think it seems UNLIKELY as far as where they were going.

HOWEVER.... if we go back to Starbeast, then we look at the EGG MORPH scene that was Removed and then the UNUSED Mural by HR Giger.

Then this would IMPLY the Engineers/Space Jockey would Self Sacrifice themselves to PROCREATE the Starbeast/Xenomorph and so if we go by the Procreation Route that was CUT... then INDEED we could Speculate that the Engineers/Space Jockey may have Self Sacrificed some of their own to be EGG MORPHED.

The ELEMENT of them doing so would leave us to ASK as to WHY?

HOWEVER... if Ridley Scott had Envisioned the Xenomorph as something that could become more INTELLIGENT and that at some POINT had a Civilization.

Then this could THROW UP these Two Scenarios.

1) The Xenomorph/Starbeast would USE the Engineers to Procreate as they saw them as the Perfect Host.  The Engineers must have something that makes them Accept this Fate (Majority of them Gain something for doing this) or they are Enslaved against their Will.  Maybe some Engineers eventually Rebelled against this... or some Calamity Reduced the Starbeast Numbers so only a Few Remained and the Engineers took advantage or waited for their En-slavers/Masters to DIE OUT and then they looked to Exploit their Knowledge/Technology and Genetics.

2) The Engineers came across the Starbeast who have maybe been Reduced to Low Numbers or Extinct and the Engineers saw Potential in their Genetics (especially if this is a KEY to some kind of Immortality such as Genetic Memory/Soul Transfer) then the Engineers would have Good reason to Self Sacrifice to allow them to gain better Understanding of the Starbeast/Xenomorph and HOW to USE its Traits/Genetics to the Engineers Advantage/Salvation.

But ALAS we had Alien Covenant which kind of puts the above to BED.... However this does-not mean the above could apply to another Species who Pre-Date the Xenomorph who are the STARBEAST and who indeed use the EGG MORPH to Procreate/Resurrect themselves.

Regarding any Plans by Ridley Scott.... he had mentioned about the Xenomorph had started to Run it Course and you had to Evolve It and Explore other FORMS of Procreation and so i do BELIEVE that Ridley Scott would have shown us the Egg Morph at some point.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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