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Directive 937 (Alien: Covenant 3rd Act Re-imagined)

Directive 937 (Alien: Covenant 3rd Act Re-imagined)

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NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-29-2017 4:57 PM

Daniels turns over on her bed, unable to sleep. She cannot stop thinking about something Walter told her right before she left the room where David had attacked her. It has to do with numbers:  something like 935 or 939 or 937. She had asked him again when they were back on the ship, and he said they were coordinates to help the landing of the rescue party.

She didn't buy it, but said nothing. She had noticed a few inconsistencies in Walter's behavior lately. That, along with Walter and David close looks was really consuming her. Was Walter malfunctioning? Or worse, could that be David instead? It was just stupid from the company to make those identical robots... unless it was not coincidental. Unless anything of what had happened was a coincidence, starting with the the re-routing of the mission.

While the synthetic was away doing some maintenance work, she spent about an hour trying to gain access to MUTHR's memory banks. As a Captain, she was supposed to have clearance now. She found a special order number 937, but MUTHR said it was an old, discarded directive, and that the records were retrieved by the company and sent back to Earth.

Then she opted to to switch for basic binary programming mode, and those logs offered some interesting if not easy to explain results: it looked like a group of colonists were to be woken up by MUTHR within the next 72 hours. That was 24 hours after she and the rest of the crew would be put back on stasis.

She collected some ID numbers and went to pay a visit to the Cryogenic chamber where he confirmed her hunch: most of them were high rank military personnel and Biomechanical engineers employed by Weyland-Yutani. Some of them were even the same people who had trained her. It was as if an alarm rang deep inside her brain, and she started to feel paranoid. A bunch of people being awake several years before they arrived at Origae 6, while everybody else would be sleeping? Walter had to know about that; but why he would gave her a tip like that?

Sitting up in her bed now, Daniels is going over everything that she had discussed with Walter when he provided her his briefing about his findings on David's planet, as he would call it. She needs to have a clear picture of everything she knows before she attempts to talk to Tennessee. The synthetic had told her that he conducted a preliminary psychological test on David, and that his recommendation would have been to shut him down.

As far as his interpretation of what had happened on the planet, he had stated his research was incomplete, but that he got reasons to believe that David had recreated an ancient lifeform that predated on the Engineers which might or might not be extinct in other parts of the galaxy; he would refer to it as a "xenomorph". And since humans originated from the same DNA as Engineers, they would be as vulnerable to that predator as their forefathers.

"The sins of our fathers", he said. And she remembered thinking: "There we go again: trying to sound more human than human. What did he know about sin?" She recognized Weyland's signature work, the figment of a dead man's obsession.

Daniels makes up her mind and gets up: she would talk to Tennessee now. She knocks on Tennessee quarters' door, and waits about 30 seconds. No reply. After the third attempt she hears a thud and heavy steps. The door opens and Tennessee's red and sweaty face welcomes her. He was unshaven and it was obvious he had been drinking heavily.

- I need you to sober up. We have to talk about Walter.

- What's with him

- We need to deactivate him. I don't trust him.

- I have to tell you something as well. I found a letter from Maggie- he says this with a broken voice

- What?

- I mean, I knew there might be a letter. We got a little vault we were supposed to open if something happened to any of us.

- And?

- I think there is something going on. She was a mole for Weyland Yutani. They promised her a fortune. She didn't say much, most of it was just personal stuff. There are more like her in the crew.                                                    

Suddlenly, Daniels remembers Karine's log that she had retrieved from the lander's black box; "She locked me up!. That ***** is infected too and she locked me up!"                

- What do they want

- I think they already got what they wanted

- Why you didn't tell me right away? I am your captain now

- I don't think there is anything we can do. It is obvious they don't give a **** about the rest of us. They deliberately exposed us to infection on that planet. Walter said it was safe to land.

Daniels' eyes widened up, understanding now. She says:

- I know what killed Walter. He gave me the directive number: Special Order 937. He provoked a security breach and that activated the self destruct protocol. He tried to help us.

Suddenly, the alarm starts blaring and MUTHR announces there is an emergency in the Infirmary, where Sargent Lope is supposed to get surgery. Daniels look at the time: the surgery had started 15 minutes ago. She prepares for the worse.

They look at each other. It is clear that they share the same feeling of impending dread. But they show resolution. They will fight for their lives at any cost. And they are very aware of the fact that the fate of over 2000 souls hangs in the balance.

-Let's get the guns -she says- Set them on stun. Let's not forget about that goddamn acid!

(to be continued)

Directive 937 - Part II: Peep hole


11 Responses to Directive 937 (Alien: Covenant 3rd Act Re-imagined)


ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-29-2017 9:01 PM

Love it! Man, can you imagine being Tennessee and finding out Maggie had kept something like that secret!? No wonder he was drunk when Daniels found him!


It all seems very Weyland-Yutani. They're a certainly a treacherous company to work for. Good luck, Tennessee and Daniels! Can't wait to read more!


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-29-2017 9:20 PM

VivisectedEngineer Thank you very much. You are very kind. The idea is that Tennessee is suicidal at that point. But Daniels drags him out of that state. The idea for this project is to make the humans less of sheep like characters, unaware of what is going on around them. The shower scene is gone; I have another fate in store for Ricks and Upworth. I also want to use some props that were really underused in the film. And I am going to unveil some sections of the Covenant nobody knows existed :-)


OvomorphMember23 XPJun-29-2017 10:16 PM

Another fantastic stuff! Thank you! Obviously A:C can be lot of fun if treated wisely. ;-) Upvoted! 

All those... moments... will be lost, in time, like tears... in... rain.

rob clayton

OvomorphMember49 XPJun-30-2017 3:54 AM

what a great read, well done, hope there is more to come! if only this is how the film had actually played out!



NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-30-2017 4:11 AM

rob clayton Thank you so much! There is s second part already, the link is at the bottom. But be warned part II is heavier on the horror :-) //


ChestbursterMember554 XPJun-30-2017 7:33 AM


There may be one or two things about this that teetered on feeling out of place but over all, these are some great ideas. Got chills reading it. Keep it coming.


DeaconMember10324 XPJun-30-2017 8:13 AM

Now i get where you are coming from ;)

With regards to the other Post you did, its a complete Retake on the events after they arrive back to the Covenant after fleeing Paradise.

I like a lot of your ideas ;)

I think the Hidden W-Y Security is a nice idea... certainly could see something like this coming to play in the next movie, where unknown to Daniels and the rest of the Crew there was indeed some Secret Security Force or even Synthetics On-board that was unknown to the rest of the Crew.

This follows pretty much the idea that was in the Prometheus drafts where Vickers had her own Secret Security Personnel that was awoken from Cryo-sleep after the S%£^ hit the Fan on LV-426

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-30-2017 2:06 PM

BigDave Thank you very much. I want the characters to be inquisitive. And David in my version is not this almighty, larger than life robot: he is part of a team, the Weyland-Yutani team. I am not finished yet, I have several surprises in store  :-)


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-30-2017 3:11 PM

QueenElizabethShaw Thank you for your encouragement. I would love to hear about those things you thought were a bit out of place. Maybe we can discuss it :-)


PraetorianStaff2414 XPJun-30-2017 3:34 PM

joylitt great stuff!!! Some interesting and thought-provoking angles!! Wow you have been busy :) 


Blackwinter-witch have these been added to the ever-growing fanfiction thread?? :) 


NeomorphMember1541 XPJun-30-2017 3:53 PM

IRaptus Thank you so much. Your opinion means a lot to me. I will start working on a 3rd installment which I titled "Garden of evil", it will have to do with an hydroponic garden that is hidden inside the Covenant. It was Karin's personal project, which was at odds with the Company. But the garden is now part of one of those pathogen fueled "gas chambers" that David is using to get rid of the remaining members of the crew. I know Biology is your expertise, so I will love to have your input.

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