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AVP/Predator/I don't know yet: Ivar (Fan Fiction)

AVP/Predator/I don't know yet: Ivar (Fan Fiction)

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ChestbursterMember528 XPJun-29-2017 3:48 PM

Fan-Fiction is a big topic recently and I had this idea flying through my head for quite some time. Bout a young man, orphaned by a xeno outbreak at the age of maybe 6 or 7 and rescued/raised by Yautja. Not for sympathy reasons but rather as an experiment by Pred "scientists".

The following is by no means perfect and the first shot. Actually my first writing at all. Just wrote it how it came into my mind. 

The "..."'s represent things still to come that i haven't made up my mind about yet.

I'm sorry if the read is bit bumpy. English isn't my native language but posting a german text would make little sense, would it? ;)

It isn't much but i thought i'd share it.

So here we go:


Ivar was at the stations school when his mother busted into the classroom. Ignoring the baffled teacher and the other children she went straight for him. „Ivar, get your stuff! We're leaving!“ He noticed something on his mother he had rarely seen before, she was seriously concerned. Sure she could be mad when he had been up to something or worried when he was sick. But this, this time it was different. „Mom, what did I...“ his mother interrupted him. „No, sweetheart, this isn't about you. Just get your things, ok?“

Another dull bang, this time louder. Ivar woke up, still panicked by his nightmare he abruptly sat up and looked around. He was in his room, it was dimly lit and the gentle deep hum of the ship's engines could be heard. In front of his sleeping alcove stood Kl'raka, her fist still resting where she pounded the wall before. “Finally.” she said “Thought you were dead.”. “Dammit, Kl'raka. Do you always have to wake me like that?” The old Yautja female let out deep grunting chuckle “What?! Would you've preferred a... What was that human thing called again? A kiss?” Ivar shuddered “No, thanks!”. Kl'raka started laughing while she walked towards the door “Stop complaining, young blood. You weren't sleeping well anyway, I did you a favor.” Ivar grabbed a boot from the floor and tossed it towards the yautja, she moved slightly to the side and the boot hit the door. “All these years and you still can't hit me. Didn't you learn anything from us?” she teased him. “Yeah yeah.” he replied. “We will arrive at Arcturus soon, get ready.” with that she left.


Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-29-2017 3:55 PM

Interesting angle. I am a Yank and had no problems with the draft. Off to a good start!


ChestbursterMember528 XPJun-29-2017 3:58 PM

Thx, DK

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJun-29-2017 4:26 PM

Even if things are not entirely fleshed out, I honestly enjoy what members write on the forum more than many of the Alien franchise itself.


PraetorianModerator2414 XPJun-29-2017 9:09 PM

Tiwaz great start mate! I like where this going! It reads just fine.

Is Ivar going to be the new Machicko Noguchi - another Blooded human-yautja?? 


ChestbursterMember528 XPJun-30-2017 7:01 AM


I know Machiko but I think Ivar will be different less bound to traditions because the two Yautja (Kl'raka and Gaulteth) who take him in are very old and "scientists", inspired by Yaquita and Elder Kalakta from "The Rage War". "Hunting" knowledge rather than living prey.


Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.

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