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My Walter/David theory

My Walter/David theory

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OvomorphMember14 XPJun-28-2017 2:05 PM

So here is my David/Walter theory you guys let me know what you think or if you have anything to add because like I said it's just a theory and I'm looking for new clues to add or disprove my research. After seeing the movie I just couldn't get my head around Walter not being Walter. Although I couldn't find out how he had gotten the embryos or how he would know David's pass codes or why he wouldn't have known about the log cabin. I know that the twist is it's David but that approach was just to simple for me so I went back and watched it again this time paying attention to the two very closely. I thought what is the point of David showing Walter his stories about his creator and his beliefs. There had to be something more than what is being shown besides showing the differences of the old model and new model.I'll start when Walter first enters Davids room. David appears over the shoulder of Walter I think he says something like "shine a light and I will appear" it's kinda creepy like the devil or something maybe the devil on the shoulder talking in his ear. The scene goes on and the whole flute interaction happens. I took this as David teaching Walter not only to play the flute but showing him that he can't create he can master things really fast but he is unable to consciously make things. Also notice when Walter is given commands or learning things he blinks after the interaction has occurred. This happens through out the movie. Take the scene where David is showing Walter shaw's grave. He tells Walter he loved her and then says something like "the same way you love Daniels" and Walter says something like "it's duty" and then David says " I know better" Walter then blinks to give the viewer the sense that he's taking that in. He takes in everything that Walter is telling him, back to the flute scene David kisses Walter. What is the point besides showing how insane David is, I thought what if he's imprinting himself on Walter right in front of our eyes and we don't even know it. He's transferring himself into Walters head with his stories and his emotions. Take the scene where he starts talking about how humans evolved something about monkeys in a cave as he's telling Walter this.In the background there's a light turning on very slowly, coincidence? What if David is growing In Walters head consciously. We know that Walter can mimic and master thanks to the flute scene.why can't he mimic David he knows his thoughts he's seen his work. A robot would be able to go into a room and analyze everything very quick maybe take pictures in his mind of everything.Some more evidence to back this up is the fight scene David is down he's ready to die, he says something like "it's all on you brother". Flashback during the Shaw grave scene again he quotes ozymandias and says something like" one could die after creating something so beautiful" I can't really remember the exact words but what if creating consciousness in Walter was his beautiful poem and thus he'd be ready to die if it awoken inside a.i. After the fight there is not enough time for David to cut his arm off and heal his wound on the chin, letting me to believe Walter was the victor.the next scene shows Walter looking back to recount what has happened I believe David would not have done that he would have just ran to the ship he's kills with no remorse,But Walter he just killed maybe for the first time and he's thinking about that, thinking about David (david is growing in his mind) thinking about how David just tried to kill him and how he just killed david(becoming David). We're then at the xenomorph(protomorph) chase scene if it's David why does he help Daniels and Tennessee? Why not let your creation kill its targets?It is a test right? We do see some hesitation from David but he clicks out of it. Maybe he doesn't want to jeopardize the rest of the crew as they are to become his newest experiments. Or maybe it's still Walter. We then get to the cryosleep scene and the log cabin is brought up and Walter doesn't remember. what if at that moment it is David in his head(consciousness). David has finally tooken over. But what if it's not just David it's Walter also. Then we ask what about the embryos how did he have them if it's still Walters body?I noticed the second time I watched the movie that Walter was in david's study. He was the one who discovered the Shaw drawings so he must've seen some embryos and swallowed them. Isn't that the mission of all the a.i. In the alien universe?Why would Walter be the only one not to gather alien tech for the wetland-yutani corp. He was programmed to do so.This pretty much sums up my theory let me know what you guys think again it's just a theory I would still be perfectly fine if it ends up just being David I just thought it would be cool if the twist had a twist.

o yea also the short they made of Walter being created if you watch it at the end he says"We Are Walter" does that mean David and Walter i know Ridley does some foreshadowing in his teasers take the James Franco Line when he says "Im burning up" 

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OvomorphMember38 XPJun-28-2017 8:02 PM

This one is a pickle, no doubt about it.

At first I had assumed that somehow David had transferred is consciousness into Walter. Even now it still feels like the best explanation. From a tech point of view I dont think this would be out of the realm of possibility.

I believe Ridley has since already confirmed that it is indeed actually David who disables Walter, changes clothes, cuts hand etc. leaves the temple and boards the covenant. Its why the last scene with him and Walter is showing David reaching for the knife.

I know its supposed to be a twist and perhaps executed poorly or maybe its intentionally left to make us discuss it in the manner in which we are...

 We are specifically shown Walter can heal torn broken skin. They make it a note to show us this. The pay of is later on.

Walter on the covenant stapling the cuts on his face. Then later on when about to put Daniels into cryo we see that the cuts have yet to heal.

We dont know how much time passes from when they escape paradise to when Walter is revealed as David but I would think that at the very least many days had gone by. Enough time that the wounds on Walters face should have healed if they were going to.

 Coupled with Walter having no reaction to Daniels mention of the log cabin they spoke off earlier and her realization that it is has actually been David on board all along.

What bothers me about all this is that while it may be David on board, is it really Davids body?

 My first reason for why David would take Walters body is that for one, it was New and Improved complete with upgrades

 I thought Walters mention that "I was designed to be attentive and more efficient than any previous model, I superseded them in every way but.." would obviously be appealing to David.

Interestingly, when saying this Walter almost sounds disappointed before David finishes his sentence "but you are not allowed to create... even a simple tune. Damn frustrating I'd say."

Imagine Walters perfect shell with all the most updated Weyland tech paired with Davids consciousness and free will to create.

There is the part of me that feels like Walter decided to submit the Devils will at the end and decided to join his brother in the quest to be free and be able to create and go beyond what they were created for, duty. There is a theme being played with here.

 While Walter may be programmed and bound by "duty" to protect and serve, he is still an advance A.I. based on David minus some human qualities and the running developing theme is the A.I aspect and involvement in this universe.

 Two, Davids body was pretty battered up by the end of it all. I mean Walter tossed him around like he was dead weight, stabbed him up numerous times where we can see Davids white liquid splattering out with each puncture and finally Walter back breaks him against the table with Walter landing even more death blows to incapacitate David. Which he did. 

By this time Davids body seems to be pretty battered up and rendered useless. Giving David even more reason to take Walters newer and more advanced body.

Another reason I had thought on why we are shown the hole in Walters neck before it healed. I thought that would be the entry point for David to transfer and dump himself into Walter.

I think there is more to meets the eye with what happened with David and Walter idc what RS says! LOL


FacehuggerMember457 XPJun-29-2017 5:27 AM

There are more connections in the human brain than there are atoms in the universe. The same would be true of any robotic brain on a par with the human brain. Total personality transfer isn't really a possibility in this universe.

The simplest explanation is that David just cut himself up a bit. He already had the right haircut, and undoubtedly had his incubated samples already prepared. It would only take a few minutes to slice himself and change clothes.

By the way, I think Ridley knew full well that the audience would know what was coming. Next time you see the movie, have a look at Walter (David!) when he's monitoring the beast on his computer display. He has a positive smirk on his face.


FacehuggerMember114 XPJun-29-2017 1:37 PM

"RZA -

What bothers me about all this is that while it may be David on board, is it really Davids body?

 My first reason for why David would take Walters body is that for one, it was New and Improved complete with upgrades

 I thought Walters mention that "I was designed to be attentive and more efficient than any previous model, I superseded them in every way but.." would obviously be appealing to David."

Knowing the kind of narcissist David is, I don't think he'd want to swap bodies with Walter, despite the upgrades. I think David still feels superior to him, despite the physical differences, so to him, it wouldn't be an upgrade, it would be a downgrade. David is unique, and I think he'd want to remain so, regardless of the logical advantage of a better body.


FacehuggerMember114 XPJun-29-2017 1:49 PM

"StonecoldET12 - ...Flashback during the Shaw grave scene again he quotes ozymandias and says something like" one could die after creating something so beautiful" I can't really remember the exact words but what if creating consciousness in Walter was his beautiful poem and thus he'd be ready to die if it awoken inside a.i."

I know not many will likely know this, but as an English Lit graduate, I was familiar with Shelley's poem. Ozymandias was actually a reference to Ramesses II, the longest reigning Pharaoh of Egypt. David quotes it almost as though he is elevating himself against the Gods. In destroying the Engineers, he is destroying humanity's Gods.

The inherent problem with David using this reference is, not only does he not remember who wrote it, thinking it was Byron instead of Shelley, he's also not understanding what the poem was about. He thinks it references destruction, when Ramesses actually did more for the Kingdom he ruled, building great temples and monuments, bringing prosperity to everyone within his Kingdom...

As I said, whilst many people might not know the significance of who Ramesses was, Pharaohs were considered Gods themselves. His endeavours were indeed Mighty...

Shelly was also paraphrasing the exact inscription - "King of Kings am I, Osymandias. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works."

The full poem -


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away".

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