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Flute gods

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Nathan Adler

MemberFacehuggerJun-24-2017 4:13 AM

Is the Engineers' use of flutes meant to suggest that they are connected to a god equivalent to Lovecraft's Azathoth?  This bulbous god would be what one would expect HR Giger to portray God as!  Is he too perhaps the source of the black goo?

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MemberOvomorphJun-24-2017 6:29 AM

It does seem like it. The artwork on the roof of the head room in Prometheus featured an Engineer touching the head of Thoth looking figure.

cabin flutist yacob wagner

MemberOvomorphJun-24-2017 6:31 AM

Hmmm rather no.

They just like the fingering and blowing involved, since they lost all organs and desire to reproduce naturally. Kinda like androids and why David is so fond of it, too.


MemberDeaconJun-24-2017 9:29 AM

I think maybe it could tie in.... as far as the Origins of the Parasitic Black Goo maybe...  i have concluded another origin of the Black Goo... but as far as the Sacrificial Goo who knows where they came from.

Here is a picture that depicts Azathoth and a Flute.

And below another surrounded by Trumpets, and so yes i can see where you try and make a connection and who knows, maybe RS will explore a more Primordial Being/Creature.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJun-24-2017 9:41 AM

But, Dave, that's a trilobite in the picture! :)


MemberFacehuggerJun-24-2017 10:15 AM

The flute must have some greater meaning in the world of the Engineers (other than just sexual innuendo).  In Promethus, part of the Juggernauts control system was a flute or recorder.


MemberChestbursterJun-24-2017 10:40 AM

Any theory where we end up getting a lovely pic of the Prometheus mural, showing the Bird Faced Character is ok with me!!

How wonderful it would be to know the relationship of this creature to the Engineers. I like to think it is somehow genetically related to the first Egg that was formed.

Being birds lay eggs and a Bird Face creature - just off that no science or evidence!;)

Either way i am as intrigued as ever when i see that pic. 

Thank You Zhalaya

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord

Barf The Mog

MemberFacehuggerJun-24-2017 11:21 AM

Nathan Adler -  I wouldn't refer to them as Flute Gods, as that would reduce Engineers to being musically motivated, and that seems too feeble considering everything we know. It appears that Engineers use flutes/recorders as a tool, and the harmonies played are more algorithmic, but with a cute jingle.  

A god is typically immortal, engineers are not, therefore they are not gods, but gardeners as Ridley Scott mentioned. People need to stop referring to them as Gods. It is David who is the 'God' in this story, everything else, except the Xenomorph, is inferior to David. 

I'm Atheist BTW and a graduate student who respects the actual evidence of science, not religion.  

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