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Non-existent gestation unravels these movies...

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OvomorphMember2 XPJun-23-2017 12:27 PM

i have huge problem accepting both Prometheus and Covenant.

it's a symptom of what is wrong about the franchise: the gestation periods or lack thereof. at the end of Prometheus, a xenomorph-type figure rips through the dead engineer's body. it is obviously way to big to have been gestating and where is the big pastie alien. it is the laziness about this sort of thing that is undermining the whole project. in covenant we get even worse, aliens the size of a dog not only coming from spaces where they cannot possibly exist but coming out almost immediately ( or in the case of the last guy, the facehugger doesn't even attach and STILL the guy is impregnated, the result of which grows to to an 8ft tall xenomorph).. i cannot be alone with this huge problem with the films, i soooo wanted to like, no, love! alien covenant but it ends up being ridiculous and risible - perhaps Scott is sabotaging his own 'franchise'... i can't figure out why these films are laughable - the trailer leads you to believe this really is hellish etc. but turns out all the best bits are in the trailer which makes seeing the movie pretty much mediocre at best... does anyone have any idea as to why this is the case. i hate to say it, but every film review i have read or seen qualifies itself with the statement along the lines of " Alien/Aliens are my favorite films of all time... etc.) i am only pissed because not only has ridley scott absolutely ruined the mysteries of Alien, but he has made it all banal, not scary, shallow.. scuse the frustration... god help us for the new blade runner....

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