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Definitely Xeno's around here somewhere....

Definitely Xeno's around here somewhere....

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PraetorianStaff2414 XPJun-23-2017 12:33 AM

The Earth Hive has begun.....

14 Responses to Definitely Xeno's around here somewhere....

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPJun-23-2017 12:47 AM

IRAPTUS - Eww! What is that? :)


PraetorianStaff2414 XPJun-23-2017 12:52 AM

Something Real looks likes some type of secreted resin..... :P

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPJun-23-2017 12:53 AM

*Puts on her Colonial Marines armor and locks an ammo pack into her pulse rifle* It appears we are on another bug hunt!


ChestbursterMember907 XPJun-23-2017 7:28 AM

"They're here...."


ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-23-2017 7:41 AM

*Decides to get the hell out of here and leave you all to confront the Xenomorph.*


*Wryly wishes you all luck then runs, completely alone, in what is most likely the direction of danger*

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPJun-23-2017 7:46 PM

*Grabs VIVISECTEDENGINEER, turns him around, and hands him one of her pulse rifles* Oh, no, my friend. You are fighting with us! :)


ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-23-2017 9:36 PM

*Reluctantly accepts pulse rifle from Something Real whilst grumbling under breath*

...this is not what I signed up for, I'd better get a pretty freaking huge bonus...


PraetorianStaff2414 XPJun-24-2017 2:16 AM

All good folks, false alarm. Just some flocculant :-)

no need for the pulse rifles.....yet 



ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-24-2017 11:47 AM

Flocc...ulant...? 0_o Well, it looks pretty disgusting if you ask me.

*Holds onto pulse rifle, just in case*

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPJun-24-2017 6:24 PM

*Pats VIVISECTEDENGINEER on the shoulder* None of us ever sign up for being eaten by nightmarish, biomechanical life-forms. Yet, here we are! I would not worry a great deal about compensation, however. If we survive until we can be extracted, we will likely receive a great deal of credits! :)


ChestbursterMember725 XPJun-24-2017 7:54 PM

@Something Real

O_O If we survive to be extracted...? I'm sure Wey-Yu will act with all due alacrity... /s

*Suddenly regrets wishing for a payout, realizing that it effectively disincentives the rescue effort*

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPJun-24-2017 9:38 PM

*Nods to VIVISECTEDENGINEER with a matter-of-fact expression as the realization dawns within his eyes*


PraetorianStaff2414 XPJun-26-2017 2:06 AM

VivisectedEngineer flocculant is used to separate dirt and sediment from water., used alot in the mining/metallurgy industry. All quite innocent...unless you want a really hardcore laxative lol


ChestbursterMember528 XPJun-26-2017 4:13 PM

*Puts on his Ultra Marine Terminator armor and raises his Storm Bolter* PURGE THE XENO S***! FOR THE EMPRAH! *looks at the Pulse Rifle and then at his bolter* Darn, wrong door again... *lowers his head, wheeps and trots to the door*

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.

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