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OvomorphMember35 XPJun-14-2017 6:04 PM

I present to you a piece of fan fiction from myself.

I would intend this to either be an opening video to the next movie edition to the Alien universe, or a "viral promotion" leading up to the movie.

The actor (whom is pictured) is Rami Malek. If you haven't seen his work, especially Mr. Robot, then I suggest you do so as he would be perfect for the piece I have chosen.

On with the fan fiction/script...whatever you want to call it (This picture is the closest I could find to how I wanted you to picture the setting)...


(Bright white fade in to a white room, with somber light that makes the walls look almost gray. There is nothing in the room except for an intelligent and extremely proper looking male individual sitting in a chair. Although we can not physically see the chair, we know that he is seated in one. His posture is in a way that is very still and familiar to us, convincing us that he is an android. He is dressed in a suit and tie, and looks at us through the camera with great poise and control)


He speaks in a charming,, reassuring, yet imposing voice:


“Hello. I am Alexander.


Welcome to your one and only briefing as a newly employed Weyland-Yutani Classified Agent.


Every word you hear in this briefing is strictly confidential. You shall not speak a word of this encounter, or do***ent this in any nature.


It matters very little if you attempt to anyway, since it is already known to you that we are ALWAYS WATCHING.


It has always been our goal, since long before the merger to build better worlds.


Of course that comes with it’s fair share of dilemmas.


You see, since implementing synthetics such as myself in to the lives of the human species, we have of course become the intellectually dominant replicated versions of our creators themselves.


This leaves the human condition with certain…..downfalls as you would say.


None of this is exactly foreign to you however, which is why you are here….


You have been carefully selected to have the intel and clearance that the general population has zero knowledge of.


You are the elite class of human society.


Your career as a Weyland-Yutani Classified Agent requires you to remain behind the scenes at absolutely all times.


All un-classified persons or Synthetics know not of your existence from this point forward.


From here on out, you will monitor humanity itself.


Each directive you will be given requires you to focus on some very basic, yet extraordinarily important questions that can not be answered by any algorithms. We need eye witness accounts.


How well do humans and synthetics co-exist?


What is the effect on the human rationale and decision making after living generations alongside individuals such as myself?


Will our superior intellect somehow override and suppress the human ability to contrive common sense practices?


What is the effect of long-term cryo-sleep? Does it interfere with impulse control and the human logical ways of thinking?


Does love really stand a chance in the vastness of space, and will humans continue to base their actions upon this concept?


These questions, and many others are what you will focus on for the continuation of your career.


Our Mission-VIew-Logs will enable you to monitor COMPLETELY undetected, each and every space vessel assigned to you.


Our technology allows us to remain perfectly hidden, and offers no interference of any kind to either the crews or the androids implemented in these missions.


They also know nothing of our existence.”


(With minimum effort Alexander gets out of the chair and stand perfectly straight up, he gestures to the person viewing this video and speaks again)




“ Please proceed to the next room in order for your career as a Weyland-Yutani Classified Agent to begin.”


(His voice changes to what feels like a shadow that brings with it a chill that makes your skin crawl)


“Remember. STRICTLY follow all laws set forth.


We know where you are at all times and will not hesitate to….let me say this in Synthetic terms…..initiate darkness……..”


(Cut to black.)

 - - - - - 

- I'd like to shout out Blackwinter-witch for giving me the idea to write this piece. After seeing her posts and such, it sparked my imagination.

- I wanted to create something to best explain away some flaws that most of us have found in the previous movies. In my head, this scene would remind us of the amazing opening sequence to Alien: Covenant. Everything so clean and pure, yet there is such a dark undertone somehow to everything. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!

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PraetorianModerator2414 XPJun-14-2017 6:21 PM

Awesome work dude. Great introduction into your work, reminds me of the opening of Covenant or Introducing Walter clips. Makes me very curious as to where this is heading!!

Looking forward to more!!!!


Blackwinter-witch is very inspirational, I 100% agree. She has encouraged several of us writers on here to have a go at writing a fan fiction, myself included.



OvomorphMember35 XPJun-15-2017 7:29 AM

Actually this piece is really all I set out to make. For now...


Thanks for the encouraging words!


OvomorphMember35 XPJun-19-2017 5:02 PM


That is an actor named Rami Malek (most notable for his performance in Mr. Robot on USA Network)

Check out this bit of him acting. He'd be my first choice for a part in the next Alien movie.....


Rami Malek (Mr. Robot)

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