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Alien's Biblical correlations there from the start

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Nathan Adler

FacehuggerMember178 XPJun-13-2017 11:57 AM

Did the screenwriters knowingly name the first victim/ father of the Alien, Kane to echo Cain?  That is, the first killer spawns the perfect 'killing machine'!?  Just think about that for a moment.

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ChestbursterMember511 XPJun-13-2017 12:22 PM

Ridley did not name any of the characters in Alien, nor did he write the story or script. He was the director.

Walter Hill and David Giler created all the names in their revisions to Dan Obannon's original script.

I doubt they put much thought into why they used the names they did. It seemed changing all the names was part of their attempt at getting a writing writing credit, which did not work.


NeomorphMember1823 XPJun-13-2017 12:25 PM

beat me to it kethol lol


OvomorphMember59 XPJun-13-2017 1:19 PM

Kane is gaelic, means warrior. Cain is hebrew, means possessed, acquired. So no connection. But you are right. These two names have an echo. :-) maybe it's not unwitting. I think, the other character's names are also very representative: Walter, David, Elizabeth etc.


FacehuggerMember210 XPJun-13-2017 1:25 PM

Walter Hill and David Giler

Walter... David... androids


ChestbursterMember511 XPJun-13-2017 1:39 PM

...who still get credited as producers and get a cut of the profits, even though they have nothing to do with Prometheus or Covenant :)


NeomorphMember1823 XPJun-13-2017 1:51 PM

have to tip ur hat to them. not a bad days pay if u can get it


OvomorphMember23 XPJun-13-2017 3:31 PM

"Kane's son" is an allusion to Grendel in Beowulf... very fitting in this instance.

Nathan Adler

FacehuggerMember178 XPJun-13-2017 3:37 PM

@spirit_light_speed: You see the light, like me;) Recall Grendel's mother's blood melts Beowulf's sword: "so acid the evil". 


OvomorphMember23 XPJun-13-2017 3:42 PM

@Nathan Adler

You've got it!

Nathan Adler

FacehuggerMember178 XPJun-13-2017 3:49 PM

@spirit_light_speed: Thanks:) Any comments on my other recent posts as I'd value your opinion?


DeaconMember10416 XPJun-13-2017 6:03 PM

As already mentioned it was Walter Hill and David Giler who did change names and also i think when they came up with them there was no Biblical Connections at play.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Nathan Adler

FacehuggerMember178 XPJun-13-2017 6:26 PM

The Leviticus connection is convincing, and even the Liz Shaw one... Kane is more obvious, but the first thing I noticed about Prometheus was that David's actual designation is "David 8", to me instantly recalling Edward VIII, collaborator with Nazis.  Too bad they didn't take along an android named Albert 6, instead;)


OvomorphMember27 XPJun-13-2017 11:52 PM

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