Alien: Covenant

Alien Covenant - Worldwide: $176,9 Million

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PraetorianMember3378 XPJun-08-2017 3:26 PM

Domestic: $69,4 million

Foreign: $107,5 million

Worldwide $176,9 million


/Jun. 8, 2017/


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OvomorphMember14 XPJun-08-2017 4:52 PM

I went to see it again on the weekend, and the theatre was actually full. I hope they make enough money to justify a sequel just so RS can make a movie called "Alien: Answers"


PraetorianMember3378 XPJun-08-2017 5:01 PM

The title 'Alien: Answers' is my child. :D

Capt Torgo

FacehuggerMember176 XPJun-08-2017 5:47 PM

Ati that's pretty good. Think I can get behind that project. I was thinking,.   Alien:Sugar**** . About David attempting some crazy robot existential love..... not a great box office performance for sure. I wonder what they spent on marketing?

Barf The Mog

FacehuggerMember146 XPJun-08-2017 5:48 PM

I saw it five times, proudly. The theater was jam packed the first time, IMAX. The other four were with friends/family who wanted to see it with me, and I was like "sure okay," and unbeknownst to them I can recite David and Walter's lines.


That domestic number is sad, FOX really screwed up the marketing and release date.

China might be a problem with the cuts, as Ridley already cut 20 min from the film.

Japan has a niche market for Neo & Xeno (monsters always sell in Japan), so I hope they welcome those two knuckle heads with open arms.


PraetorianMember3378 XPJun-08-2017 5:57 PM

Barf The Mog - Five times, wow! You are our hero. :)

Barf The Mog

FacehuggerMember146 XPJun-08-2017 6:11 PM

I do what I can. Despite Covenant's shortcomings, and there are many, IMAX was the winning viewing experience. The sound of the neutrino burst was insane at the theater I went to, as well as the sound of the baby neomorph.


FacehuggerMember355 XPJun-08-2017 7:40 PM

We should all be rooting for hit to hit 230 million. Any less and I am not sure we get the sequel we need...


OvomorphMember24 XPJun-09-2017 4:00 AM

I saw AC in theater 3 times with my friend and we hope there will be next movie. 


FacehuggerMember380 XPJun-09-2017 4:08 AM

I still do not get the 73% rotten tomatoes rating but I divert that to another post.

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