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Possible Story (own theory)

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FacehuggerMember143 XPJun-08-2017 11:02 AM

Alien Awakening

Here is my story for the sequel 


LV223. After David and Shaw left the planet, things started to change on the planet. The collision of the two spaceships influenced the other spaceships that were laying under the ground. One cryo-pod was awakened. The engineers who woke up from his sleep observes all the destruction. The remains of the collision. The dead bodies of all the engineers. Seeing human bodies on his planets made him think that mankind did all the devastation. No ampules are left in their battleships. By assembling all the survivors, they take the journey to their next civilization to assemble and destroy mankind.

[Before their departure, they destroy their planet and their sun with the purpose that nobody should have their bio-weapons. A gigantic neutrino burst affected the near environment.]

At their arrival, they see the devastation that was left. They turn completely angry seeing all the corpses at their city. Panic make them fly to their home planet.

Engineer Origin Planet. Arriving at their home planet, the engineers tell their creator what the humans did to them. At the same moment, their sky gets dark. A gigantic spaceship arrives their planet. Hundreds of dark creatures appear. Slowly but curious, a gigantic white creature rises from an engineers battleship. A passenger from LV223.    

What do you expect from the 'war of the worlds' sequel?

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FacehuggerMember105 XPJun-08-2017 11:09 AM

What about David and Covenant crew?


FacehuggerMember143 XPJun-08-2017 11:12 AM

The gigantic spaceship should be the covenant. I mean it is really huge


FacehuggerMember143 XPJun-08-2017 11:18 AM

The deacon followed the engineers. We have not seen the full grown deacon so lets hope 


FacehuggerMember143 XPJun-08-2017 11:34 AM

Yes the one we saw at the end of prometheus

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