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A-listers for the next film

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MemberChestbursterJun-06-2017 8:19 PM

Saw this erupt as a tangent on another thread and thought it deserved it's own.

If you approve of marketing a film through looping in some top brass, what A-list actor/actress/celebrity should be brought into the next film to share the spotlight with Fassbender and secure a larger audience?


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MemberChestbursterJun-06-2017 8:21 PM

I will share my vote with a warning that it's somewhat ridiculous but I have an explanation.

I vote for the R&B singer Drake. Here's why:

For starters, I'm not a Drake fan, but I am highly aware of his status and his look.


His clean/groomed appearance would fit well in an Alien film. As a pop star, he has a massive following. The fans of his music alone would bring in box office numbers that very well could rival Marvel numbers. And trust me, his fans would pay to see the movie even if they'd never heard of Alien.

Next, he's not someone a lot of Alien fans would recognize on sight which would prevent him from feeling too out of place unlike a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.

Finally, he has a background in acting. He's been behind the camera since his youth and has a whole separate following for that aspect of his career. He's dabbled in small acting roles on the side while succeeding in the music industry, and as was announced 2 months ago, he is returning to acting to take on a major role in an upcoming British tv drama.

Anyway, that's my idea. What are yours?

Barf The Mog

MemberFacehuggerJun-06-2017 9:23 PM

Drake would be an interesting cast choice; he'd for sure get mauled by a Xeno. 

My fantasy draft for the next ALIEN flick would have several of following actors:

John Goodman

Sam Elliott

Bradley Cooper 

Kevin Spacey

Tilda Swinton or Anne Hathaway as a synthetic. 

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Denis Leary

Ian McShane

John Leguizamo

Edward Furlong

And Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley 

cabin flutist yacob wagner

MemberOvomorphJun-06-2017 9:37 PM

But more importantly, can Drake the rapper also flow on the flute?


MemberTrilobiteJun-06-2017 9:39 PM

I think Tom Cruz would be good if properly used. I know he has some eccentric but I cannot deny his acting ability. He does a great job.


MemberFacehuggerJun-06-2017 9:39 PM

Drake's a very successful pop artist.  But I think that it's imperative that not only professional actors are used, but known good ones.

+1 on Ian McShane

Would like to see Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and/or Michael Rooker.  Liam Neeson, Viggo Mortensen and Mads Mikkelsen are good in gritty roles.  Chris Walken as a synthetic, or maybe even Jude Law (The Young Pope).  Watch for Adam Driver to get tapped for the next one.

I was going to say Edward James Olmos, but I see that he's been tapped for a Predator movie.


MemberChestbursterJun-07-2017 5:19 AM

@Ripleys Jude Law would be my fave choice. He was fantastic in the young pope and has become one of my all time fave actors.


MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 5:47 AM

Drake....hmmm...personally can't stand him (not because of his music, but because of his over-the-top theatrics courtside at NBA games...) But what the hell, it couldn't hurt this franchise at this point...

Going that route, J-Lo would create a lot of buzz..not sure how expensive she would be though...

Maybe have Melissa McCarthy, Justin Bieber, or even Lady Gaga because they are all kind of big right now...

Kevin Hart & the Rock (Who cares if they can act...?) would both garner big time numbers

...We can also consider getting Tom Brady to bring in Sports Nerds as well.

Lots of names we can throw out there...But it would really be fun to get someone really way out there...Like maybe Judge Judy as a cranky old Weyland Corporation executive...Or maybe Pee Wee Herman playing a new Android...


MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 5:55 AM

I would say the script dictates which actors may be choosen.


btw. I don't want to see Fassbender anymore ever in any Alien related movie.

Alien: Davenant was too much , imo.


MemberPraetorianJun-07-2017 6:03 AM

I don't know, character actors might be better than so-called A-listers?

Tom Cruise would probably draw in a certain demographic, but I'd be checking out if he became involved. Plus he would cost far too much.

The reason I do not rate him is because he is not an actor.

He has a fake persona, it's the same for every movie, he plays Tom Cruise. What he is, is a show-off. Probably the biggest show-off in the world!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

Capt Torgo

MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 6:28 AM

Queen I like that line of choice, it's just got to be unique and outside the box! But.....but........I feel the whole freaking movie needs that approach and I don't see Ridley ever adjusting to Fox's agenda because it's his show. I don't think budget and marketing matters all that much IF.  IF you tell a god damn engaging story that's not stupid bullshit that 85% of the general public don't give a fuck about ! Ridleys brain is perma-fried on short stroking Android junk. If fox would view this thread and do a whole body soul search they really could pull this out of the ditch. Don't see Ridley Scott having a come to Jesus moment because he knows what's best all the time. When you actively throw poop on movie goers, thy exit the cine!a and declare to social media that their eyes hurt and ears burning after hearing the dumbest nonsense ever uttered in Space. You just can't make a bad movie now a days and get away with it. Maybe spend some of that wasted viral marketing shit on a high profile actors or buy the most expensive director

Capt Torgo

MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 6:44 AM

Lol, after thespians have seen Oram' dialogue, what big name is gonna want to say that triteness on camera? 


MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 6:45 AM

@Capt Torgo. Dude, you are off the chain.

"...Ridleys brain is perma-fried on short stroking Android junk..."

You are funny as hell though and most of what you say, even though quite harsh, has some level of truth to it.

Sometimes it's just hard to register this level of bluntness through my politically correct lens tight now :).

I just want the whole Alien enterprise to work together to put out a first-class movie for our next go around...


MemberChestbursterJun-07-2017 6:51 AM

@Gralen you know, I pretty much agree with you. The "Alien" isn't cooked, but "David" is. After much consternation, I really do not like the whole direction this thing has gone now that the story arc is becoming more clear. I wish we could wipe out the whole prequel story and start over WITHOUT it being "AI-centric". 


MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 1:22 PM

Tom Cruise... he'd probably do a good job.  You might be surprised.  He and Christian Bale have great work ethics.

Hey, it could turn out the The Engineers followed Scientology and Zenu created the Space Jockey.

cabin flutist yacob wagner

MemberOvomorphJun-07-2017 3:47 PM

I want to see Thomas Jane as a soldier or mercenary sergeant.

His performs/role in The Expanse was outstanding and had a lot of Hicks in it.

Ranting Xeno

MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 4:06 PM

Dig up Paxton. Prop him up with a pole. He'd probably give a more commanding performance than the majority of the A:C cast.

Walken as a synthetic is a good shout. Him or Ray Liotta.


MemberOvomorphJun-07-2017 4:14 PM

I say we include Gal Gadot.   After "Wonder Woman" she'll probably have a lot of work though.   Great accent! (And visuals!)


MemberChestbursterJun-07-2017 4:28 PM


David didn't have to be cooked. But Ridley turned up the burners to High. You don't just give us a calm, cold, sarcastic android and then flash us forward 10 years to a flamboyant lunatic and say "well it's because he's been going out of sync for 10 years".

David's development from what he was to what he is should have played out on-screen in a movie that bridged Covenant and Prometheus. We should have been able to watch this transition. It would have created a greater investment in David. But alas....


MemberTrilobiteJun-07-2017 4:38 PM

I don't like talking much about money, but if the numbers are low for AC, I can't see how or why Fox would go after top tier and top dollar actors for the next go around except for Fassbender.


MemberPraetorianJun-16-2017 9:22 AM

I like Sean Bean, he is a very versatile and believable actor. From big screen to tv, he successfully spans all genres. I loved him in the Frankenstein Chronicles and his current role as a priest in the BBC1 series Broken.

He would be equally at home as a weary ship's captain, or a cunning Weyland villain. Place him in any role and you immediately have a well grounded character that an audience can believe in!

He is a character actor in a similar vein to John Hurt. In a word class!



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberFacehuggerJun-16-2017 1:06 PM

Timothy Olyphant

Gary Oldman

Daniel Day Lewis

Rutgar Hauer

Andrew Lincoln (Say what you will about Walking Dead, I think this guy can act)


MemberFacehuggerJun-17-2017 10:21 AM


Those are some great suggestions.  I wanted to mention Gary Oldman also, but I figured that they'd put him in as Weyland. Oldman is sort of typecast into those types of roles, but maybe it could work, especially if they gave him something interesting to do.  I thought of Christian Bale, also.  But, he's also typecast into thsese sort of action films.

Olyphant is a great suggestion too... he could be the next Tom Skerritt for the Alien franchise... but let's not kill him off too quickly.

Speaking of Daniel Day Lewis, he reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton... he would work too.

Andrew Lincoln would be perfect for the gritty Alien universe...

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