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Covenant and Prometheus in Numbers

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MemberPraetorianJun-04-2017 10:16 AM

Note: the new Covenant numbers 67,2 million (domestic estimate) and 173,8 million (worldwide estimate) refer to the actual weekend.




Release Date

19 05 2017

08 06 2012

Production Budget

$97 million

$130 million

MPAA Rating





Total Gross



Opening Weekend



Second Weekend Drop



In Release

2 weeks

15 weeks



Worldwide Gross



Foreign Gross





23 Replies


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 10:54 AM

We know it won't and can't match Prometheus.  I am just hoping it can cross 200 million worldwide.


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 11:26 AM

Biggest reason for the drop is probably that they too fast ditched the Dr.Shaw/Engineer/Human Origins story-arc.

Prometheus brought fresh air into the franchise and i expected this story would be expanded/continued.

We have already seen enough Alien movies with that glorified biomech-insect over the last 30 years in combination with the the spin-offs. That Xeno-threat was only interesting the first 3 films (at most) before it got stale with alien:ressurection and reached trash-movie/B-movie quality with some spin-offs.

A:C got even a step farther and reached slapstick/parody quality with some xenomorp-scenes.




MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 11:38 AM

I think the big problem is that the Xeno, as great as a villain can ever be, has been done to death. I personally loved that Prometheus gave us a new threat in the Engineers, and would love to expand on them.

That being said, I did love this film too. It does address a nice balance between the two, giving the fans of Prometheus a continuation of sorts, and the fans of the Xeno, a beginning for them.

Unfortunately, you can never please everyone all the time.


MemberXenomorphJun-04-2017 12:20 PM

Xeno would be a bit part in the Marvel universe....It'd be a creature some evil super villian(Thanos/Loki/etc...) would deploy for show. It'd also give Hulk, Thor, etc...Something to defeat.

"Hulk hate bugs!" *SMASH*!

There is so much more out there these days.


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2017 1:42 PM

I hope Alien:Awakening goes back to the David, Shaw, Engineers story arc, and reading online it seems as if 'the crossing prologue' was setting this up.

Prometheus was THE most profound film of this century by far and indicates an AWAKENING to our true origins and place in the universe.


So I hope the next film is meatily philosophical loaded up with engineer culture - shaw getting her answers, and viewers coming away with their minds blown....


I hope its Ridleys defining film.


MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 2:04 PM

Prometheus held much better. On its third week it made almost 10 million versus Covenant's 4 million. Investors must be on valium right now.


MemberPraetorianJun-04-2017 2:21 PM

And I can only repeat myself:

'I think it's not a problem if somebody does not like the movie, but bashing it in every thread trying to manipulate others is not a fan activity but troll activity.'

'If you are a fan with negative opinion, and you wait a month and share it, then I would say it’s OK, hundred times a day if you want, no problem. But doing it continuously from its release reveals that you have other intentions.'

'Obviously, Covenant hasn't flopped. And this fact is a miracle taking into consideration the fact that certain fans did/do/are doing/will do so much work for its flopping (with the help of youtube channels, by linking articles bashing the movie, etc. right after its release).'


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2017 2:44 PM

I loved covenant and prometheus


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 3:21 PM

@ati, I guess when the admin stated that it is absolutely fine of fans like myself, joylitt and others that disagreed with the movie to post must of not resonated with you.

The sheer amount of your positive posts versus the negative posts on this site; it is not going to improve or further hurt the Covenant box office whatsoever.  

If the movie was real good; regardless of an Alien, Engineer or Android focus; I think there would have been more repeat viewings amongst fans.

What are my other intentions?  lol  Sounds like you do not want anybody to hear Covenant is bad but they can google and youtube and find countless negative reviews of Covenant.



MemberXenomorphJun-04-2017 3:27 PM

5 years ago, everyone(that I talked with)wanted to see Prometheus! Ridley's return to A L I E N!      And now the same people didn't even know he was making another one! They were shocked when I told them. 2 of them told me they would wait for the DVD(not liking Prometheus that much).






MemberDeaconJun-04-2017 3:37 PM

I think covenant has been a disappointment we cant deny that, but to be fair it really was not as bad as the figures are showing, review wise its not as bad on the internet as the Box  Office suggests.

The Pattern to look for with these movies since after Alien 3, is that this movie Ended the Franchise we can safely assume the Derelict and Cargo is rendered destroyed, hence the company needed Ripley for the Queen which she then Ultimately killed via Sacrifice herself.

No Ripley (R.I.P) no Derelict/Xenomorph (R.I.P) well we can assume.. the only logical route could have been a Prequel.

But we had Alien R that basically did not do the Franchise Justice, and then AVP movies and basically the Beast Was Cooked. And so those 3 Movies took the Shine off the Original 3 and a lot of Casual Fans and General Public will always remember the Xenomorph for the Wrong Reasons.

So with Prometheus the higher viewings in first week, compared to lower after is down to simply Most Franchise Fans going to see Prometheus in the 1st Week.

Alien Covenant followed the same Trend, only it managed Half what Prometheus had done.. over the first few weeks...  But the opening Week Covenant did not to bad... Again most who went to see this are the Franchise Fans... but this is when Disappointment set in and Word of Mouth.

Sadly Casual Fans may just see this as a "oh dear not another Alien Movie" those who kind of know its connected to Prometheus may think "oh dear its another Prometheus"

They Marketed it HARD to try and get these fans to go and see it, and any Prometheus dislikes.... by having the Posters, Interviews, Trailers and TV Spots all saying "LOOK ITS A ALIEN MOVIE... HONEST!!!"

Hoping this will pull in the so called Fanboys, and Casual Sci-Fi Fans and maybe even tempt the Casual General Public... but Ultimately doing so gave away so much for the Franchise Fans.

A few people i have spoken to who have decided not to see if have given reasons such as "I hear the Trailers covered most of the movie, apart from the Prometheus parts"  Which they was not a fan of Prometheus... so they decided to wait until its on like TV/Cable.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJun-04-2017 3:45 PM

MonsterZero and Dave, so the blu-ray income will be huge! :D


MemberDeaconJun-04-2017 3:52 PM

I applaud your support for the Movie ATI which is why i have up-voted this post...   Everyone has their own opinions... i had a lot of support for Prometheus despite the bashing it gets still. And Ultimately i understand the reasons for some of the Problems that Alien Covenant had.

At the End of the Day... FOX want to make $$$$ and so they are going to want changes that will make a Good $$$ Return... i feel disappointed they lacked Confidence in the Franchise.

I do think had RS decided he would be happy to direct Blomkamps Alien 5 first.... that FOX would have put more $$$$ to the budget because we have ALIENS, and no Prometheus Connection and RIPLEY..

Sad Really... because while some general Franchise Fans may liked the Movie, some do have disappointments..

Prometheus Fans: May feel a bit of injustice to how the Prometheus aspects was not covered well enough and it appears the Black Goo, Engineers and Dr Shaw are brushed under the carpet never to be covered again.

Alien Fans: May be disappointed with the Designs of the Xenomorph and how too much was CGI, and slight changes to how less Bio-Mechanical it looked and the different Chest Buster. They was expecting something like the Alien Vibe, and Horror as RS had said he is bringing back a very Alien movie and will Scare the S%£^ out of Fans... which they never quite did.

Aliens Fans: May have felt disappointed that there was not much Action, also how it appears the could be No Queen in RS Plans.. The Xenomorph did not appear long enough, or really get up to enough Killing..

General Fanbase: May have been disappointed in how now the Crazy Robot created the Alien Xenomorph and how the Lore has been changed as far as Gestation/Growth Rate, and how the Face Hugger affected Lope...

Expanding up on this with Prometheus Fans maybe confused how the Engineers looked, and how the Black Goo seemed to work differently to Prometheus...  while Prometheus Haters, would be disappointed the movie had to bring Prometheus Elements into the Movie again.

I think Sadly these kind of gripes that affect the Split Fanbase in different ways has affected by Word of Mouth people not wanting to see the Movie, and also those who have seen it to maybe not consider it worth going back for Multiple Views.

I will be seeing it a 3rd time in the week.  And i will be buying a lot of related Merchandised and the DVD/Blu-Ray... i really hope FOX/RS learn from a few mistakes and FOX Back RS Financially with the next movie.. because if they Dont and it is not a Hit then the FRANCHISE will had been Given the Kiss of Death.

I hope that the only AWAKENING we are in for is FOX/RS wake up and learn from their mistakes.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphJun-04-2017 3:56 PM

@Ati lol! Actually going to buy 3 copies for friends! 


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 3:56 PM

 Yes the problem was Prometheus was expected to be almost as good as alien and yes a few bits were like the general idea and some visuals. But then the story began and i could see people cringing with the pain :( . Prometheus would be doing about the same as AC if they were the other way round I'm sure.

So much money came from people going on the back of alien. But that's gone now... they got burnt. Very sad.

There is actually so much more you could do with the xenos. But all we have seen since aliens is regurgitations of ideas.  No ones come along with original angles apart fromn the engineers but even that's gone of the rails now.  Parts of AC in the first half really felt good and solid... on the right track then they touched down and the God stupidity and chaos came out to play. :( the graphic novels had better stories. 

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D


MemberDeaconJun-04-2017 4:09 PM

Ultimately the Oram Scene should have been done at the End, well just before the Walter vs David fight...

Walter could have then discovered David and gone to removed the Face Huger and a Fight broke out... David could have then Fed some Lie about the Face Hugger saying, "you have ruined my creation" or something to give Walter a indication that Oram can be Saved...

Then have Walter shown taking Oram outside for Lope and Daniels to carry to the Drop Ship. And have Lope killed by attacking Neomorph and have the Xeno attack replaced by Neomorph one.

Then back on the Ship have Daniels Question about Quarantine due to what happened on the Surface and have Walter say its ok this is not the same infection, one of Davids Creation tried to kill Oram but i managed to prevent it... i will place Oram in Quarantine and Observe him for 24 hours, while repairs are made to get the Ship back on track to Origae-6

This allows for Oram to be kept in a Med Bay sealed in, and Walter then Armed with a Weapon to keep watch... Latter Walter can say it appears Oram has not infection he is placed in Cryo-Sleep where i will monitor him in Qaurantine during our journey.

The crew would trust Walter... and not Question his report.. the fans would maybe not be to wise to is this Walter?

Then we get a Chest Buster, or even have the Shower Death Scene and Daniels go and check on the Med Bay and find that Oram has been Chest Busted.....  Daniels saw how quick the Neomorph had grown and so would think maybe Walter missed something...

Then when Walter is revealed as David, the fans could be left open to ponder, did David stall the crew by saying he kept Oram in Quarantine for up to 24 hours to allow for the Gestation to complete.

Doing this and added a good 5 minutes to the last act of tracking the Xenomorph i think would have worked..

Yes Aliens Fanboys would never see the Xenomorph much...

But the Twist Ending sets up a Hadleys Hope on the Covenant type movie to get Aliens Fans to look forwards too.

This is how it should have been done...   IF FOX ARE WATCHING... I am free to work on a Awakening Draft ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 4:19 PM

BigDave Exactly. What they did with the fanbase is like when you have a cake and you split it in two, then you split that slice in half and continue doing the same with every installment that follows. When you are done, you are left with practically nothing. They should have made a cannon book as a logical progression of the lore and follow that as rule of thumb in order not to offend the fans.  But the prime objective should have been to make a rock solid entertainment (think The Force Awakens, Fury Road), preferably with a big star in the lead, and avoid being too self referential or rely too much in the "fetish" status of Ridley Scott as a director. The "rebirth" of the xenomorph sould have been something epic, like bringing back one of the monsters from Universal's back catalogue. If done properly, we would have been talking of a franchise that takes off to rival the most successful ones, making north of 600 million worldwide.


MemberDeaconJun-04-2017 4:33 PM


The interesting thing is they NOW have a 20 Page Alien Rule-book... for future reference

It will be interesting to see what this has... because surely it would cover.

Black Goo: Where it came from, and what it can do.

Engineer Technology: (Bio-Mechanical Suits/Ships) how the Engineers created or obtained this.

Xenomorph Origins: How the original Eggs came from (David) and what process was involved to Create them.

Xenomorph Procreation: What route does the Xenomorph Procreate, how many methods can they Procreate.. I think Alien Awakening will explore this.

Xenomorph Evolution: Can the Xenomorph Evolve? Give us different types or what kind of Experiments conducted on them could produce something different.

Space Jockey/Derelict: Who now is the Space Jockey, how they got to LV-426 with that Cargo and When.

What the company know: How much and how, do they know about the Derelict/Cargo and LV-223 and Paradise.

What Becomes of the Above: After Alien maybe Aliens (if this is still Canon) as far as LV-426 Derelict/Eggs LV-223 Juggernauts/Black Goo and Paradise Juggernaut/Black Goo and Engineer Information/Ruins.  And how these things will be covered in Future Movies.

What Role does AI Play: As far as in the Future of the Franchise.

What Events Follow Alien: Such as does Aliens happen? What about Alien 3? or Alien R and if any of these are to be De-canonized where do they take a Alien/Aliens Sequel and what thus becomes of Ripley.

Maybe Engineer Agenda/History: Surely they have some idea, but its a case of have they got down HOW they are connected or is this something they dont intend to cover.

THESE.... Are the points i feel the Rule-book will have covered.

This does not mean this Information will be shared with us or covered in the Future of the Movies but i think these things they at FOX/RS have sat down and made a Guide-book to answer these... even if we will never be shown them at all.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 4:37 PM

BigDave Sure, but I hope they take notice of the fans' outrage and re-write that book so it is based on O'Bannon ideas, not John Logan's or Michael Green's hack job.


MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 4:50 PM

BigDave About your ideas for the third act, they should have improved things I guess. There are so many oddball choices in that final act. For instance, why not make the xenomorph's tracking something more interesting. At that point you could have more people still alive, and no so many clues about David having traded places with Walter. So you have the android pretending he is helping the crew get rid of the xenomorph when he is in fact having them go straight to their deaths. Then members of the crew start getting suspicious, and maybe confront David and fight him. You can still have David win. In fact you can have him get rid of the xenomorph himself avoiding all that stupid anti-climatic cargo bay battle.


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2017 9:37 PM

It has become the David show. Most audiences don't want to see...."The David Show." This is why the film faltered with the general public, many of whom had never even seen Prometheus or knew what it was. They thought they were going to see a thriller, not a flute (recorder) lesson.

Big Dave...Wish they'd at least done it your way!


MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 9:49 PM

I suggest drastic measures. David has to go. He runs out of batteries, has a short circuit or gets hit by lightning like the girl with the braids in The Bad Seed. If they did that to Shaw they can do it to David.


MemberOvomorphJun-05-2017 9:13 PM

Ridley Scott is 79 years old.  He can talk about 5 or 6 more movies but realistically, he's got 1 left in him.  Now the question is can he make one that will reinvigorate the franchise.  All it takes is one good one, however this one has to be creative, unique and engaging. Either that or an Aliens type movie, Black Hawk Down style.  Epic Sci-Fi action to bring in the masses  Which could work when I think about it.  Gritty, down to earth and realistic.  However I don't think Fox will give Scott the Budget to do that.  Either way it has to do much better then either Prometheus or Covenant.

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