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Alien:The most polarizing film franchise ever?

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MemberPraetorianJun-03-2017 4:45 PM

It goes without saying that Alien Covenant is polarizing to say the least,but does this really come as a suprise?After all the only movie we all agree on is the original Alien.Some dislike Aliens for reasons ranging from James Cameron's preference of action over horror,to His "normalization"of the xenomorph life span with the queen Alien among other things.Alien 3 was the first real polarizing film thanks to continuity errors to the handling of the deaths of Ripley,Hicks,Bishop and Newt.Alien Resurrection is still practically universally hated by fans.Barely anyone likes the AVP films.And Prometheus is by far the most divisive film in the series which has lead to Alien Covenant being what it is.With Prometheus it wasn't Alien enough for some,failed to explain things.Others it was something new and fresh that expanded the universe.But because Prometheus disappointed more than it pleased Ridley changed course to please the larger Alien fanbase.His words "They want Fucking aliens I'll give them Fucking Aliens ."Of course decisions such as this have split an already divided fanbase.With the exception of maybe Star Wars I don't think any other franchise is this polarizing.So I'm not surprised one bit the film has divided many.What do you think?

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

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MemberNeomorphJun-03-2017 5:17 PM

I think that even a deeply philosophical film that features a coherent mythology, with a good story, characters and execution, but most importantly one that does not tarnish the Alien lore, would please everybody. The Alien fan is not the superficial action junkie that many seem to suggest. And you don't have to explain everything. I don't really want to know why and how the juggernaut ended in LV426.


MemberPraetorianJun-03-2017 6:41 PM

I want to know why and how the Derelict ended on LV-426. I've always wanted to know. And that is the exact reason why the franchise is alive today. We want to know!


MemberNeomorphJun-03-2017 6:48 PM

I don't think everybody wants to know that, specially if they are going to come up with some stupid explanation like "the colonists became the eggs and David was the pilot"


MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2017 7:03 PM

Then don't go see the movie. Simple right?



MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2017 7:05 PM

I would never forgot the impact when I saw the Space Jockey on tv first time. I love its mystery. Yes I prefer the secret kept buried, but at the same time I am happy this franchise is revived again. 

All 6 movies are great, I love them all. I hope the alien world keeps expanding, and will get the chance to see Alien 5,6,7 until I die. 


MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2017 7:05 PM

double post.


MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2017 7:54 PM

I'm happy with how things are progressing, personally.

That being said, I believe the Star Wars franchise is far more polarized. ALIEN fans are generally accepting of differing views and preferences among their peers. (Of course there are some exceptions to the rule, but they seem few and far between). The Star Wars fanbase, by contrast, is divided into a number of cliques, each more annoying than the last: Prequel-bashers, Original Trilogy-purists, Disney-haters, "new canon" snobs, Lucas-worshipers, and old-EU freaks. (I'm sure that I've forgotten some other groups but ah well). I love Star Wars almost as much as I love ALIEN, but I purposely try to avoid my fellow Star Wars fans because I don't want to waste time arguing over trivialities.

Im Durp

MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2017 11:25 PM

As a huge star wars fan can confirm that^.


If alien is the most polarising or even tied for it is another question. There arent many franchises that get as many films as alien seems the longer a franchise goes the more polarising it is. Marvel seems to avoid this for the most part for now but we'll see how that goes as the films go through time.


MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 3:11 AM

iv said it before, if it turns out david is responsible for the derelicts fate itl change the way I view the whole derelict scene in alien for me. that 1 scene is what got everyones imagination going. who was the pilot and what was the connection to the eggs and where did they come from. the potential to make something epic to address this is/was mind blowing. but for a man made synthetic to be the answer for me is aweful. its like seeing an amazing magic trick at ur 10th birthday party then some 30 years on finding out how its done n its like 'is that it?'. for me the derelict has been there, as kane stated, for what could be thousands of years' and I believe keeping it that way is vital


MemberPraetorianJun-04-2017 3:35 AM

It's funny, but I really don't want to know who the SJ Pilot is anymore. That remains the last great mystery from A L I E N.

I don't want that wonderful, mysterious Giger creation to be explained away as David/Walter or Daniels/Tennesse or even Shaw. It will ruin A L I E N for me if that is how it turns out!

There is a way to have the Engineers, plus that lone SJ be another species. The last of his kind, who were massacred by the Engineers after having had their tec stolen and adapted by them. In trying to avert a catastrophe, he lands his ship on LV-426 in a heroic gesture. Or he is trying to quarantine or destroy the eggs, or urns, which eventually morphed into eggs over time. Perhaps that cargo is even what's left of his species?

I have always viewed him as a benign, bizarre being who was caught up in circumstance. Even now, I still picture him that way. Any other explanation risks destroying the film I have loved more than any other for decades! 


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberXenomorphJun-04-2017 10:21 AM


Nah. Star Wars or Star Trek....NuTrek versus old trek is legendary.

Any episode of Star Wars can be the fandomized.

Alien series is pretty tame.



David engineered these creatures to kill humans.  Not dinosaurs or whales or 30 foot space monsters. 

And ancient creatures that just happen to be perfect face hug for humanoids? Lol! No...These were engineered to kill humans.


The pods should 'dry out' after a time...After a century they would be hard as stone. AND that would make sense to me....Nostromo crew stumbles on a long dead Alien derelict(turned to stone it's so old) and Kane is infected by something other than a pod/facehugger.....(opens a urn, brings a sample back a stone sample, residue etc....) Sure you miss out on the facehugger jump scare ...but you could have Kane knock over a something...*BANG* or Lambert fall through a hole and smashes her helmet..bleeding she needs to get medical help...

BUT if David is leaving fresh pods..I think it works.



MemberNeomorphJun-04-2017 10:25 AM

much the same. star wars has had some poor films, episodes 1,2 and 3 sucked big time. the alien franchise has had its poor movies aswell


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 10:48 AM

The franchise was not polarizing until Prometheus.  BvS and other superhero movies are more polarizing.  

This weekend I saw Wonder Woman twice.  Now that was a great story and great movie.  I did not expect to be so into it like I was.

Capt Torgo

MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2017 1:05 PM

I think covvy has raised all ships in the franchise to me! As I now appreciate more than ever that in all the films except the two prequels where the characters actually have character, even if they are 1d meat bags they are NOT portrayed as dumbasses! All those films including Prometheus actually have like a story or story arc unlike our newest edition. Not sure what fans have against Resurrection or Requiem but if they had bigger budgets I think they would be viewed in a better light. Still pissed even though i will learn to adopt covvy into my dvd rotation but I do solemnly declare AC to be deeply polarizing. Time heals all wounds I guess


MemberDeaconJun-04-2017 7:57 PM

I dont agree that Prometheus began Polarizing Fans...

This all Started with ALIENS something Aliens fans will deny... but sorry their are many versions of fans who enjoy/dislike many elements of the Franchise.

Aliens gave us Action, gave Ripley a extension to her Character, it brought in a load of Xenomorphs and was a very good Popcorn Flick, it still remains one of the Greatest Sci-Fi Action movies of all time.  For some something well needed as a extension to Alien.

Some Alien fans felt that Aliens had taken what was Mysterious about the Alien, turned it into a Hive-mind BUG and Space Ants.. The Xenomorph also introduced the Queen that some Alien fans was not accepting... they preferred the Original idea of the Egg Morph and the Xenomorph seemed to be Killed to Easy and was Dumb!!!!

But in defense... nope the Xenomorph was quite clever in Aliens, more so than Alien in Alien it just went around killing the Crew... the DC version did show it had a reason for this..

Also in Alien the Xeno did not meet Trained Military with the best Military Weaponry at their disposal, yet some Alien fans view the Alien as almost UN-killable and it early drafts it could Regenerate... but in Aliens they exploded like Soda Bottles.

Alien 3 had returned to the more Alien kind of set up, but this movie split some fans Especially Aliens ones as they killed off Newt and Hicks, and then they showed a different Alien and then Ultimately killed Ripley off and we never got to see the Queen or many Xenomorphs.

Alien Resurrection was a attempt to resurrect the Xeno and Ripley and give a more Aliens feel to the movie, while some of the ideas was disappointing and a bit odd (how Ripley was cloned Pregnant with a Xeno Queen from her DNA). The movie also had a few things that Split some fans... Xeno Queen giving Birth to the New-born.. the whole New-born Ripley Bonding.... it indeed was not the best movie... but it still provided us with a Popcorn Flick.

Prometheus tried to cover the Space Jockey and demote the Xeno as a Experiment, a Bold Curve-ball Plot was not to everyone's liking... for some we never got Direct Xeno Origin Answers... we never knew the Space Jockey Story.. The Space Jockey being a Space Suit, and also Humanoid Gods inside... the whole Mythos/Ancient Astronaut .. Chariots or the Gods ARC was interesting for some... but a distraction for others.

Alien Covenant was a hashed and rushed attempt to try and please all the fans... but ultimately disappointed most.

So every movie seems to Polarize a bit more with each installment.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-04-2017 8:15 PM


I think we need to accept David created the Xenomorph... but if FOX see that a majority of Fans are disappointed with this then they could U-Turn it as the movie does not show with 100% FACT that David created the Original Eggs... its left quite open as far as Clues... but RS confirmed David created them... but then RS has U-Turned before as up to about 1.5 years ago the Space Jockey Race was Engineers who created the Xeno.. well it was a result of the Outbreak on LV-223.

I think RS and FOX need to PAY ATTENTION and no More Lazy Assed Oversights... as the attention to detail has been flawed since Alien...

Supposed 26ft Space Jockey, appeared to be 21ft in one shot and then 13-15ft in the close up shot due to RS using Children and then Adults in that scene.

The Prequels was going for 15ft Tall Humanoids as the SJ, that then got toned down to 10-12ft and then was supposed to be 9-10ft for the Final Product.... but we could clearly see these Engineers all appeared to be 8ft Tops... another Oversight?

Alien Covenant we see the Engineers looked different, again a Oversight but also many of them was 6ft tall again a Oversight?

Does RS have a Plan... was the intention for them being smaller, or just a Lazy Oversight?

So indeed they need to address the SJ size and the Space Jockey is 13-15ft Tall.... now are we going to see a Oversight again and have a HUMAN/SYNTHETIC being the 6ft Space Jockey?

I am sure this would Split the Fans more than the Change to Alien Lore we saw in AC has..

The only way forwards is to have either

1) David simply Re-created and Evolved/Improved the Xenomorph

2) Have a Elder somehow end up with the Derelict and Davids Experiments...

But i do fear option 3....

3) David builds a Walter from Parts that is revealed Walter Models are Synthetic Constructs... David uploads his Soul/Mind to this Synthetic... uses Daniels and Tennessee as the Face Huger Hosts ..... Maybe then these Egg Morph the Covenant Crew... but David needs a Engineer Ship so will likely end up on LV-223 where maybe if the Xenos dont Egg Morph, he then needs Black Goo to change the Crew to Eggs.

Puts them onto the Derelict but then gets infected himself...

Alternatively maybe FOX having seen that Xenos did not make AC do well, they will want to add a Ripley Connection and Queen....

So Covenant Ship in the End launches a escape ship that contains a young Ripley and few others...   while the Covenant Ship is used to crash into LV-223 and Destroy the Outposts..

David escapes on a Engineer Ship with a Egg he rescued... only to get infected... Crash Lands and Births a Bio-Mechanical Queen that Lays the Eggs.

I can HONESTLY see this being the route FOX will go as they realize actually the Alien Franchise needed Queens and Ripley.

You wait and see ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJun-05-2017 5:16 AM

Dave you shouldn't have said it!!



If Ridley goes down that route I will never forgive him :(


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberDeaconJun-05-2017 8:02 AM

Well RS comments have suggested the Franchise was about the Alien and Ripley and Prequels are about the Alien and David, he did say they could Digitally De-Age Ripley.

This would be a HUGE Mistake as well Miss Weaver i think would want a High Pay Check... especially if Alien Covenant does not return much from when its out on DVD/Blu-ray too.

She would see FOX are Desperate to get the Franchise back making a Hit and so Miss Weaver would be a very expensive piece of that puzzle.   And then to Produce a CGI Ripley would cost a Fortune.... Rogue One Tarkin Cost a lot of Money and the result was So/So... Terminator Genisys T-800 looked better but again was Expensive...  and both of these CGI Jobs did not have a lot of Screen Time... to have a De-Aged Ripley looking 20 years or more younger and having her on screen for at least a Hour could be looking at Serious Money.

Miss Weaver in 50-70% of another Movie De-Aged to a Good Result would surely eat up like $60-70M alone.   I cant see FOX then Spend a $150M on a movie at the risk of it not going down to well.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-05-2017 8:07 AM

Ridley Scott thinks Alien was his Baby, and it appears he does not care what Fans think about any Changes they are making and i just feel he would not be going the QUEEN Route for the Prequels or even a Sequel.

But FOX pull the strings and if they think a Queen is needed then this is what they would show us... i really do think we are going to be shown a David builds a Walter from Spare Parts and Transfers his Soul to this Synthetic Construct and then Ultimately Chest Bursts a Bio-Mechanical Xeno Queen that then Lays all those Eggs.

It would be after David conducts experiments in Alien Awakening, someone puts a stop to this, and David manages to get a Engineer Ship and sneak off One Egg... but then gets infected.

I think FOX will cater the next movie more for the ALIENS Fans despite what RS may want, mainly due to trying to bring in Aliens and it not working in AC... FOX will now be forced to wonder did they need a Queen and Ripley

I hope not.... but FOX are not going to want to do another Alien Movie if its only going to barely break even.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterJun-05-2017 8:37 AM

Any film series this old is going to be polarizing for the older fans who just don't want to see anything changed. Same for trek and SW.

That said, I saw Alien the day it came out, and I have always wanted to know how those eggs got there, where they came from, what the creature was in the pilots chair, and why Ash and the company did what he did and why Ash acted the way he did. I love the direction the writers and Ridley have taken the prequels on these elements of the story.

The only mistake they made with Covenant is that there was too little of that story continued, and too much of what we had already seen before. Ridley should have stuck to his guns and kept going full on in the direction he started. Maybe he will get back on track with the next one.



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