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Confused about the engineer poster??

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MemberOvomorphJun-01-2017 5:31 PM

Hey guys :)

after watching the film I was really confused... this poster with engineers being overrun by aliens. This has nothing to do with the film and currently impossible maybe? anyone got an answer?

Thanks! :)

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MemberFacehuggerJun-01-2017 6:05 PM

"Sigh..." I really don't know where to start with this..

I haved looked at this poster ad nauseum and I want to say they are Engineers on this artwork. However, I could be wrong...At this point, I do not know what to think...

However, (And Needless to say for many posters on this forum), I believe with all the creative "liberties" and making things up on the fly for this movie, certain things got overlooked. That's the diplomatic way of saying it...

Rushing/Excessing Cutting/Changing directions = Plot Holes in my lawn...


MemberDeaconJun-01-2017 6:16 PM

Simply a case of FOX messing with us....

This totally sends some fans up the wrong garden path, it would have been even worse if it was included in the Movie.

So this Poster does not connect to AC at all...

Unless they choose to expand upon this being something that happened in the past like Thousands of Years ago... or something they are intending to show is in the Future..

i.e David vs Engineers.... but i cant see this.

Shame as its a nice Poster, that could have been explored to had given a decent Story.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-01-2017 6:20 PM

"Rushing/Excessing Cutting/Changing directions = Plot Holes in my lawn..."

Certainly the way i look at it too... maybe this Poster was some ideas branded around for a previous Draft?  That they thought would be Cool to do a Concept piece on and use it as Marketing.

Davids Workshop to me looks very much like the Creature Designs Departments Brainstorming/Concept work, and looking at various Skeletons to help with anatomical designs for some of the Monsters..

Then FOX/RS thought these Concepts are Cool, lets add every one of them to the Movie as Davids Workshop Projects over the 10 years.

Despite leaving a lot of Plot Holes in doing so.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteJun-01-2017 6:45 PM

The poster link doesn't work. Re post?


AdminEngineerJun-01-2017 9:32 PM

The marketing not matching up with the plot, happened a few times with Covenant's promotion. Same with the character X-ray posters, insinuating each crew member got infected with a different Alien - not the case.

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MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:41 PM

the poster is awesome and outshone the film imo. from the images in the poster there is so much potential for AC. I remember when it was released and everyone loved it and was so eager to see the film because of it. and for it to be completely irrelevant to the plot is such a cop out and after seeing the film it feels like fox r sticking 2 fingers up to those of us who don't want to just go and watch a movie, we want to see how this universe is going to be expanded and yet we get misleading promotions


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:45 PM

The poster is called "Bait And Switch". But Fox is paying the consequences now at the box office.


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:53 PM

fans are fickle things whether its sports or movies but not stupid. try and pull the wool over our eyes will only get negative responses and fox have done this and hopefully will learn their lesson


ModeratorPraetorianJun-01-2017 11:56 PM

This poster is one of the reason we all had such high expectations for the film.

It is masterful piece of art!



MemberNeomorphJun-02-2017 12:25 AM

totally agree n suggests a great battle which never came to be. the engineers wernt even in the film long enough for this poster to have any relevance


MemberPraetorianJun-02-2017 1:49 AM

That beautiful Renaissance-vibed poster summed up how I thought A L I E N: Covenant would be...

A spectacular, epic film, giving us an Engineer backstory which provided some answers from PROMETHEUS. 

Paramount amongst those answers being, who the GODS-Creators-Hierarchy were. Why the LV-223 Engineers appeared to be a rogue/different/clone? faction. An exposition of why humans, other species and the Alien lifecycle came about an how they inter-link.

Alas, this was barely touched upon. Whilst I have enjoyed Covenant more after repeated viewings, it remains a rather disappointing u-turn when compared with where I believed Ridley was taking us!

My last hope is that the next chapter includes a clever and satisfying blend of the elements and mythology begun in PROMETHEUS. 

Please FOX, Ridley has filled your coffers rather well over the years. Next time, just butt out and give him the trust, freedom and budget to make the film he desires.

I think he deserves that!



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJun-02-2017 5:29 AM

First of all can I say how refreshing it is that we seem to have people who are passionate about this story of the A L I E N able to be honest with themselves  rather than enter into a kind of reverse narcism wherever everything becomes "right" even when its wrong. 

When is a cigar just a cigar - this poster is plain ... misleading. It makes me wonder if the two key narrative set ups in "The Crossing" which are not developed at all are part of the same sloppy lazy approach.

Its hard to believe it but having come in $60 under the projected budget in 83 days, shaving 17 days off the shoot schedule, that some one has f,,,,, some one over for a god damn percentage.     


MemberFacehuggerJun-02-2017 5:35 AM

@Michelle. It was rushed with a lot of external FOX Studio "Movie Whisperers..."

This never ends well for moviegoers...


MemberOvomorphJun-02-2017 6:52 AM

I had completely forgotten about this poster. It's definitely xenos and engineers. 

The X-Ray thing is also something I thought about, but since it seems their release was accidental I figured it was just viral marketing concept art.


Any source on that? The movie certainly seems rushed (even if I loved it), but it'd be nice to have official confirmation.


MemberFacehuggerJun-02-2017 7:48 AM

@Spellbound. It has been well established that FOX wanted this film releashed on time and on budget (Not sure why they wanted to compete against Guardians of the Galaxy...)in-spite of the many script rewrites and other issues. FOX executives had also set constraints on Ridley as far as monies as well...

I suppose I'll let @BigDave or one of the other forum heavyweights do my reasearch for me...I'm too lazy to do it myself...


MemberOvomorphJun-02-2017 3:47 PM

Yeah this poster made me most excited about seeing AC. Maybe this is an event from the past but they didnt show that to be the case in the movie so I guess its an easter egg...


MemberChestbursterJun-02-2017 11:25 PM

"Mankind's greatest step could be their last..."

This was a voice over in the marketing. Is also misleading, at no point in the film is mankind in trouble.

Just another game with Fox - Oh that sounds good, we can use that too. What else sounds cool, we can use that too?

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


MemberNeomorphJun-03-2017 1:57 AM

I would loved to have seen one of the military engineers go up against either of the neomorphs or xenos


MemberChestbursterJun-04-2017 12:00 PM

ali81 - Now that would be some scene!!!! 

I think the Engineers 223 would deal with the Neomorph in a 1 to 1.  However, the Xeno. Im not so sure.

They both have biomech but you have to say that the Xeno is favourite in that one.

The Engineer put up a decent show vs Trilobite which was only ever gonna go 1 way though.

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


MemberOvomorphJun-05-2017 1:37 PM

Agree, ultimately bait and switch although I do believe the artist was interpreting things from earlier versions of the script that ultimately were changed/cut. It's a great piece of work and someone got paid to make it so why not run with it anyway right?

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