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what i would have liked to have seen

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MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 1:53 AM

I believe 2 movies could have been made here.

part 1 we couldv seen a more indepth look into davids experiments, what he learned about the engineers giving us a more conclusive reasoning for his actions towards them and what he actually did to shaw. maybe a few more neomorphs and a longer battle for survival on the planet with david observing his creations. it couldv ended at the lander. the survivors battle several neomorphs and as daniels etc near the lander, we see a neomorph seek up on daniels. we see it briefly from behind when a protomorph hand comes into view and yanks the neomorph out of shot followed by a snap. we get a long shot of the lander lifting off and while the door is closing, we see the black tail disappear up the landing gear.

part 2 is a more 'alien' film but with more influence from david who is pretending to be walter, still ending the way it did with the survivor realising its david but unable to do anything about it.

10 Replies


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 2:28 AM

And please, more character development. Also they could have waken up other colonists with proven experience and high IQs please!


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 2:36 AM

yes I forgot to put that in. much more time could have been spent on character building without it being too much. they couldv split up into small groups to kill the neomorphs and through dialogue this would happen. I wouldn't waken anyone though as I do like the ending as it is as u know their all f****d but u can only imagine how


MemberChestbursterJun-01-2017 3:15 AM

I totally agree.  It could have been 2 movies but the Execs see another vision.

Lets take A:C:

A:C is rumoured to have easily 20 mins or so which has been cut

If FOX decide it has to be 2 hours, then why not do a 2 hour release to the mainstream audience.


Have the 2:30 - 3 HR version for those who want more.  Im not asking for more filming and costs, im just saying have a version with those edits included. The character development we crave, the plot is more clear.

Even show it at Cinema - maybe with special screenings or even one show of the day is the longer version.

Maybe the results would be surprising.

Regardless of the film, if i was going to the cinema i would get the longer version every time. 


Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


MemberPraetorianJun-01-2017 4:37 AM

Wonderful idea sherris!!

I wish we could have a longer cut of PROMETHEUS too, perhaps show them together as a double bill. I would definitely be down for that.


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberOvomorphJun-01-2017 8:13 AM

yes more character development needed.


MemberFacehuggerJun-01-2017 8:47 AM

Okay.., so I get it...Not everyone was a fan of Prometheus. However, it had some great ideas and avenues to continue pursuing that I think would have really benefited the franchise.

Bottom line: I wanted a continuation of "Prometheus" with "Alien" effects that fixed some of the plot holes and but instead got a rehash "Aliens" with a liberal dose of the robot Maximillian from the "Black Hole..."


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:22 PM

i think after AC more people r starting to appreciate what RS was trying to do with Prometheus. yes there were plot holes, but those holes wouldn't have been so annoying to some had covenant continued on the same path Prometheus started. but maybe in his defence about the story was he got slammed so hard for not having enough aliens in Prometheus. maybe wev been given the movie we deserve tho the style of the story telling and how quickly it moves along is entirely down to ridley and fox. I liked Prometheus and hope he goes back to that type of concept in the future movies, but for me he got the pace so wrong. instead of what I believe is a rushed film, he couldv spread the story over 2 parts easily and built up the characters and davids shenanigans


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:38 PM

ali81 In spite of its shortcomings, I think people now appreciate Prometheus as a film that open doors to possibilities, as opposed to Covenant, which seems to close them.


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:49 PM

joy, that's what im getting at. Prometheus most likely had deliberate holes to be filled in with future movies of the saga which makes sense, no point giving all the answers away in the first movie. Prometheus was the first piece in the jigsaw and I really enjoyed it and love the possibilities it opened up for the franchise. now, like u say, AC seems to be closing the doors on the best paths the saga can take. there is a part of me that believes RS was always in a no win situation but he has to take full blame for AC. the promotions, trailers and pure potential for the film out do the final product and for me the pace of the film is so off, which is not like RS at all to make such a monumental effort in judgement. he and fox reall need to make it up to the true fans imo and give us the epic that we were mislead was coming with AC. I don't remember ever being so excited to see a movie in a very long time, even more so than with Prometheus and AC does not do alien or RS any justice


MemberNeomorphJun-01-2017 10:53 PM

ali81 And the only holes Covenant filled were the flute holes as David does his fingering lol

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