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MemberNeomorphMay-28-2017 8:28 AM


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MemberPraetorianMay-28-2017 9:03 AM

Thank you for the review, I like Covenant very much and this fact is positively surprising for me. It gave me more than I had expected, but I should admit I am not story-centred - I always focus on visuals and atmosphere in a movie. However, I believe the story is OK, the movie acts well as a bridge to the next chapter(s).


MemberNeomorphMay-28-2017 9:31 AM



MemberFacehuggerMay-28-2017 3:05 PM

I enjoyed the film immensely as well. The more times I watch it, the more I enjoy it. There's a lot going on in the film, and its overall tone is very Gigeresque (I'd argue the most Gigeresque of the series aside from the original film). It's beautiful but grotesque, erotic yet terrifying. Creation and destruction, sex and death, linked inescapably--like Giger's art. I've hardly been able to think of anything aside from the film since I first saw it nine days ago.

I Meme Everything

MemberPraetorianMay-28-2017 3:07 PM

I've heard mixed and negative reviews about A:C

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

MemberPraetorianMay-28-2017 3:19 PM

Still have yet to watch it though

"Part of the journey is the end..."


MemberPraetorianMay-28-2017 3:26 PM

Raido, thank you, you mention two important things: this movie is different and it is a movie of extremes.


MemberFacehuggerMay-28-2017 3:38 PM

Forget Prometheus, this is an Alien film!

Right! And def the best one in 25 years!


MemberOvomorphMay-28-2017 4:07 PM

nice to read some positive reviews here


MemberChestbursterMay-29-2017 3:08 AM

I fully agree ^

Thank you Facehuggers! for an outstanding review, I'm glad you liked A:C and I agree 100%.

It's a thrilling ride for sure, packaged in beautiful art.


ModeratorPraetorianMay-29-2017 3:19 AM

I agree. At first Covenant wasn't what we all expected. but once you look closer, beyond the face value of the film, it is a truly thoughtful and insightful film full of hidden treasures.  


MemberFacehuggerMay-29-2017 4:25 AM

So nice to read positive reviews of it, too. COVENANT don't insert completely new concepts or actual twists in the story - it's a bridge, as @Ati said, and it's awesome like that. I have nothing against the 'negative' opinions at all, but I think people should understand that the prequels to the original A L I E N are PREQUELS, and not attempts to make a movie as similar to Alien as possible. Ridley is telling a story - all we had was one single chapter, presented to us in 1979. I can't see why the other 'chapters' need to have same 'atmosphere', same 'horror', same 'gore' or whatever, since they're showing different events - connected, but different. Obviously, as part of the same franchise, we're not going to watch an Alien movie without complaining in case we get the damn teletubbies on it, but that's not the case. Sir Ridley is trying to build up the whole thing, Covenant was very Alien, very deep, and I think we'll only be able to "judge" it properly when the whole series is finished.


"This mighty city shows the wonders of my hand."


MemberFacehuggerMay-29-2017 5:47 AM

I enjoyed the movie. Why no 3-d though? That would of been great.


MemberChestbursterMay-29-2017 6:24 AM

@Facehuggers I'm with you! My wife is too. And she's no Alien fan by ANY means, but she says she cannot stop thinking about it. Now THAT'S a good movie! So all you nitpickers can just STOP!


MemberNeomorphMay-29-2017 4:09 PM



MemberPraetorianMay-29-2017 9:19 PM

Facehuggers!, agreed. The novelization makes the movie better.


MemberFacehuggerMay-30-2017 12:34 AM

Well said, Facehuggers and everyone else above :) I love this movie and have been a fan of A L I E N since 1979. I have seen it go from a brilliant, ground breaking sci-fi horror film to a B grade comedy.

Ridley coming on board and revitalising the franchise was akin to the second coming to many of us and I sometimes wonder if he isn't throwing it back in our faces with his last supper references and assorted eggs he installs ;)

But even watching A:C in Hungarian (I truly thought it was Spanish, Ati, LOL) the visuals and story line are still there and I can just as easily immerse myself into his world.

Damn straight! I think it's awesome too :)


MemberChestbursterJun-19-2017 3:46 PM

Great review, agreed on all points! Truly a masterpiece of a film! I watched it in theater four times, and read the novel!


(Some parts of the novel were so delightfully written I re-read them multiple times, occasionally performing dramatic read-alouds for whoever within earshot I could coerce into listening).


...Is it possible that I am addicted...?


MemberPraetorianJun-19-2017 4:26 PM

Such a rare and beautiful thread! :)


MemberPraetorianJun-19-2017 4:33 PM

Tonehound - Lol, but the video was Russian (with Russian letters in the opening titles), so it was made there, unfortunately.


MemberDeaconJun-19-2017 5:05 PM

Glad a few enjoyed it.... i felt very disappointed but its each to their own and maybe AC may grow on me ;)

My disappointment main is in how much FOX had a say in how things was changed.... they seemed to lack confidence is RS Vision with Prometheus and so we had to bring Aliens back into it and then Sadly RS was not given a Big Enough Budget and Time to do it Justice.

The movie had flaws, but i totally understand near enough everyone of those flaws..... I feel that a extra $50M and 3-4 Months Production time and allowing for shooting of a hours more Scenes but cut them down for Theatrical Release to a 2hr 30 min run time would have made a big difference and then save a 3hr extended cut for Home-release.

But they had a hard task to try and cover all bases, i feel its a case of trying to please a lot of fans in as many ways as they can but ultimately not enough to please every case of Fans.

Those who Genuinely enjoyed this movie are (not everyone) but for the most part fans who liked the Xenomorph for what it was for the most part in the Franchise, fans who could enjoy the Xenomorph Scenes in Alien R and AVP movies even if disappointed at some of the other elements of those movies.

Having seen the movie 3 times, i was hoping i would enjoy it better but i just did not... not saying i never enjoyed it... just more viewings had not changed my view.

Which is still a decent movie, dont get me wrong... the First Act i liked... even the CGI on the Neomorphs... i just felt once David had rescued them and taken them back to the Hall of Heads Room...

The movie just lost the plot a bit because there never was enough time to do any of the other scenes justice, not that they was bad... just they could have been better given Time/Budget Restraints.... i just felt the Act from David and the Crew at his Hide-out... to the Chest Buster.... David and Walter Fight Scene needed a 10-15 minutes more Story/Plot and the Xenomorph Scenes needed a extra 10 minutes too.

and then more Practical Effects... but i totally understand some things are out of RS Hands... i am sure he would loved $50M more and 45 Minutes more Plot Time.... more Practical Effects..

But its about $$$$ and FOX lacked the confidence to back RS more and also they would not want to have a 2hr 45 to 3 hour Alien movie and one that was more Gory and so a Cert 18... because these would restrict potential customers going to see the movie.

Still gets a 6/10 from me though, and so same level as Alien 3 for me and Prometheus.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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