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What's all this BS about " dumb scientists and huge plot holes?"

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OvomorphMember29 XPMay-25-2017 6:15 AM

I find the "dumb scientist,huge plot holes" rather perplexing.


It seems like this took hold in Prometheus and just continues now with reviews and some fans conclusions.

Full disclosure ,I think some of this is valid in Prometheus,the getting lost in the caves,trying to touch the hammerpede....etc.

IMO I believe Covenant stradeled the line rather nicely between Prometheus and Alien.Here are a few of my assessments of the movie and some odd takes reviewers and fans have.

1.Which is it?Reviewers and fans are dissapointed things aren't left to mystery yet are also mad things didn't get answered?( IMO most of these will be addressed in future prolonges and sequels,as Covenant did.)

2.The whole plot hole and dumb scientist,dumb decision thing.Why are people so focused on this now but not in ALIEN nor ALIENS.( huge fan of ALIEN) Ive seen both at least 30 times and here are just a few things off the top of my head.

In ALIEN ,why was quarantine broken just because the facehugger was gone?Obviously it was still in the Med Bay.Any contaminant would still be present,no?

Also,why did Dallas say"we better grab the weapons" when leaving to explore the Derilect but no weapons were on board  to fight the xenomorph?

Why couldn't the crew isolate the ALIEN by just closing down sections of the Nostromo?They cut off corridors and vent shafts when Dallas was looking for it.


In Aliens,the Colonial Marines didn't know or access you can't fire a weapon inside a reactor?

BTW,no be of that bothers me.Lets all remember it's a movie.






34 Responses to What's all this BS about " dumb scientists and huge plot holes?"


ChestbursterMember725 XPJul-09-2017 8:15 AM


Whole-heartedly agreed on all counts. For us, the audience, hindsight is 20/20, but in reality people do all kinds of poorly coordinated and stupid things. The movies depict very believable human behaviors -- it's not like the characters know they're in a horror movie.


I'm sure most of us has done something pretty stupid at some point and survived on pure luck.


Just the other night, I was out for a walk and I saw some weird big beetle looking creature I'd never seen before. I stuck my face down real close to it, to stare at it for a while.


Soon I stood up and thought "I would not survive in an Alien movie..."


OvomorphMember55 XPJul-09-2017 7:52 PM

I skimmed through this thread and I completely agree with what I've seen. It seems like people expected the characters in AC to be able to break the 4th wall like Deadpool. 

Oram looking into the egg was still stupid though.


ChestbursterMember511 XPJul-10-2017 5:43 AM

I know if has been said on this forum many times, but Fifield and Milburn were written as dumb characters. They were supposed to be idiots. They were that way in Lindelof's script re-writes and were even dumber in Spaith's script. They were there for a bit of light comedy, then to die horribly.

Yes, the actor doing Fifield's part was groaningly overacting, and there were a few cut lines and scenes in both scripts that explained things like them getting lost (they forgot the map reader) and petting the snake (the worm discovery scene). Those would have been nice to have, but it would not change the fact that they were supposed to be idiots who fumbled around.

The Prometheus expedition was classified and nearly all of the crew were hired at high pay, without knowing what the job was. They were not all supposed to be the best-of-the-best, and were clearly all disposable as far as Weyland was concerned.


My only issue with the Alien Covenant characters was the two that wandered off alone on a dangerous planet for inexplicable reasons. I had far more problem with the band of idiots in Aliens than anyone in Prometheus or Covenant.





NeomorphMember1823 XPJul-10-2017 5:58 AM

id agree to a certain extent about how stupid the 2 of them are. but tbh most humans in the same position would fall victim to stupidity. curiosity gets the better of milburn and yes he regretted his actions but if the hammerpede turned out not to be aggressive then hed go down in history. I think fifield was a decent character for the humour factor. but I feel he felt a bit over whelmed and useless at the end. no one knew what the mission was and im sure most very much doubted shaw and Holloway were going to be proven right. when they r proven right and the realisation hits home that wer not alone in the universe fifield gives up. hes no longer needed really as theres bigger interests than him n his rocks. I don't see him as that stupid as he is the one telling milburn to leave the hammerpede alone and spent the night trying to avoid anything and everything none human

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