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(Spoilerish) Explaining the abnormally accelerated growth rate

(Spoilerish) Explaining the abnormally accelerated growth rate

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ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-23-2017 1:30 PM

I just replied in another thread, then realized this is actually worth a discussion all it's own.

When we see the scene where David bombs the "engineers", we see what appear to be full grown creatures bursting out of these humanoids almost within seconds.

I have been wondering for some time if this is indicative that when the intended dose of black goo is delivered to the host, it is meant to birth a full grown creature instantly and that accelerated growth rate also means a much shorter lifespan.

It is possible that the variations we are familiar with which takes hours or perhaps a day to gestate, are an incomplete form due to a smaller dosage of the black goo.

These smaller dosage instances may mean that the developing organism is forced to rely more on the host DNA than the black goo and take on more of the host traits such as longer gestation and longer lifespan.

The creatures from the bombing may have died only a few days/weeks after the event.

Furthermore, if the eggs on the derelict had been there for 10 to 2000 years, it is possible that the face huggers aged causing genetic deterioration/loss of potency. This could have led to stunted growth on all accounts. It could even perhaps affect the amount of time it takes for the hugger to implant it's payload.



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OvomorphMember30 XPMay-23-2017 1:39 PM

There were no "full-grown creatures" bursting out of the engineers David bombed. The only thing bursting out of them was more black ooze. Most of them dissolved. 


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-23-2017 1:55 PM


That's not what I saw. The filming was chaotic, but I am fairly certain I saw black bodies coming out of several of those humanoids. I could be wrong. I have only watched it once. I'll be sure to keep a close eye during my next viewing.


FacehuggerMember152 XPMay-23-2017 1:58 PM

@Capola, agreed. Apparently, when the Engineers are doused with or ingest the black goo, it just deteriorates them.

The incubation periods are all jacked up because Fox has no continuity with anything. Kane's facehugger last like 20 minutes on his face, and then it took another 20 minutes of the movie for it to burst out. The guy in Resurrection was infected almost the whole damn movie before his burst out, and good old Billy Crudup's burst out within minutes (movie time). 

So who knows. I'm sure the BS excuses of "well, it's a different strain" or "these are the precursors to the original" will be used. I just don't buy it.

As for the Juggernaught being there for thousands of years, that's Ridley's dementia setting in. He's jerking with continuity of what he said versus what will actually play out. So, David or even Walter becoming the Jockey is for all intents purposes, still on the table.


FacehuggerMember380 XPMay-23-2017 2:46 PM

They were not full grown creatures that busted from the humans.  I think they lifecycle was sped up due to the time constraints in the movie lol.  

I could buy the neomorphs growing faster but the original not in the least.  They messed up with that.  Especially, the xenomorphy extending its paws to David.  Silly lol.


OvomorphMember44 XPMay-24-2017 11:07 AM

It`s so stupid, like "the thing" and other similar films. one thing can not grow out of nothing. like a little baby xeno is bursting out of a man - ok, but the next scene with it it is fully grown out of nothing other that air. Stuff like that make it so unrealistic it can ruin the film alone for me.


OvomorphMember30 XPMay-24-2017 12:01 PM

The engineer bombing scene is online if you look hard enough, and you can see that the only thing bursting out of the bombed engineers is black goo. The goo takes a similar form to that of swarming scarabs.

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