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HUGE GAP | Alien Covenant insulted Dr. Sha

HUGE GAP | Alien Covenant insulted Dr. Sha

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OvomorphMember13 XPMay-21-2017 2:53 AM

I just got back from seeing Alien Covenant. Overall I thought it was ok but the whole David creating the Aliens is really stupid and frustrating imo but its whatever. I wish they stuck with the original plot making the Engineers behind the creation of the Aliens. I wish there was an actual explanation on why David decided to kill the whole Engineer species. If he found out something about their ways that changed his mind or just simply revenge since they ripped his head off in Prometheus. I want more Engineer answers! Also we don't know exactly how Dr. Shaw died! I'm guessing David killed her while she was in the Alien sleep chamber or something. Her corpse was shown but there was no real explanation on how she died. Was Dr. Shaw's kindness mean nothing to David and it was all just a ploy to kill her and kill the whole creators species? It was almost an insult to Dr. Shaw's character to expecting to see her reprise her role and see what happens when they visit the Engineer's homeworld. Instead, she get's killed off by David like Prometheus ending just got **** on. And lastly, we still don't know the reason why the creators wanted to kill the human race on earth back in prometheus. We may never know now that ****er David wiped out their race. I really hope in the next Alien movie Ridley Scott brings back those Engineers and can possibly be more of them on Orgae-6 planet or whatever that planet was called David was heading to to colonize. I hope David didn't kill all those colonists in Covenant ship at the end, that would be so disappointing. It's all about David now. The ultimate villian in this series. Tears.

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Jurassic Park Fan For LIFE

OvomorphMember76 XPMay-21-2017 5:25 AM

Not all Engineers are dead because that Engineer from LV-426 had a chestbuster and the Xenomorphs are at an early stage of development in Covenant.


OvomorphMember21 XPMay-21-2017 5:36 AM

If I recall Scott specifically stated that Covenant does not take place on the engineer home world. Covenant is after that. I'm hoping Alien Awakening will fix all the crap that happened with Covenant. I did NOT like Covenant at all. I hope we'll find out later on that the body on the table is NOT Shaw but merely a clone or something similar. They did reach the engineer home world, which it was stated, was not far from LV-223. Certainly didn't take 10 years to get there especially with Engineer technology. I can't help but notice it was Engineer agenda to wipe out mankind and David seems to have adopted the same agenda. I'm guessing Shaw and David visit the engineer home world and discover a sinister purpose for mankind that must be stopped. A mutual agreement between David, Shaw and the Engineers. I'm hoping we find out Shaw stayed behind with the Engineers and David was working on creating clones(i.e. Alien Resurrection type effort) after learning a great deal about genetic manipulation from the engineers. David's then tasked by the engineers to conduct his experiments, use the engineer-human hybrids he exterminates as vessels in order to perfect a method for mass extermination of the human race on earth and to create a pathogen or biological weapon that will prevent mankind from ever moving out of the solar system. At least I hope it's something along those lines. I can't see any other way to salvage the franchise right now. Covenant, IMO, was just a rehash of Aliens and rather pointless. I hope Scott has  change of heart thinking Prometheus was a mistake. It wasn't. The screenplay writing was certainly not the best, but it did open up a huge universe in a Star Wars or Harry Potter kind of way. Obviously everything I posted is just wishful thinking. Prometheus was far better than Covenant.


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-21-2017 6:05 AM

@Jurassic Park Fan For LIFE

Exactly! We have to see the engineers again because how else will Ridley explain the juggernaut on LV426? So we will probably learn more of the engineers. 

Alien takes place 18 years after Alien Covenant. In that period of time, a lot of things could happen. But I hope that the sequel to Covenant will take place directly to Covenant. 

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