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BR connection to AC
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MemberChestbursterMay-20-2017 2:01 PM

Before the climactic battle in Covenant between two androids, David and Walter, there’s a scene where the former is engaged in a fight with Daniels "Dany" Branson, the ship’s terraforming expert. As things start to get progressively worse for Daniels during their fight, she takes the nail that hangs around her neck and stabs David in the jaw with it. All David says in response is a mocking “That’s the spirit!”

For those who haven’t seen Blade Runner, the scene in question is a direct reference to a fight between replicant hunter Rick Deckard and Roy Batty, the leader of a replicant fugitive group. When Deckard hits Batty in the head with a pipe, he’s met with the same mocking, eerie line by Batty.

It’s interesting that the line is used by two, seemingly indestructible pieces of artificial intelligence. Deckard and Daniels also share similarities, which makes the utterance of the line even creepier than when it was first said more than three decades ago in Blade Runner.

3 Replies


MemberFacehuggerMay-20-2017 2:35 PM

I heard from somewhere that the upcoming BR movie will share the same time line as Alien universe. Interesting... 


MemberFacehuggerMay-20-2017 2:38 PM

It's a good line. There may be deeper connections but then again it may just be a good line. Sometimes not everything leads down a rabbit hole and is simply a nice piece of dialogue.


MemberFacehuggerMay-20-2017 4:27 PM

Just like the stuff found in Alien Isolation... its probably just en easter egg sadley. But fan fever thinks otherwise :-)

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