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David's experiments | SPOILERS ALERT |

David's experiments | SPOILERS ALERT |

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OvomorphMember39 XPMay-18-2017 3:20 PM

I warned you, there is still time not to be spoiled ...


   Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the movie, and you're coming back from the cinema with a bunch of questions ! The aim of this topic is to speculate about David's experiments.

Let's begin with:"What could he has done/he was doing on E.Shaw's body ?"

I mean look at this screenshot (coming from the trailer 2 at 1:59)

with a little zoom maybe ?

   I think he achieved something crucial, like creating Aliens Queen foetuses, that same foetuses David putted in the cryogenisation chamber at the end of the movie, Shaw's lil baby. Any suggestions ?


Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla

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DeaconMember10358 XPMay-18-2017 6:13 PM

Well its a bit disappointing how they did it, i could think of better way to have her mutated as this looks a bit odd.

It seems this Organic Contraption has Fused to Shaws Skull, and we can only imagine what this has done... the effects of this Growth from her Head is Totally Ambiguous and we cant really come to any 100% conclusions.

Apart from maybe for one thing, it is used to incapacitate her?

Shaw has her Reproductive Organs, intact most Organs removed, we have to assume at the very least Shaws Ovaries and Eggs Provided David the Test Subjects to Evolve them into Xenomorph Eggs.

Then we have to wonder, does that THING attached to her Head infect her with something that allows her to get Pregnant and David then removes the result and the he fixes her back up and repeats the Processes?

Or does he just need her Eggs and then performs Lab Experiments on them?  But his whole Workshop seems to lack any Technology to be able to carry out most of the Experiments he has done... as far as preserve Body from Rotting, Preserve any Eggs...

A bit of a Error really.... they should have had some Room in the Cathedral that had Engineer Bio-Technology and would explain how he can store and incubate and preserve stuff.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10358 XPMay-18-2017 6:21 PM

I put this reply just in a similar Topic.

Well it appears Shaw has not become no Queen, we dont know if she produces a Organism thats a Queen, or what ever.. i am thinking Ridley Scott may be going for a different route than Cameron's Queen or Similar.

I would assume that he had used her Reproductive Organs and at some point had harnessed her Eggs to be experimented on.

Prometheus we see Shaw gave birth to a Trilobite Face Hugger, the way this happened had to be via one of these.

1) Holloways Sperm is mutated and this infected one of Shaws Eggs....  which means what happens if the Black Goo Directly effects a Egg?

2) Holloway ended up with Nano-Worms (if the Goo contained these) and one of these then infected the Egg...  This however would maybe mean that Black Goo + Egg = Trilobite again

Unless the amount passed via Holloway was small, and we have to wonder what does Shaws Eggs added to a large amount of Black Goo Produce.

Looking at the Chest Cavity maybe she Birthed a Chest Buster or a Proto Face Hugger (Trilobite) its open for debate.

The Final Thing to consider is does a Infected Black Goo Egg, thats inside a Womb, evolve differently to one that Mutated while the Eggs are removed from the Womb?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember190 XPMay-18-2017 7:02 PM

I was wondering something. Do you think Walter is still on the planet? Perhaps he cut off David's hand and he gave him his clothes so he could stay on the planet? Or did David just kill him and take his clothes then cut off his hand? 


Either way way I could see it. I wonder though.


I would imagine those embryos contained a queen or some other mutated form. He has no black goo unless he snuck some on. He now either has a queen which he then could create thousands of aliens or he will only be able to make two aliens. 


Perhaps the embryos are a male and female? There are a few possibilities. Where will he go with that ship? I would imagine he is going to experiment with the remaining colonists.


FacehuggerMember133 XPMay-20-2017 6:26 AM

BigDave let me throw you a curve ball.. David vomits up the embryos at the end of the movie.. is it possible that David laid the eggs? Lol

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